1.31.1 Patch Notes




It might be something that you are planning to fix in future patches but please solve the mouse lag issue that is present if running WC3 with default Direct3D11 or in windowed/windowed fullscreen mode.

You have to manually add -graphicsapi Direct3D9 and -windowmode fullscreen to the WC3 shortcut to have a smooth mouse experience. Choosing any other graphic and window settings results in a sluggish mouse pointer that makes the game painful to play. This should be set by default without having to mess around with shortcut switches.

Another issue pertains audio. When you change audio input from speakers to headset you need to restart WC3 in order for audio input to be switched. This should occur seamlessly while being in the game.


A bug report: ever since patch 1.30. the Illidan cinematic (the Raising of the Naga) doesn’t work. Even after this patch fix the cinematic doesn’t work.
The other cinematics work fine.


Cause Ilidan will be saved by Medivh who watched the fight and flew to him in his crow form,so Medivh teleport Illidan to safe place. This event happens after sudden snow storm to blind the sight of happening , in same time Arthas is proudly march towards frozen throne not looking back.

They just had to do this to justify illidan being alive in wow. And cause possible warcraft IV is discussed on the table for some future with the begining of project somewhere around 2022


I’m talking about the Illidan cinematic from the beginning of the Night Elf campaign - the one where he raises the Naga.


Sorry for the spoilers then.
Cant help with that specific problem


Don’t be sorry for the spoilers, I kinda like the Medivh bit.
But, can you check to see if your cinematic works, the one with the Naga?


Doesnt work lol, so its not single problem, you are right :smiley:


Thank you very much, my good friend! :smiley:


My screen turns black after the game and the only way to exit the screen is to restart my computer. This is incredibly frustrating…


Seriously, check the servers for South America players, it is ridiculous how ping got worse after 1.31 update. It is so weird the fact that you get 110 ping when you create a custom game, with people from NA getting 20-30 ping, but you have to play with a 300ping on ladder. I’m not the only one that’s feeling it, of course people near the servers won’t suffer, but try to be a little empathic towards others too, it would really feel great.


[Mac still crash during map loading screen]

Please fix this crash for Mac users, I cannot load any map or play campaign anymore. The game will crash instantly during map loading screen.

MacOS 10.12.6


I cant open my backup map. It gives error on world editor. But, corrupted version opened well.


please fix working purge at invulnerable hero bug…

Since patch 1.31.0 invulnerable heroes arent immune to magic (purge) anymore.


But the hero of computer players still can’t learn skills and use them


Orb of fire still have bug.
Please watch this video:
h ttps://www.bilibili.com/video/av54342636


I’m having trouble buying orbs, specifically orbs, from shops owned by allies.

In case this helps pinpoint the problem: The tooltip for the allied orb you’re trying to buy is bizarre. It tells you what your upkeep is.


My screen turn black after some Custom games, like every single Custom Hero Survival i play, after it end, I’m stuck in black screen.

But I don’t need to restart my PC, I can use Alt + Tab to switch windows then close it from start bar, or Control + Alt + Del for Task manager to close W3.

Or Simply SPAM CLICK the screen so much that Windows 10 will ask me if i wanna close the game, since it’s not responding.


I think this is a side effect of them trying to make Custom games playable even if the Host left or got DC.
Before 1.31 if the host left the whole game end, even if there is 10 other player playing it, but now you can still play even if the host left.

I think to change this, they are now hosting the games in their own servers, which make the ping of the host much more than usual. coz he is not really the host anymore. just the controller of the game.

I think we can only hope by the time Reforge is coming out, they will surely add a lot of more servers in different locations for people to have better pings and closer servers to connect.


after 1.31, WC3 only supports 800X600 1024X768 1280X720 1280X768 1360X768 of resolutions

plz add 1366X768 res supports.