Patch 1.23.1 Notes

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.23.1 has arrived!

Features and Improvements:

  • Players may now select their preferred color in unranked multiplayer games. Additionally, we’ve extended the available color palette.

  • Worker counts have been added to the Replay UI.

  • Additional voice lines for game start and game end have been added to the “Voices of Legend” announcer packs.

  • Players in unranked multiplayer games must now choose a race before a game can start. This should help folks that get stuck with a race they didn’t intend to play, and hopefully result with fewer people immediately leaving games.

  • Players will now re-join their previously used chat channel when logging back into This change was made for the folks that would prefer not to view/engage in default chat channels.

Note: Players can re-join the default chat channel via the channel list - the first entry will always be the default channel


  • String limits have been updated for map makers

  • Arbitrary RGB color selection for map makers

  • Minor bug fixes

Additionally, please note that we will be updating the desktop APP to execute the 64bit version of SCR by default in the coming weeks. (32-bit will remain as an option for Windows users).


Good patch thx matt :slight_smile:


You should remove some colors from the palette. Some colors are impossible to distinguish from each other in game. It is at the detriment of the quality of playing. Examples are any color within the same area on the color wheel. White, Tan, Pink, Magenta for example. The blue colors. Black is hell on space maps because it blends with the space. Grey almost looks the same as black etc. Please remove some colors!


This is an amazing update, thank you so much Devs! Also I wouldn’t remove some of the colours, there’s always the shift tab option anyway!


Finally! You rock guys! Those color and race select changes are beautiful! Keep up the good work Matt, we believe in you.

@Nerded - All are fine! Don’t remove anything, we fought hard to get back those extended colors. If you can’t distinguish then press Shift+TAB that’ll fix it for you.


The issue with the colors is that it is bad for both mini-map and non mini map play. Shift-Tab only solves a small part of the issue but it removes player individual colors, which is a detriment.
For the sake of clarity please remove some. The second shift-tab color blind function is terrible for 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. The mini-map only color blind shift tab is awesome.


What’s your problem lol? Are you trolling? They’re not going to remove anything I explained you already, those extended colors were a thing even back on 1.16.1.


He is not alone with his opinion regarding colours. I think some colours are really hard to see, so those should be removed, I agree. Otherwise patch is great and big thanks!
(shift+tab doesn’t really help in 3v3 and such, only 1v1)

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I wish I could link images so I could show screenshots of how confusing some of these colors are. Having to spend more time on identification of what you’re seeing or misinterpreting a color and making a wrong choice being under the wrong assumption can turn games or lose them. When you’re playing at 200-300+ apm against players with similar apm you can’t afford to spend any more time than a single glance at something to identify what you’re looking at.


Thanks so much! These colors are great to have for us UMS creators (and players).

I might suggest a toggleable option to “use Default Color Palette” for people that are really triggered about white vs peach or yellow vs pale yellow. Or, alter those ‘near colors’ to be slightly different.

Definitely don’t reduce the color count though, not worth it!

Unranked play does not get the extended colors, so don’t worry about it if you’re a serious player.


Even if you’re right that doesn’t mean they should remove such a beautiful feature, no one forces to use extensive colors at all. I agree with what Sato said, just make an option for lobbies so no one can use extensive palettes. Profit.


i should’ve asked for a fix.

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An option to disable alt x and alt q would be nice.
Especially given alt c is actually useful but alt x is right next to c, one useful and one completely not.
Thanks for the patch

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the color patch is stupid.
imo, remove it, especially black, it’s hard to see wtf.


Can you give update on 2v2 matchmaking is it still happening


Yeah i have really got to complain about hard to see colors black is definitely the worst it will be a problem. also i would like to see easier /command functions. /I doesn’t work anymore and players like to be distracting.


for 20 years, it would be better to fix the lags in the game, and not this nonsense with colors that were not visible on the minimap.