LOTV - 'Warp Incomplete' Achievement

Not sure if others are having problems with this achievement:

Do not allow Warp Prisms to warp in any units in “The Infinite Cycle” mission on Normal difficulty.

I have run it many times and prevented all warp prisms from completing their warps. So far I have come across the following:

< Phase 1 >
During the defensive portion at the end, there are 2 sets of warps (not sure if it’s via pylon or warp prism but I took no chances). So first set are warp in zealots, second set are warp in colossus. There were the initial set of zealots (which you are already engaged in) and also stalkers which blinked in from the right. However, I’m not sure if the 2nd set of stalkers were warped or blinked in from the right (I’m leaning more towards blink).

< Phase 2 >
This one is abit of a headache because there are 4 quick waves of prisms (1 to the left of the beam; 2 above it; and 1 below it). After which, while passing through, you should encounter 2 more prisms where the protoss is fighting against the constructs but they don’t warp anything. At the end of the phase during the defensive portion, there are a 2 warp prisms that fly in but I didn’t see them warp anything (I’m assuming I’m too fast for it).

That should be pretty much it.

If anyone know of any other warps, please share as well. It’s getting a tad bit frustrating.

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Hiya, thank you for your post. There are actually 3 sets of warp-ins in the 1st wave and I strongly believe they count towards this achievement since I missed the Colossus warp in the first time around. I use the spawn-baneling to mop the first set of zealots, Artanis’ charge for the second set of zealots, and a mix of banelings and charge for the colossus.

For phase 2: I counted 2 initial, then another 2 after. Then in the room to the right there are 2 prisms… but they don’t seem to even attempt to warp-in… then in the last room there are another 2 initial and another 2 after.

In phase 3: there is 1 prism and it doesn’t seem to warp anything in, but it makes a warp-sound when it transitions to fly mode and who knows if it goes off-screen to warp-in stuff so I recommend focusing on that prior to the mobs.

I ended up getting the achievement, so it is possible, you must just be missing a warp-cycle somewhere or possibly they are finishing just as they die. Good luck!

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Guide on how to get the achievement can be found here.

I got mine after 1 hour attempting and finally got it. 1 PHASE is the pain. during the defensive time at the entrance 3 sets of enemy, 2 sets zealot and 1 set colossols. need several tries to remember their wrapping timing so you can keep baneling there. Save and load is always your good friend. But I still believe this is a bug. the 10 anniversary achievement supposed to be easy in most of the cases.

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Managed to complete all the other LoTV ones, and enjoyed almost all of them.

This one however I am really struggling with.
Cant even get past the first phase.
Seems even on normal speed I just cant keep kerrigan / banes and Artanis close enough to the warp point and then focus fired on the warping in zealots.

I did just carry on to see what the next phase is like, and the 4x warp prisms is challenging.
I manage to mind blast the first.
Then drop banes for the 2nd, but by the 3rd & 4th I cant keep up with getting them all so at least 1 unit fully warps.

Is it better to target the prisms themselves or focus on the units?

for the defense phase you should use hold position at the entrance and focus down the zealots when they spawn (and spawn banelings, after the 2nd zealot wave you can focus on other units again as long as you spawn banes at the entrance before the collossus start warping in they should instantly die).

As for the 4 prisms, focus on the prisms. Use Artanis and Kerrigan to right click down the first one, kinetic blast the 2nd one, Kerrigan can solokill the third one and then help Artanis with the 4th one

I am not sure I have the APM for this :expressionless:

I try keep Kerrigan and Artanis by the entrance, and as soon as the 2nd set start warping in I try as fast as I can to hit Q for Kerrigan to blast 1, then right click the next to attack then hit tab to switch to Artanis and Q on the 3rd.
At least 1 always manage to complete warp. :frowning:

Anybody have a reply or YouTube video?
Not sure my fingers can move fast enough to get all these!

Thanks for pointers thus far.

For the first part just use the banes. Hold position will get the first wave and the lower two zealots of the second, kinetic blast the third. Then, by the time the colossi come, you’ll have a fresh wave of banes to hold position on their spawn point. Nuke’s method above is also an easy way to deal with the 4 prisms.

So you’re saying the enemies that instantly warp in without a warp prism are breaking the achievement?
Edit: I did a second run and got it somehow, despite doing the same things I did the first time.

Fixed in 5.0.2 (today´s Patch)

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