1.31.1 Patch Notes

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

Thanks for the help on PTR over the weekend. We’ll keep an eye on live health, but hope we’ve addressed the major issues introduced with 1.31 so the team can pour full effort into Reforged.


  • All natives are now zero-indexed


  • The game successfully regains focus to fullscreen after minimizing during download or lobby transitions
  • Custom maps appear on the game creation list
  • Browsing the game creation list no longer causes a crash
  • Lua maps no longer crash on save
  • Map data no longer corrupts on save
  • Illusion no longer deals 1 damage
  • Elf units set to patrol or follow during the night cycle no longer remain in Shadowmeld
  • Using Staff of Teleport on a possessed worker followed by casting Scroll of Teleport no longer causes a desync
  • Video options are saved when switching between windowed and fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter
  • Units\Creeps\Medivh\GenericGlow2_mip1.blp no longer missing
  • Objects\InventoryItems\PotofGold\GOLDCoin.blp no longer missing
  • (2)Terenas Stand LV - Each Dark Wizard replaced with a Renegade Wizard and a Rogue

Nice - I am really looking forward

Can you make something that works for once, please?
i68 (dot) tinypic (dot) com/2utq26u.jpg

I just want a game that works.


maybe consider removing the function - that you seemingly added with 1.31.0 - from the warcraft 3 launcher/updater that causes it to take the path to the gamefiles from the windows registry (without asking again if the path is correct!! ).

This caused the last update to screw up an older warcraft 3 client of mine since I wanted to update a client with a different path then in the windows regestry

this makes maintaining different versions of the war3 client easier.


IF you can please inform us if ALL naitves in the game are now 0 indexed or

ALL the NEW naitives… this confuses mapmakers alot.


Yay, fix is live! finally can restart working on my maps!

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Does this mean we can use the save/load function in battle.net again?

EDIT: Doesnt seem like it. When trying to load a game in battle.net created and saved after this patch, every button still greys out, but nothing is happening.


If you’re launching from the 64 or 32 bit client directly, your update won’t go through, and you’ll need to go to the main directory that has the Launcher.exe and start the game from that.

Also maphacks are gaining traction, I’m sure you’re aware and looking into this hopefully?


apparently the bug of the heroes ai not using any abilities in single player games still happening


Did I miss the note that this is fixed?


excellent job thanks for fixing this

fix wc3 error right after match. I even don’t know if my wins accounted. It happens 1 time in 10 games.
Is there any detail about last game? Just add some info on last game finished at on the webpage stat…

And some my wishlist for reborn:
make good stats site like dotabuff but for wc3 melee maps.
make some good replay viewer. Because this is just LAME. It is lame to have a prof game and without opportunity to watch replays from 1.30 patch, etc, etc.

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it should be fixed already xD i cant play warcraft now solo like i usually do o_o

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And there should be no war but here we are

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I don’t know if its just me or is a issue for everyone but when i click this button in the editor: h ttps://i.imgur.com/uFQpKEX.png the game only send me to the main menu and doesn’t load anything.:frowning_face:
In the 1.29 or previous patch i don’t have any problem with the AI editor.

Please fix it quickly because i can’t make and test the AIs for my mods anymore and that takes away all my interest in playing this game again.

I think this issue comes from the fact that they changed the URL from where games are launches to documents, go to files/properties and click reset then it will start working

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You know what would be INSANE for reforged ?!

When casters get optical changes with there ugprades !

Like the normal necromancer is … normal, but with the adapt upgrade, he gets a slightly upgrade to his armor and a bigger staff, and with the master upgrade, he becoms a fcking spectral form, you know, like quest necromancer in some campaign mission.

Or the Banshees, with the master upgrade, she gets a bigger purple and black dress with golden ornaments on it, and an icecold pulse around her, like she looks SO DAMN cool, when you zoom in, you can’t get your eyes of her, and when she possess something, she fcking smashes so hard into the target, you can see the soul coming out of the back that she takes with her.

And a fcking destroyer, you know, you drive you statues around, everything is cool, nothing is happening and then … you hit the button … and all of a sudden, the eyes of the statue start to glow, with a giant swing of the wings it blasts away the stones around it and comes to life, you know, you can REALLY REALLY see that they became to fcking life, flying into the air immediately and you know, without mana they are just light gray, like black but a very light black and than, the more mana they have, the darker they become, you know, like VANTABLACK with pulsing, tiny dark red veins on there entire muscluar anubis bodys and when you focusfire something, with orbs of annihlation, it leaves the ground around the target burned to ashes, with blue and purple flames.

THEN we are talking.


Was there a unmentioned update to Echo Isles in 1.31.1? I can’t watch a replay on that map from 1.31.0, while I can watch replays from other 1.31.0 games.
EDIT: o it also happened on Nomad Isle. For some reason some replays have frozenthrone// with double // in their path.

Can you give me a full link please, i don’t know where are placed the file properties i have to change.