Take a look what you've done to old graphics

I’ve been following as a silent customer these forums long enough but it’s been a while and I can’t keep my mouth shut after seeing how Blizzard is ruining and tearing this game apart.

Watch JD vs. FlaSh on 1080p (one of the best games ever played by the way). How come you could F-UP 640x480 resolution SD graphics and deliver us a mess with a lame blurring filter option? Are you going to acknowledge that you downgraded SD? Don’t care about HD, could care even less about cartoon mode, GIVE ME BACK MY OLD GRAPHICS!

Not even going to mention latest patches, because we need to have a serious talk on another dozens of topics about how game is slowly becoming unplayable. This isn’t Remastered, it’s Downgrade-Craft!


I’m with you on the fact that’s it’s unacceptable that SD graphics got downgraded and still are to this day.


You exactly said everything I wanted, and by the way, I remember that epic game! While this got attention I’ll link another posts that concern me:

There are people who enjoy old graphix still this day. Let’s keep bumbing those threads if we oldschool purists want to defend the classic masterpiece at all cost!


Lol, nice comment …

I also wondered about this for a long time … Watching old games on all these different youtube channels and other streaming services… How come those look better than Remastered/freeversion old look despite being caputred by cameras behind monitors etc.

And this again an other punch in the face, cant believe they made a “remastered” version with worse graphics /resolution than the orginal starcraft broodwar…
Though i also love the old look, i think widescreen with the old graphics probally will be to hard for them… Remember that problem is not necessary the team that is working on it, but blizzard that doesnt give them enought ressources…#

Iam beginning to think the patch with colors is just the flag for the burrow…


@Leonix Sharing your thoughts. Haven’t heard a single blue post since end of 2019 till today so it seems like they gave up and I don’t blame them, blame Activi$ion cause there’s no real Blizzard around anymore. Guess era of 3rd party programs and plugins will be back soon. Only we as community can bring this game up again.


it seems we will soon be depending on bwchart, bwhf, launchers, etc

thanks blizzard for killing starcraft


I cant figure out whats wrong? if i go to SD i put the filter on 2 level is the best without too much blurr and pixelation.

It’s not as sharp as it used to no matter which filter you use + some minor misalignment of icons. If you played 1.16.1 you will know for sure they downgraded SD badly.


It’s because Remastered uses bilinear filtering to scale the image when using the original assets as opposed to your monitor just doing its own either analog (on a CRT) or subtler interpolation-based scaling either from the LCD monitor itself or the GPU.

Bilinear filtering looks far blurrier, and without any kind of filtering you have an uneven scale that looks jagged and distorted. Changing the scaling filtering to a simpler interpolation would yield much better results, but they’ll never do it.

Well… I got very courious about this complaint. And yes found something
I compare images from 1.16.1 and 1.23.2. Images were taken on my 22" monitor with digital camera.
It looks clear that when they updated the graphics they messed with the internal resolution upscaling it. On 1.16.1 the entire screen were run at 640 x 480 so no additional twaeks were made, you can see the pointer and fonts pixelation on older version while is pretty clean on latest.

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Except that this isn’t actually true and Remastered SD graphics are virtually 100% identical to 1.16.1. The problem is just resolution, and the fact that SCR does not support a true fullscreen, 640x480 mode anymore. =\

Proof: https ://imgur. com/a/O7yf5QJ

How is this possible? Because the Remastered screenshot is played with the filter off in windowed mode at the correct aspect ratio and resolution, 640x480. This is why Remastered SD looks a bit weird, because you are playing it with the filter off and in 1080p resolution, the game’s visuals are simply not designed for that.

Here’s another screencap I took a long time ago:

Remastered: https ://i.imgur .com/IaH1H9t.png
1.16.1: http s://i.imgur .com/mC3NC2R.png

Remastered: https ://i.imgur .com/i2iJbL1.png
1.16.1: https ://i.imgur .com/AS44iAj.png

Remastered: https ://i.imgur .com/c8j7vZt.png
1.16.1: https ://i.imgur .com/CaiTFZH.png

Full Original Screenshot:
Remastered: https ://i.imgur .com/j05lLWD.png
1.16.1: https ://i.imgur .com/lj6NKqT.png

@ Maximus

You are exactly correct, the resolution is higher in Remastered, but you can reduce the resolution quite easily by going into windowed mode and scaling the window. Obviously it’s kind of hard to play this way thought. =\


Blizz, when you’re going to fix SD graphs?

5 years later and still Blizz isn’t giving flying F about it. Fine, I’ll do it myself. Beware Blizz! Community is going to save this game.

Anyone know what’s up with this?

I game on SCR and I hit F5 to use regular starcraft graphics (to see if I could fix lag) and it looked so bad I had a headache and couldn’t play.

I remember when SC used to look smooth in SD (1.16.1).

Did anyone find a solution? I don’t want the remastered HD, as it makes it look like a different game, and the SD option makes it so crappy compared to 1.16.1.

Anyone know how to enable true fullscreen, 640x480 mode to make it look just like 1.16.1 (i.e. enable true fullscreen, 640x480 mode)? I’m on Apple Silicon (arm 64bit)

Just change the resolution of your pc to the resolution of the SD version…
While having it be stretched by the processor menu …
Or just have your monitor match that old resolution …
The old Crappy SD option seems to be the same only problem being that new computer make it look weird with screen resolution and stuff.

Basicly need to do on apple what this guy did on windwos, though he already calculate the resoluton you need to match the old graphics aspect ratio, you just need to find a way if apple does not do it automaticly to make it full screen (link://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWZhCueh8Ko&ab)

No, i would rather have starcraft 1 in 2’s engine

Please Fix this! I just bought Remastered version and switched to OLD classic the game looks BLURYY!!! The meniu the Text looks bad! I think it is scaling problem. I installed my old version brood war 1.16.1 version. The game looks not blurry! im using windows. In game you can sharp the game but its not helping… I think brood war resolution is 640x480 and they scaled up to 1080 or More and the game is blurry :))) Just leave this game alone. separated from remastered. Or give as a choise to download the old classic game. Like a Diablo 2. The original diablo 2 you can buy and download. Or you can buy new diablo 2 resurrected and play new version and old version with G button. But old version is alsow bad looks not the same like original… I dont know what they are doing but need to fix! Or let us download original starcraft game! Please!



The changes in pathing alone would completely break the balance of the game, such that many units would need to be reworked. The changes to unit control (smart targeting, etc) would also make casters too effective and powerful.

Use the sharpness option in SD to get rid of blurriness