Warcraft Reforged v2.0

hah this guy just wants it all eh?

Absolutely agree. Lets upvote this thread so Blizzard could see it.


Sounds good, +

I agree on the Engine update, even though I thought previously that there was no need for that.

I think some things are the way they are because of the limitations, I liked the game for most parts, however stabilty is an issue, plus some things (ground textures) are really really out of place, and need to be reworked entirely.

Blizzard doesnt make anything good thsse days, but instead, keeps selling the same IP, and riding on the coat tails of that ip, and the older talented blizzard`s success


If this was done it would be done separately, probably as DLC. As of right now I’d prefer they focus on fixing what was already in war3.

For me, my priorities for war3 “v2.0” would be
1.Fix the cutscenes to be similar to what was shown in the demo, at least the important scenes
2. Put lan support back into the game
3.Add the promised modelling/art tools in the editor
4.(One of my biggest issues) Make it so you can change the unit cap in game constants, customs, and maybe campaign as well.(I know people think campaign is for learning the rules of the game, but it really doesn’t follow them.)
5.Do a serious reassessment of the animations in the game. Contrary to some opinions, the art in reforged is a massive step up from the original game in my view. The models are both stylized and great looking, far more unique and interesting, and with way fewer recycled assets(Murlocs being reskinned ghouls, bandits being reskinned footmen, etc.)
Despite this, the animations ARE WAAAY behind the rest of the game, the portraits are lifeless, many of the animation sets are unfinished, to the point of buginess.(Many characters are missing animation, are having duplicate anims, I recently tried to use a magtheridon skin to find he has a singular repeating attack animation with cleave, it looks terrible and it’s common across loads of models.
The animations need serious cleaning
There’s a great thread on this that Blizzard can read to see all the issues, they have been reported but ignored.

6. Add in a graphics slider option for saturation, brightness and contrast, I personally think contrast is more important, but others think the models are not saturated enough.
7.Make sure that all aspects of the game can be played offline

8.Multiplayer issues, I don’t really bother with that all that much, but it seems like a lot of older features are missing, I have a feeling these things will be fixed however, so that’s why it’s low on the list.

Extra that probably won’t get done, but I wish would be:
This is probably out of the budget, but although I loved the old cinematics at the time, they really don’t hold up to the new opening cinematic and most of them don’t really work well with the new art in game.(I mean, that old terrible looking thrall though…)
Reforged cinematics would be great. But not as a priority over the other things.

As for what kind of stuff I’d like to see moving forward:
1.DLC focused on maps and campaigns, like aforementioned war1/2 campaigns, I’d much prefer those over skins
2. Skins based around army aesthetics vs just singular units like we have now, things like fel orc swap for orcs, or “Supremacist” skin packs like a human only garithos army or an orc only garrosh army.
(I hate playing orcs and dealing with these “People”, I want orc spearmen and a big beefy orc hero/units instead of those damn walking steaks… But I digress…

Warcraft 1 or 2 skin packs would be nice too,
3. I would love to see the co-op style missions from Starcraft 2 in war3, I think the game is way better for that type of gameplay than SC2 ever was .(Just check out how great some of the fanbase made RPG maps are.)
Co-op support on campaign itself would be great as well, there was a mod that did just that on the hive and it was pretty cool.

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Agree on all except the 8 regarding the merger of games. If you want to amend for this Blizz if you have any selfworth left in you listen to this .

Two more big ones that I forgot to mention:
Add a visual representation of unit groups, every RTS has this, and it doesn’t affect game balance in any way like unlimited unit selection would. of course that could be included in UI overhaul

Add custom campaign support back in.

I wish Blizzard would do even half of these things, but lets be honest here, they dont…

At most what we can expect from them is to fix the bugs and add in missing features from multiplayer.

If this was the “good old” Blizzard that cared about their fans and cared about the quality of their games, they would have never released the game in its current state. Thats why I dont have high hopes for them to make the game better in the coming weeks and months either.

Question: I thought that Pit Lords WERE in fact toads with sharp teeth? :smiling_imp:
Jokes aside, the whole major overhaul clearly needs a major re-overhaul.

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I mean Blizzard has all the resources in the world complete overhaul and save this game like Square did Final Fantasy XIV (the MMO)…the only problem is that they likely dont have the will to do it, not when majority of the whole darn studio is occupied doing something else, something more “profitable” like Diablo IV, WoW expansions or Overwatch 2.

This would time to finally show that they really care about the fans, instead of just speaking empty words…but at this point it seems they dont give damn about their reputation

Out of merging 8* point some how you are right but i don’t agree.

This is kind pointless. Make a untouched campaign for ppl who wish no changes and make a full remake campaign for ppl who like to see changes from cunscenes, retcon, new voice acting everything. That’s enought no need one with minimal edits. (which already exists)And how you said, a full remake for the First war and second war storylines not war1/2 campaign the story lines with heroes and cutscenes.

