New forum new SD widescreen thread

When Blizz, when? I wanna play 16:9 on SD on my 27’ monitor with 4K. I’m ready to pay another 10$ bucks for it.


We gotten Cartoon thing, why can’t they afford making old original thing wide? UP!

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That’s my 2nd priority, my 1st is that SCR replays be compatible/convertible with/to 1.16 format.

I wonder if these 2 things was intentionally planned, to kill 1.16, and force players to buy SCR ! :thinking:

oh god, forgive Blizzard !

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Not saying it would never happen, but chances are low that it would.

Iirc, SCR started out that way (or maybe during beta?) and it was reverted. Likely to add to the incentive to buy remastered.

I don’t understand why people need SD graphics in 16:9. Just turn off Real Time lighiting and the game look almost the same as original graphics but better.

I’m the guy who made the linked thread in the old forum.

I mentioned that, if widescreen is a Remastered incentive, why not have SD widescreen available for those who purchased it and leave 4:3 for those who are on the free version?

plz make it looks like 1.16,the new SD graphic is not as good as it used to be.

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Finally my and fellow “Emberstone”'s topic went up. Maybe Blizz will start to listening their player base instead of pushing more and more micro transactions.
On old forum some idiots, who don’t know jack sheet about BW engine were telling that this is impossible, but I didn’t believe all the way. I know it can be achievable because I saw on post KeSPA era (2012-2015) streamer Sonic streamed some of his early Sonic Starleagues with some of plugin/addon to achieve this. Not to criticize current devs but all old addons gave much more than this current “one stop forward, three steps back” patches.
Please show some love to this game, it’s in shambles. Please add this to priorities list.

You don’t need a tool to make 1.16 fill/full screen, its just a video card setting:

If you read that thread carefully you should notice that it isn’t about ASPECT RATIO/STRETCHING. I just want more AREA at screen just like on HD graphics but I want for SD.

Quote: “because they are being accurate with their language. 1.16 and 1.22 can both do fullscreen (as opposed to windowed mode) while only 1.22 can do widescreen (but only with HD graphics). If you are running 1.16 with no black bars on the side on a widescreen monitor, it’s because you have a fu cked up aspect ratio. You are looking at non-wdescreen content stretched to fill a widescreen. It doesn’t make you move your mouse more or less; you see the same amount of the map left to right. Just that if there are no black bars, everything is displayed “fatter”. The only way to get widescreen where you actually see more left to right is in 1.22 with HD graphics on.”

“As the guy I quoted explained, that isn’t “widescreen” ie 16: 9 aspect ratio, its just stretching the 4:3 image wider. You can’t do that with free SCR since the black bars are being accounted for to maintain the aspect ratio.”


Simply, people that complain about SCR black borders left/right, just want their screen to be filled like in 1.16 (they feel they’re missing something).
You’re talking about more AREA (zoom level also like in HD?) for old graphic, well that’s another topic !

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Play SCR with integrated graphics, you will nearly feel it is SD in 16:9

Because the old look is iconic and they actually did change many things…
Some animations, spirites etc. look different…
The old look surpassed time and still looks good, the new one yet has to prove that …

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5 years later Blizz stil not giving a flying. Fine, I’ll code it myself. Beware Blizz! Community will save this game.

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Please Fix this! I just bought Remastered version and switched to OLD classic the game looks BLURYY!!! The meniu the Text looks bad! I think it is scaling problem. I installed my old version brood war 1.16.1 version. The game looks not blurry! im using windows. In game you can sharp the game but its not helping… I think brood war resolution is 640x480 and they scaled up to 1080 or More and the game is blurry :))) Just leave this game alone. separated from remastered. Or give as a choise to download the old classic game. Like a Diablo 2. The original diablo 2 you can buy and download. Or you can buy new diablo 2 resurrected and play new version and old version with G button. But old version is alsow bad looks not the same like original… I dont know what they are doing but need to fix! Or let us download original starcraft game! Please!