Patch 1.23.1 Notes

Thank for these updates.

I need to ignore my opponents who have nicknames contain random letters or barcode.

I would like to see my statistics and my opponents’ statistics. It doesn’t work for random letters and barcode players. I know we can do it by press number 0 at full-size keyboard but I am using a TKL keyboard. /s + nickname is also another way but it’s so hard to do with long nicknames. I hope you make another command easier than this one.

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Lastest patch seems to break classic mode SC1 graphically. The “Single Player” select graphic is way above the screen when you scroll over it and the character select options are floating way above where they’re supposed to stand.

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there def needs to be a “use default colours” option when creating games. These extended colors are fun for UMS but are messing up 3v3 bgh play


Thanks for the report. We’ll get this fixed in a maintenance patch.

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YESSSS please!! 2v2 was the bomb and specially with ranks its more fun!!

This patch is quite great but there’s something wrong with Strings.
You know, there’s a STR based EUD function called “CustomText”. That just worked well until the 1.23.1 patch had been setup. After 1.23.1 patched, I can’t see any text messeges which were made by CustomText.

I guess it’s related with your STR patch. And I’m looking forward to you to fix it soon. Anyway, I sincerely thank to your perpetual effort on SC:R and wait to hear good news from your team.


Please remove new colour. It is very hard to see unit in minimap. Cant distinguish some colours in minimap.
In addition, non-native speaker (like me) need to know many new words about colour to tell my allies where to go.

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It would be nice to be able to customize the shift - tab colors in options. I don’t know what kind of work that would entail, but maybe it would fix some people’s issues with the colors.

Also I like the colors.


but when will the ‘/time’ feature be available?
i bought a desk watch yesterday because it doesn’t work.


I know many people have been asking/waiting for extended colours so I respect that, but this needs to be seriously looked at and resolved somehow. I like seeing the full colour palette for UMS map makers since it adds some variety and a bit of character, but I personally would like to see at least 1/3 of the 22 colours removed completely from melee games. There are some pretty silly/ridiculous colours such as the pale blue colour which can be selected by a player, yet its same colour as a player who has quit/left the game?

It is impossible to tell the difference between units/buildings on the minimap when 4-5 players all have similar shades in one of the colour ranges. I know many of you are saying to use the shift+tab option to make red/blue on the minimap, but that does not solve the problem at all. I can give many examples of this - such as playing 2vs2 vs a terran(blue)/protoss(teal). When i glance at the minimap i dont want to see a bunch of red units, i want to see how many BLUE vultures, and TEAL zealots there are while i am macroing at base. i also want to glance at the mini map and see a specific enemy players expansion, not just an ‘enemy expansion’. It makes a huge difference at the 200-300 apm level when every second and click counts.

for any of you that have doubts, try having a melee game where the players are white, peach, light yellow, yellow, light pink etc etc, and see if you can tell anything apart. its impossible and heavily effects the game, especially when playing in a lobby filled with strong players. i had a 3vs3 game where the players were pale yellow, pale green, green, teal, and olive with a single player being magenta. i swear i probably spent 1/3 staring at the minimap wondering what belonged to who.

i play a lot of ums as well, so as i said, i like the feature there, but its a completely different beast when it comes to melee games.

i have a few suggestions that may help.

  1. Perhaps we can have a tab when creating a game as to whether we want to enable extended colours or original colours? (my favourite option)
  2. maybe the palette of 22 colours can be broken into two separate colour packages of ‘deep’ or ‘pale’ colours that you can select one of the two packages when creating a game? (least favourite option)
  3. keep the full palette of colours to select from, but when a player makes a colour selection, cross out the other similar colours in that range? like if someone selects yellow, it crosses out pale yellow/yellow/lime? this way there is still a HUGE selection range, but it prevents like colours in the game. (second favourite option)

Devs, just because some players play 3x3, 4x4 doesn’t mean we 1x1 players shouldn’t enjoy new colors. DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING.

My suggestion is to add an option for lobbies like ppl said above to enable/disable extended colors.
Also I would like to see range of colors separated when you choose them , f.e. normal default colors above, and extended ones down below descending.

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Good work Matt and Grant!! :slight_smile:

Eagerly waiting for more features. lol

Still waiting for real observer mode… To see as observer who is in dropships, wht upgrade is in progress, which units areplayers building…

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I don’t know why this update(1.23.1) has included choosing a lot of color,
even SC1 need just 8 colors for the maximum players.
1vs 1 match is not matter, but if you play team match your couldn’t see the mini-map clearly and there are so many similar colors, it’s hard to identify enemies & allies.
Have you played 3v3 team match game?

one thing more,
you made only possible to start game when all players have to choice the race even ramdom player.
And it bother all players

you should make the game like this if someone go out after 3 seconds
, this game has been cancelled (go back to game room or chat channel)
So, The previous patch is better than now.


Make your player color selection system available in single player

I’m happy to have a player color picker. However, I would like to be able to choose the color in single player.

However, instead of removing some colors, adjustments are needed to fix issues that make it difficult to distinguish units in the minimap.


New features in this update patch are annoying, both colour picking and race select.

I mostly play fastest map in 3v3 or 4v4 game, when that many players in a game, there are always players with similar colours in game. For example: Pale Yellow and Yellow, Pink and White, Blue and Aqua… They look similar in both mini map and on screen. Once I got a pink ally and a white opponent, both played zerg and I couldn’t know which unit belong to whom unless click and see the color of cycle around units (red or yellow).

Some colour, like Cyan and Magenta, dazzle player’s eyes, especially in fastest game when you see hundreds units on screen.

Dark Aqua is very similar to quitted players. I notice that quitted players were not shown in minimap anymore, in my opinion, they should be shown, because the remaining unit/ building could be used in many ways by other players.

Many players like black, navy or dark colour because they think it is hard to see by opponent and they can sneak through or can drop without being seen in mini map. I can say it is very stupid idea and it doesn’t work.

So, Please remove these confusing colour, just keep very clear colour, for example: Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, White (9).

Selecting race before game is not necessary and it doesn’t help to prevent player quitting in game as you expect. In fact, it is harder to have a game now, when host must constantly ban players who doesn’t pick race and doesn’t response when host asks.

To this, I suggest to have a CHECK BOX to each player to confirm they are ready to start the game. Host can only start when all players check their box, and when counting down, players could not quit anymore. I know, that cannot prevent players leaving in game but at least, they cannot quit when game starting.


Color selection is very cool feature, but I agree that we should remove confusing colors and take it seriously. Players now can even set them on purpose. Shift+Tab+Tab has different purpose.

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SC:R has a maximum of 8 players in any game. Why the original 8-colour selection isn’t good enough, I’ll never know. I understand having players select their own colour, but there is no need to have more than 8.


We’ve seen a lot of positive and constructive feedback regarding the colors feature. There may be some room for improvement, and we’d like your help!


Please don’t even think about removing colors Matt. I think best solution is to make an option for lobbies to use or not to use extended colors.