Please reconsider Wide Screen SD for Remastered owners

@Devs Grant and Sherman.

So the request is simple and has been done several times in here and in the old Forums, please give us the option to play in WideScreen with the old SC Graphics but only for Remastered owners of course, is this really a time consuming feature?. Thank you.

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I was one of the original oldschool purists who voted furiously on this matter since the very launch. I created a topic on new forum too but it didn’t get enough attention here.

My post on 2019 priorities:
I haven’t got any answer about SD graphics. I like we’re getting new skins but how about polishing (widescreen) and fixing (filters options was nice, but not that good as 1.16.1 also alignment of icons slightly off) original one? It could be nice if you’ll answer if it’s possible to make widescreen for SD:

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Indeed i forgot about the SD filter which arguably looks worse than the 1.16 one, they probably made this at release so the change would look more “dramatic” but they left it like this, which is annoying for sure.

Yesterday i was showing someone the game and i pressed F5 (which is the “cool” feature to show) and i noticed i cant play with the black boxes anymore, i mean i can, but i am so used to wide now.

I am proud that we got extended colors back (that was 3rd point I brought on 2019 priorities list).

Now we only need to get devs attention to this matter (1st point).

My 2nd point was about campaign: they need to add unused/deleted missions and add Loomings/Precursor campaign from demo.


Extended colors is nice to have, what i dont like is how “un brave” the devs are sometimes if i am reading this correctly, i mean by not implementing a way to turn off Extended Colors off because the UI would have to be updated etc… shame.

About the Campaign? they should, i dont think is a nice priority considering Team Match Making and BWAPI, i mean if you make a pool right now i am sure “new campaign” or as you say “adding deleted missions” would not land on the first places. But is a nice idea for sure and very much needed.

For me the list is quite simple:

  1. Team Match Making
  2. Improvements to Clans and Channel managments.
  3. Quality of Life Features
  4. BWAPI
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StarEdit like higher resolution too please, at least for custom games.

I’m not sure they’ll do anything more to StarEdit. Seems like they don’t want to touch it anymore, and they only released it because of the fan backlash. But yes, it would be nice for a higher resolution.


Staredit as it was when the final version was released at the end of July is where it will remain. There’s no more development planned. It also means as the game/engine are updated over time, Staredit may slowly fall out of functionality.

Who said anything about improving StarEdit?
If you were referring to my post, I meant game resolution as seen in StarEdit.

Oh, did you mean a game resolution like StarEdit already has?
Then yes, that would be good!
I thought you meant changing the resolution in StarEdit… sorry.

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