Workers that can't be send to other place then ressources

Is this a bug?

Since couple days, I want to click on the ground to auto sent extra worker there, so they can be ready for the expansion as soon as I get it, but it doesn,t want to. I click on the option to clearly give the order and there are a forbidden sign everywhere except minerals and gaz.

But I did that all the past month and all those years, it worked juste fine. Now, it doesn’t want to, anymore, except with some commanders.

Is it intended or just a bug?

Workers don’t bounce into things when they are mining… so sometimes they are stuck enough so they can’t normally move, but they can slip out in “mining mode”

On casual difficulty (and possibly normal, I’m not sure) you can’t set worker Rally points anywhere except gas and minerals. It’s a “feature” to “help”. Very heavy air quotes.


That’s not an answer to my question wich is about rallying point.

Oh I see, ya, that’s possible. I initiated a couple friends and played in casual and normal to test my new commanders, it might explain why! I didn’t know that. Thanks!

And ya, to “help” x) . I find it annoying.

I wonder if it’s that.
I’ve observed something similar, and I never play Hard or higher.
Unless the other player difficulty level can force that “help” to disappear if they are a higher difficulty level?

I thought that it was just that some commanders can do it, and others can’t, but I never tried to test it on purpose.

I always do it. It seem right, when I played on casual or normal, I was forced to click on ressources.

Now that I play on hard with every new commanders, I can click wherever I decide to send them.

I don’t remember when I was choosing casual and has been matched with someone who selected hard. Maybe I could, cause of his difficulty (as I get the 50% more xp even if I was on casual).

Holy s…! That deserves to be added here: What's the most brain blasting discovery you've made in co-op?

Haven’t ever noticed that. Mostly coz I send an existing worker to expansion area to wait rather than rallying a queued worker.

Rallying a queued worker to expansion or wherever next structure is coming up is very common in 1v1 where build orders are executed with <1 sec or 0-5 minerals accuracy.