StarCraft II 5.0.2 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.2 Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.2 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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Oh finally the patch notes, i was wondering what this was

Copy for anyone who wants


  • Zerg
    • Baneling
      • Weapon damage changed from 18(+17 vs light) to 15(+20 vs light).
  • Protoss
    • Oracle
      • Revelation duration increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • Void Ray
      • Cost decreased from 250/150 to 200/150.
      • Void Ray build time decreased from 43 to 37 seconds.
      • Movement speed increased from 3.5 to 3.85.
      • Flux Vanes movement speed increased from 4.65 to 5.11.
    • Carrier
      • Interceptors belonging to a Carrier that has been Neural Parasited will no longer draw aggression from units belonging to the Carrier’s original owner.
    • Tempest
      • New upgrade found on the Fleet Beacon: Tectonic Destabilizers
        • Effect: Improves the Tempest’s Resonance Coil to deal +40 damage vs structures.
        • Cost: 150/150.
        • Research time: 100 seconds.


  • Tychus
    • Lone Wolf Prestige
      • Bonus damage decreased from 150% to 75%.

Developer Notes: We’ll be looking to both revamp and tweak certain prestige talents, including this one, in the coming weeks.


  • The legacy converter can now handle additional tilesets.


  • Campaign
    • Fixed an issue for the “Contract Saviors” achievement in “The Moebius Factor” mission that caused it to be unearnable.
    • Fixed an issue with the “Hard Core” achievement in “The Moebius Factor” mission that caused it to be awarded improperly.
    • Killing the bonus structures with the Laser Drill no longer prevents you from earning the “Thanks for the Advice” achievement on “The Dig” mission.
    • Building Medics, Spider Mines, or Auto-Turrets will no longer cause you to fail the “Band of Brothers” achievement on the “Gates of Hell” mission.
    • The “Annihilation Now” achievement in the “Forbidden Weapon” mission no longer requires you to destroy all enemies, just buildings.
    • Losing Interceptors will no longer prevent players from earning the “Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar” achievement in the “Templar’s Charge” mission.
    • The “Warp Incomplete” achievement in “The Infinite Cycle” now only checks for units warping in from Warp Prisms instead of all units being warped in.
  • Co-Op Missions
    • General
      • The Fear Mutator no longer lasts indefinitely on heroic units.
    • Commanders
      • Alarak
        • Canceling Supplicant warp ins no longer grants the bonuses provided by the Artificer of Souls prestige.
      • Stetmann
        • Stetmann’s Oil Baron prestige no longer grants Stetellite Overcharge buffs to units when changing Stetzones.
      • Zagara
        • The Scourge Queen prestige now properly grants Zagara extra Zerglings before level 7.
      • Zeratul
        • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when a player targets a Legendary Legion rally onto Zeratul’s hero icon while Zeratul is undergoing transit via the Void Seeker or a Void Array.
  • Editor
    • Fixed an issue where certain edge cases could cause a data editor crash.
    • Fixed a memory leak related to Data Table Instances.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when the legacy converter was used to convert a map that has customized standard unit data.
    • Fixed an issue involving Behavior Accumulators where an accumulator would be completely bypassed if the owning unit did not own stacks of that behavior. Instead, that portion of the accumulator should return 0.
    • The GUI version trigger action, Value From Data Table (Unit Reference) – Instance, now works properly.
    • The GUI version trigger action, Name Of Data Table Value – Instance, now works properly.
    • Changes to the Duration Override field of the Buff Behaviors can now be saved.
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Nooo,not skytoss buffs, anything but air units being buffed.


Hey look! More Zerg nerfs!

Bring your nerfs, you can’t stop higher skill and hard work anyways.


Any chance of fixing the nova covert ops bug where you can’t use the gunblade after using fury of one?

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Well the base dmg of the beneling is going to result in a slight buff for mech and toss ground as a whole. Huge buff to the void, so I guess we’d see them a lot in the future. Lets see how it will settle.


