"What's the counter to this a-move imba unit?"

“Just wait for them to engage in a forest of static defense while you manage 3 different spellcasters and set up a perfect surround, pretty ez”

Okay then, thanks for the valuable answer. I guess the unit is not broken after all and it’s just a L2P issue on my part.


You refer to dead carriers?

Mostly. This can be applied to other things, but carriers remain the epitome of BS in this game.


depends on what race you are

So required is: a forest of spore crawlers, queens, infestors, vipers, corruptors, and some ling bane to train and snipe high templars.
All while injecting 24/7, re-spreading creep and managing zealot harassment.

All of this for an attempt at defending the a-move of a deathball.
Attempt that is not even guaranteed to succeed and that is 100% impossible to pull off in the lower leagues.


How bad in game must be lose to unit who had multiple nerf for example if graviton catapult comeback cant imagine the reaction

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Nonsensical reply. I’ll make it simple for you Raven: There’s nothing that stops a game company from releasing a unit so imbalanced that it requires continual adjustment. Tell me, at what point in the game was the carrier perfectly balanced and how did you reach that conclusion? And are you saying at all other points in time before that, you were among those saying it was IMBA?


there is a video of neuro “how to kill skytoss” → analysis of a game of rogue 40min…

for me personally this passive game is difficult, does toss play on split map (40min+) or does he go to 200/200 + 3/3 on 3-4 base or still attack earlier.
Does he play full afk sb/cannon without leaving base.
when should i build spore forest?..

and then also the units corrupter then you have nothing against cannon or ground units (harass) with hydra you have universal but not quite as efficient and aoe vulnerable. you have to adjust your comp. while toss → carrier vs all can build.

but when i see GSL or HSC it is worse for top zerg to play against turtle terran than against skytoss.

In Most cases (even often on pro Level) its enough to Scout Carriers and Mass Produce corrupters and Focus fire them. Problem solved. Midgame to early lategame Carriers arent a Problem for plat to Masters. Carriers are only a Problem If you Play the Ultra lategame when protoss established full fletched Carrier deathball.

Its the Most BS lie that its hard to Play vs Carriers. Most of the Time you build corrupters and overwhelm them. The Numbers ive lost to this the Numbers ive Seen exact that scenario in Diamond to high gm is through the roof.

Stop crying already. And If you lose to Carriers in current Balance and Meta you deserve it. Turtle skytoss isnt viable anymore and is far worse than zerg Style protoss.

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Carriers by itself die to corruptors. It becomes problematic, when protoss adds voids and some zergs engage in the fight, when voids use prismatic alignment. Really hard it gets on the top level, where protoss focus fire your corruptors with archons, ht spam storms, feedback etc. But why would carriers by itself be the problem? Usually the issue is ht, which is being protected by the carriers and not carriers itself.


Corrupter dude, just plain corrupters. stutter step and focus down the carriers. not hard to do at all. I play zerg 3v3 all the time and have taken on more than one skytoss using carriers with corruptors. hell if they dont have more than five or six, mutas can take them very easy. Also if you can keep mutas ahead of the carriers interceptors you can widdle down the interceptor count till they are completely out then go in for the kill. carriers are not hard to counter what so ever. Even enough hydralisk will out gun the interceptors if you can stay ahead of them. Boy you whine about some of the easiest things to counter in this game. Seriously none of you guys have any brains.


Carrier be fine unit having catapult while zerg had infested terran for now zerg need cooruptors as always focus fire while fungal interceptor and use shroud

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It’s still 2022 and we are still observing monkey screech behavior. If you find your opponent is massing only carriers, you have mass corruptors. If you see multiple void rays, get vipers and/or infestors. If there are high templars, get some ultralisks. It’s hard, but it’s not rocket science. Zerg has every tool it needs to beat Protoss late game. Both armies get harder to control, and while Protoss tends to have the easier to control army, Zerg is more powerful overall.


These threads are so common here. Look, the shield battery shouldn´t be able to target air units. Then beef the air units a little bit.

I agree, two people with the same mechanical skill, if Zerg allows skytoss to essentially “creep” its defenses, it cant push them away. It will always lose below Diamond.

Your only hope is to not allow them to gain too many bases while banking bases and larva yourself. But again, that requires more “mechanical skill” too. Your other option is to break them before they get to that point, meaning don´t go 3 Hatcheries.

Essentially you have to be better in mechanics to beat this type of Toss.
But the Toss can´t make a single mistake early on. It has to know its build order, it has to effectively scout you, it has to not overextend, etc.

But yeah, as much as I try to defend the balance, which I think is fine…this makes for some pretty toxic games - gameplay wise.

The “can this unit be defeated?” balance is fine indeed.
You can beat a carrier.

It’s the “effort required to defeat carriers VS effort required to play carriers” balance which is completely broken.
You need twice the IQ of your opponent to defeat carriers.

Of course there are solutions to beat carriers, but they’re very hard to execute for the average player.
Not every SC2 player is in masters and can manage 3 spellcasters, move spores constantly and deal with storms while spreading creep and keeping up with inject + harassment at the same time.

And again, even if you do pull it off, you Protoss opponent wasn’t making nearly as much effort as you were throughout the game. They just don’t need to be as good as you are to beat you once this unit is on the battlefield.

“Don’t let them get there” is just proof that the unit is broken by the way.
When Zerg and Terran make their “ultimate” late game units, there are still obvious counters and nobody cares. Broodlords can’t shoot air and move extremely slowly for example. Carriers have no such drawbacks.


“Dont let them get there” was invented vs zerg. The whole Idea to Play vs zerg is to Not letting them get there. If you leave zerg untouched they macro Up way faster than you and have massive Bank and massive larva.

Zerg Players dont seem to understand this concept and thus their strength. Sometimes its better and easier to Deal with Something right away instead of waiting until its a massive Problem.

You can intercept the protoss while He builds Up which is pretty easy and you can Always trade for Carriers to prevent reaching a crit Mass or you can sit there passively until it grows a Problem.

Stop whining. Jeez.

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And because of that the casual playerbase go slowly dying

After the casuals are gone, the game will follow them to the grave

Then the elitists on the foruns will gather and ask themselves, confused, what happened to the game? “the noobs didn’t learn to play” someone will answer


If “the swarmy race should attack the expensive but tough race before you cant effectively outnumber them due to the supply cap” is too difficult for people to understand, I dont think it really matters what they think or like. Its a real time strategy game. At some point theyre going to have to figure out strategy.


dude you still sitting here complaining about carriers. The people told you how to defend against them. mass corrupter, click on carrier, click off carrier, click on carrier, click off carrier, click on carrier, click off carrier. Its not hard to do.


If carrier be like old glory power it may hard to beat but not on those time where bunch of marine shoot down all interceptor