2019 Priorities

I believe there is a missed opportunity in not electing to develop the Fastest/Super map scene, specifically the Korean scene. Multiple Korean fastest/super map streamers get viewer counts similar to top pro streamers on Afreeca and Youtube. In addition to that the video views on their Youtube channels nearly mirror those of regular map pro channels and official tournaments. On Flash’s YT channel some of his most viewed videos are of fastest/super map games. Players are progressively taking the map more seriously, and multiple pro players have branched out to playing the map, some even exclusively playing the map.

Both growth and longevity of this scene is entirely dependent on player ran initiatives. Outside of Korea this is done by the Starcraft World fastest map league. In Korea it is through video and streamer content and tournaments hosted by streamers. While it is great to see such initiatives and undertakings from loyal and motivated players/content creators, I believe the lack of blizzard’s involvement is restricting the potential this scene has in appealing to more players/viewers and participants of such events.

This scene could truly flourish if Blizzard provided a platform, events and financial support as an incentive for participation.


Devs, how much percentage of things you promised you already finished? It’s already half of year. Do you really think pushing micro transactions is a primary thing? Why cosmetics first, but stability last?

And I’m afraid with this huge DLC’s soon SC is going to start with a looooong loading screen (like SC2). If you’re adding DLC’s make them not load defaultly if person didn’t purchase it. I want to game load in 5 sec. as it was before! We oldschool players want to play, not to fool around with kids things.


financial support for fastest map tournaments? Almost any high known player, there most high viewed content is generally some custom/casual fun play, which is normal(because you don’t see that often). Since most Fans already know the actual pro play of player in normal games.

Well, it’s not quite half the year, but by my calculation according to those tasks listed in the “DONE” section, around 35% currently. Please remember that this is a priority list, not a promise list - it’s unlikely we’ll get to everything on this list in 2019.

If there are issues you feel are important that are not captured or reflected in this list, please feel free to specifically list them (the more detail, the better for us) so that we can get them on our radar too.

If you’re not using the DLC, it won’t be loaded as you enter the game. It should not impact on loading times.


Team Matchmaking please! (And can we also get Team Melee matchmaking as well?)


Thanks Grant for the response! Hope I wasn’t rude, I just wanted some answers. Like always I appreciate every effort you guys put into this. I would like to adress some issues and ideas:

    Can we get some working around for campaign, I think since release it didn’t get touched. I have two topics about this:


    I haven’t got any answer about SD graphics. I like we’re getting new skins but how about polishing (widescreen) and fixing (filters options was nice, but not that good as 1.16.1 also alignment of icons slightly off) original one? It could be nice if you’ll answer if it’s possible to make widescreen for SD:

I remember BW had more color options than 8 (f.e. Cyan, Dark Aqua, Yellow Pale, Black etc.). IIRC they stopped working after patch 1.18 (midsummer of 2017) before launch of SC:R and currently they’re not working as well. We would like to have them back. Here are some topics:

Starcraft Forums?

Ah, now I saw that Extended colors were prioritized as P3. But don’t know why SD graphics didn’t get even last priority? On old forum there were many many topics about this and we had “movement” of purists who cared about old graphics so adding this as P3-P4 heck the last prioritiy will make us happy! Thanks for reading!

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Blizzard, we are really looking forward to “Relaxed Input” and a new season on ladder. Please release them soon. I also hope you could investigate the two issues I posted on the technical forums about the lag that exists after selecting larva, and the bugged replay issue.

Also, is there anyway, while in a replay, we can bring up a list of other replays and quickly go from one replay to the next? If you want to switch replays you have to do the following: Alt+Q, Exit Replay, Score screen loads, Hit Okay, Load Replays, scroll through replays, double click new replay. It is kind of tedious when you are scanning lots of replays quickly.

