What's the most brain blasting discovery you've made in co-op?

Had one today: blue stetzone launches broodlings from broodlords faster!

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I never realized that Stukov’s Colonist Compound had an upgrade that let your Infested Terran Civilians leap.

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There are a few, but top one has to be when I found out you can slap rocks with Dehaka :wink:


-Fenix’s conservators can apply their damage reduction aura to buildings
-Alarak’s shield overcharge also works on flying buildings so you can help your Terran partner do a hostile expand if they build an early cc


You get alot more dps if you constantly move hyperion ( shoot while moving )


On Mist Opportunities, Terran AI will attempt to send SCVs to repair the bonuses.


Stukov can infest them too. The broodlings will appear in the air, but if a ground enemy comes within range they will leap down onto it.

One that isn’t really useful but made me laugh - Karax P1 chrono makes Stukov’s buildings walk faster - so fast in fact that it bugs out the animation. Well, it might be useful with moving his bunkers.


They should just give them to Raynor automatically if he has a Swann ally.


-on a few maps, where gas is placed diagonally from your command center, sending a 4th worker can give you several hundred extra gas over the game
-multiple overlapping psi storms stack their damage for Artanis
-Karax’ chrono boost (the 4m cooldown) makes Nexus and only Nexus build itself faster (please don’t fix this)
-with Karax, a single point in structure hp mastery will let your cannons survive Yamato
-with Raynor, MULE calldowns can actually repair your army on the field
-Stukov’s overlords can now spread creep, letting your bunkers root anywhere (looking at you, Malwarfare). If this creep touches your command center’s creep it becomes permanent, so you can build a long bridge for your army.
-Kerrigan’s P2 fury stacks can be charged up by attacking omega worms outside the enemy base


Now that’s some stuff I didn’t knew about it, static health mastery makes sense but never did it, pretty important for P0,1,3.

Also Stukov, I use the first ovie to bring my first infested wave closer to expo, but didn’t knew it was permament by touching CC creep spread.
This is quite important for bunkerlisk play.

There are a lot of mutator interactions you only learn through play as well, like polarity causing missile command to be polarized too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


“That’s part of the fun! It’ll be great”

Said some dev long ago…

And it was never that - fun - only pain.


Eating an air unit with Dehaka P1 gives surrounding ranged units +2 range.

Plus P1 Dehaka also buffs his partner’s units. Raynor’s Marines with +2 range, an attack speed buff (on top of Stim), and bonus damage to armoured are just hilarious.

This one’s pretty well-known: if you press Alt-T to toggle the terrain view on the minimap, it will reveal zerg creep in the fog of war, thus allowing you to determine straight away if you’re facing a zerg opponent or not.

Other ones I can think of:

  • On Dead of Night, if Blaze (Tychus’ firebat) has the upgrade that allows his fire to spread from unit to unit, it can completely clear an entrance to your base and even set buildings on fire way back in the corner that are otherwise well out of reach.
  • Stukov’s Diamondbacks can completely stun-lock the Pirate Ships on Rifts to Korhal so they don’t use their charge attack.
  • The small rock patches on the ground on Temple of the Past mark where the Void Thrashers spawn. if playing as Abathur, planting about 9 or 10 Toxic Nests on the patch marking the first thrasher will insta-kill it when it spawns.
  • On Dead of Night, Spotters won’t disable Mengsk’s Supply Bunkers (I can’t remember if they affect Raynor’s Bunkers).
  • Han and Horner’s Mag-Mines won’t be destroyed by lava on The Vermillion Problem after they arm (although Vermillion will still comment about air units flying over lava).
  • On Miner Evacuation, the “Heroes From the Storm” mutator is completely non-functional because all the attack waves arrive in transports.
  • The Alien Incubation mutator on Dead of Night gives you a very nasty surprise at sunrise!

What do you mean by “non-functional”? Like the heroes don’t come?

I love alien incubation on DoN. It’s hilarious. As long as I have lots of area damage (basically flaming turrets or hellbats). Add in scorched earth though and it gets really interesting.


Back on PTR I had a game with Original Lone Wolf Tychus, where he took Blaze on DoN, set one fire, and then just made him run to follow the trail of destruction. It appears to me that you need vision for the fire to spread, so Blaze was just running, not attacking, as everything around him caught fire and exploded in seconds.

It meant I never got to actually play during that mission (thank god they nerfed that prestige) but it was fun to watch.

EDIT: Oh, and something I discovered recently! If you use Vorazun P2 on Chain of Ascension, you can Confuse the Slayn Elementals to make them trap themselves in cocoons.


It has hilarious results on Oblivion Express as well, but not nearly as shocking as my first time facing it on DoN. And what’s worse, those broodlings aren’t timed, so you HAVE to kill them all :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you want an effective way of getting Stettman’s Recycle, Reduce, Renew Achievement; play on DoN (Edit: I meant Donny Vermillion’s map) and send your Zerglings straight into the lava under a Stettalite near the entrance of your base. You’ll get it in no time.

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Hmmm :thinking: should let lava take care of the infested