Everything except WC1 and 2 is reasonable. They should just focus on delivering what was promised. Besides, those would need a lot more work than WC3 campaigns and at this point I really just want more new campaigns, not improved old ones.

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Right now they need to do a big press announcement and make a commitment to improve the game. I will never be a 10/10 but it can be an 8.


Well while the current state is pretty bad that list is a bit overkill atleast the merging all IP’s
points 1 to 3 yhea definitely nice
point 4 well i personaly startet with Wc 3 so i dont see why i should be getting 1 and 2 for free
5 Once agein nice depending on how they make it (i mean the whole custom game system in SC 2 already works somewhat like that exept it seperates the changes to the specific instance (if a custom game has different stats for a Marine it wont change the stats of the marine everywhere requiring you to deinstall or deactivate the custom game to play something else)
so mostly a visual overhaul
6 no idea just gonna trust you since i dont use Russian voices (and anyway couldnt understand them)
Regarding the merging yhea sure might be nice for the consumer but we do gotta keep in mind its still a company and while sure they might make a Massive ammount of money you cant expect them to sell good games for 1/3 of the normal price (since they would need to develop one game for each ip and then merge it all in 1 game unless of course you wanna mix all the storys etc but while that might be fun if would ruin any story the games have and make it harder to actualy have factions be special while also being balanced)
I mean common stay reasonable
not to mention i wouldnt want to download a game that is as big as starcraft 2 warcraft 3 Hots and some other games combined i mean that would probably be a couple hundred GB
Not to talk about the fact that there are better ways for all your Points about what will it give
1 Well i dont understand exactly what you mean clarification pls since that sounds potentialy interesting depending on how you mean it
2 isnt that just true if all games run on the same engine?
3no need to merge all games for that i mean Sc2 already had warcraft 3 models etc all integratet (or atleast they got portet over or something i do know you were able to litteraly play warcraft 3 inside sc2 as a custom game that got supportet bye bliz the only thing i dont remember is if they had the original hud and well of course it was only the Mp part of wc3)
Blizzard Craft well the only difference might be in the custom games (and that can be changed witout such a fundamental change) and the fact that you have to open a different game if you want to play the actual game itself (So launch the exe instead of navigating to a different point in the menu not that big of a deal)
As for the standart game modes do you mean adding all the campaigns? if yes then once more far to much uneeded stuff to download not to mention as far as i understand you would like to resolve the low selling price bye making that as a Sort of expansion (Basicaly a big DLC) meaning yhea well once more instead of launching a exe you gotta manouver a menu that would become quite massive at that point
As for the whole adding models and a analogue of steam workshop well that does not require the merging of all ips once more (i mean all their games already automaticaly download the data needed for a custom game)
Small edit
other then the stuff in your list give us back the classic warcraft 3 and do work on stabilitie and bugfixing in Regards to reforged since many people struggle with that (Not to mention get all the cut/semi cut features into it meaning the stuff classic had integratet or became standart due to 3rd partys providing it)

That is not realistic, they wont do and add new cutscenes or redo them ( that is out ) they can try to fix the classic n reverse it to its original state if possible, Add ladder, fix animation on portraits and units, lighting both portraits-terrain, update the trees from the demo, fix the shadows, fix FPS drop, if they can fix all of this i would be happy n buy the game. I Know most of the players ( i think most of those players had no idea of what is going on on this forum for the past year, and that’s why they are more shocked than most of us who keep up with the news ) that there wont be redone cinematics and cutscenes , i already knew that, but i though they would at least keep the culling as the demo. There is still hope to make the game average at least. But they have to act fast and work it extra.

If Blizzard want to restore (at list part of it) their former reputation, they should reinclude what was promised and, as an apology, add some new features - that could show that they still care about their clients and fanbase.

The things I care about most are proper matchmaking/ladder (it’s unacceptable as is, I’m glad I can easily farm icons but it’s starting to get really stale), a fix for the somewhat frequent join bugs and a completely revamped menu, the current one being UNBELIEVABLY bad on all fronts - I don’t even know how they could greenlight that crap.
Then they can focus on fixing graphics, both classic and reforged.

The campaign is nice and all, but it’s a short term investment. The game is about both competitive Multiplayer and about Custom Games (including custom campaigns) in the long term.

  • Improve UI, settings, user experience all over the game (non-sluggish menus, good FPS, new interface, QoL improvements, a revamped replay feature, add live game streaming like Netease has for ages).
  • Bring back host bots or give an API to allow for COMPETITIVE CUSTOM GAMES with ranking.
  • Bring back ROC.
  • Add a good ladder system.
  • Make classic mode as it was - with shadows and effects.

AFAIK Vladimir Vihrov is, alas, dead. And I doubt they’d allow an old version of naming convention to exist :frowning:

Also, considering there is basically no reaction from Blizzard on what’s happening, literally nothing will be done even in slightest.