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Read this Blizzard:
I’ve been a longtime fan of this game and what you did to this game made me quit for some time now. Time after time, you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. every time you release a patch, i know what to expect. It’s so buggy that you need to release a patch for the new patch. We’ve asked about TMM for the longest time and there’s been jack diddly swat. Stop blowing smoke up our a55es and do something about it. We want to see progress not words about progress. I never thought i would say this but i did not miss this game one bit these last couple of months.


Just want to say, great work so far.
I’m very happy to start up and play with the new additions, and it’s quite amazing you folks are doing this stuff in 2019!

(The negative people have no idea what it’s like for a small team to get a very old codebase).

I was wondering what is the story behind F1 key ingame? It does not seem to do anything on its own?
Would it be possible to have it store a camera location, just as F2-F4?
It looks like a minor change that would improve QoL without negative implications on gameplay itself.

Best of luck Remastered Team!

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This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time - but the gateway part of our server infrastructure is essentially the 1998 server code, and it still underpins SCR, WarCraft 3, and Diablo 2. Therefore, we haven’t been able to make this change without impacting the other games. With WarCraft 3 being Reforged and having an active team on it, and us getting more control of the Diablo 2 codebase and update system, this starts to become more of a reality.

What this means is that we could combine US East and US West into just 1 gateway for US for example, or combine all gateways into just one (which would effectively deprecate the concept of gateways).

Should be prioritized. I am sick of my diablo 2 characters expiring on East cause i play starcraft on west. East was the more popular server always till you remasterd. Turn of channel chay restrictions and allow your user’s to reforge new community’s.
Promote trusted players as game admins with a limited set of powers such as temp mute and the ability to kick issues upstairs and get resolved quicker. Give us more freedom!


Hey guys. I know it can be a double edged sword to give an eta on a product, but I really think you need to get back to the community on 2v2. At this point the prevailing view on teamliquid and in the serious melee community, is that it was all a lie. 2v2 was just a scam to get people to buy scr, and now that you have our money, you will just gorge on micro transactions and never actually release it.

So please. Tell us something. Even if the news is rough. Silence comes off real badly.


Not sure if this has been brought up prior, but a cool improvement would be to be able to set the default coloring scheme in the options (red/green).
Id love to be able to set it as default rather than shift+tabbing every game.

Hi StarCraft Community,

As we’ve passed the midyear point, I wanted to provide a quick update here. Although none of these were promises, we’ve completed over 40% so far and a bunch more are in the pipe (5x5). Below are some priority changes to help us laser focus for the second half of the year:

[P1] Racepicking (investigation) —> [P4]
We have some cool ideas on what we’d like to build, supplemented with the help of some passionate community members. At a very high level, the idea is to have a un-ranked MM experience where Racepicking would be allowed. This is still very much in the investigation phase and may or may not make its way into a release.

[P1] Further league divisions (investigation) —>[P4]
The current thinking around this is to add (- and +) ranges as well as an even more uber S-Rank.

[P2] Observer desyncs —> [P3]
We have spent some time looking into this issue. Currently, the investigation is on-hold while we gather more data.

[P2] API to replace the web calls that StarLog.gg relied on —> [P4]
Hoping we can squeeze this one into 2019.

[P3] Minimap separator line in certain configs on certain maps —> [P4]

[P3] /stats to show league rank of play (investigation) —> [P4]



Sounds great, guys.

Any word on the 2v2 matchmaking?



I dont understand the obsession with racepicking, why are you trying so hard to induce a so problematic and harmful feature, a second MM only for racepicking it will be a huge problem outside Korea, there isnt the player base that can support it.


I think this is a good signal,they’re focus on team matchmaking now. can you guys bring it to us before the classic WoW released?

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Could we get a trigger or option that forces all users to the same graphics for example classic only graphics or remastered only graphics games.
Playing competitive UMS games isnt fair anymore with some users having widescreen via remastered graphics which reveals more of the screen at once than its original graphics counterpart.

Matt, would it be possible to get replays working for team melee game mode?

A small feature that would be great for team play is the option to randomize the team’s players in the lobby.