Wow look at that. Some legit skytoss buffs. Team games are gonna be noticeably more exciting with these changes


The last thing this game needs is stronger skytoss. Dealing with proxy cannons into proxy void ray/tempest is already infuriating enough, after this it will be even worse.

I agree with baneling nerf though, banelings are too good against armored units, they should be a anti-light unit, not an anti-everything unit.


To be fair, all of the units being buffed are awful right now.
Granted, the void buff might be a bit too much, and I think there needs to be some change to address the PvT early game when both players are going for fast expos/something to address the power of stalkers in the early game.


Bane nerf was obvious. Now we have to change the banelings so they dont 1 hit probes at +2 anymore or let them at least die to 1 storm or get them any armor type tag. But it hopefully doesnt break tvz.

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and that is why maru and innovation are two of the best players in the world

was this sarcasm?.,asfasddfasafds

I’ve got nothing against the VR cost being decreased, nor the Tempest getting an upgrade to be better at sieging structures.

However, I’m a bit puzzled about the VoidRay speed increase and production time, since 3.85 is the same speed of the viking. In other words, coupled to the VRs’ beam leeway, that would mean that a viking hit once would then be unable to escape from the VR unless this one is ordered to move back. That would affect those two units’ interaction, since vikings were previously able to kite voidrays. If you feel corruptors are too fast vs skytoss, then tweak the corruptors. :confused:

I have no opinion about the banes nerf vs armored/furthering the specialization against light armor. But though that would help the protoss, I’m not so sure PvZ is in a so bad spot anymore. I don’t think that we’ve had enough time to look back on the last baneling nerf, nor a stable appreciation of current balance since July’s report looks quite different than May or even June.

Lastly, I think a lot of us would like to hear the team’s thoughts behind all of that in a regular community feedback thread. Thanks for keeping us tuned anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t believe the baneling and void ray tuning i was just casually talking about are both hitting PTR. Had to double check the date.

I have yet to see a game beyond Bronze/Silver/Gold when a Protoss would build Voids to fight…Vikings.
Yes, it’s technically a buff, but it fails to touch the real issues of Voids.
Tempest on the other hand now is better on fighting Spore-fields.
Main issue with Void/Tempest (Supply inflation) unchanged.
I would exchange anytime the last speed-buff of Void with togather with the future one for…having Void 3 Supply.
Only sky-units where Speed makes a real difference are Phoenixes and Observers.
Deathball units are better-off with the same speed 2.62.

The Voidray changes are actually pretty significant imo as now it is much easier to rush out reactionary ones to hold certain pushes, making Stargate opening a lot more desirable.
The speed boost also makes them very respectable harassment units since they are now only 50 minerals more expensive than Oracles and do not run out of energy.

Definitely looking forward to more openers especially in PvZ other than Adept glaives.

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It may be somewhat scornful to put the BSG leagues aside, but I wasn’t even thinking at them.

No, what I was thinking at was at the strength of proxy SG with batteries, since a voidray speedbuff would directly affect their behavior against vikings (and also cyclones) in that situation. Last time I saw that it was on a GM stream, but we do have some of those in plat/diam as well. :slight_smile:

The tempest ability to clean spore fields is indeed the possible motivation of the devs behind that change, that’s a good point.

For my part, I don’t like the speed buff, but as the situation where it mainly matters at high level is skytoss MS carriersVR vs corruptors, I can’t help at thinking at the speed/acceleration buff the corruptors had in 3.01. I always felt it was unnecessary. Maybe some middle ground could be found regarding it.


So another patch buffing zerg and protoss and nothing which would address Terran.

TvP: Terran is still behind in economy from start, after Protoss holding your 2 base all in, he gets far ahead and can just walk across map and kill you, or trade constantly and win the game, before lib/ghost…

TvZ: banes are still overpowered, Terran can do damage in early game, but mid game and late game is still Zerg favored. This matchup is pretty tough!


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You do realize they’re nerfing baneling damage even more,right? From 18(+17 vs light) to 15(+20 vs light)
So idk what imaginary buff u talking about but there’s none


Zerg was nerfed, not buffed.