StarCraft II 5.0.2 Patch Notes

They’re buffing the most cost effective PvT unit in 3 different ways and you’re still not satisfied. Pfft sense of entitlement much?


Overall good changes for Tempest / Carriers / Voidrays, however whoever thought banes needed another nerf needs to stop this…
PvZ seems to be pretty balanced right now with queen nerfs, especially considering it opened up harassing capabilities.

Late game PvZ actually feels like it’s protoss favored in my honest opinion (GM toss player on EU), if you didn’t lose a ton of probes to banes you are on equal footing if not far ahead with feedback’s new range buff. Zerg just cannot abduct or blinding cloud if you can press feedback. Broods on the other hand are still easily countered in my opinion

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Bruh, read before raging.


Yeah and they are buffing it against light. Besides baneling damage was never problem in TvZ. What is problem banes have extra 500-1000hp! There is no difference if they nerf damage vs armored, you target marines with banes anyway…

Its buffed also. They increased light damage of the Baneling by 3. Terran bio is screwed. I dont see a need in buffing Baneling light damage as Banes are already trading well vs bio. Supply cost is pretty low as well. Not to mention Zerg pretty much dominates Terran already in tournaments. I dont get this decision at all.

On the upside, mech will be strong. Nothing lamer than a flood of Banes wiping out 100 supply of archons or Thors. The armored damage needed to come down.

LMAO the sc2 balance is 100 % clueless

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Y’all are both frittata. They shifted damage from base damage to bonus light damage. It’s literally the same amount damage against Marines but less damage to mech, marauders, stalkers, etc. - OldWhovian


Guys, 18+17 = 15+20 = 35, which was the damage the banes has always done against light. Only the non light units are affected by this nerf. :mag:


I may not understand how the numbers work. All good either way.

You get banned on your main account?

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Yep and previous change, which nerfed damage did absolutely nothing as it literally doesn’t matter. Problem is banes get free combat shields and that’s extra 500-1000 hp in zerg army, which previously didn’t existed. After they nerfed dmg against light, it did literally nothing! Because it doesn’t matter. This was aimed more at PvZ, but it doesn’t do litrally anything in TvZ. Banes are still op! They have free combat shields and same damage against light now, yet bane upgrade research faster NOW!!!

The bane change is strictly a nerf, and the toss units adjustments, while are buffs, are only affecting units that see almost no play, which is good, as long as they become good units that are competitive with currently popular strategy. I have no issue with them nerfing toss if Void Rays end up being over the top. I am VERY skeptical it will, with that said. It just makes Stargate openers a lot more appealing in PvZ since you can actually make a lot of reactionary void rays against Roach Ravager timings now, which unless you sit in Bile, they can do absolutely nothing about, which will diversify the matchup.

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Wow blizzard completely ignoring the TCF finally. Glad they’re finally going to do something about the VR and Tempest, two of the worst units in the game. Good job Blizz!


Free combat shields? As in centrifugal hooks are free? I didn’t notice that …
and 500-1000 HP? I see +5 … does average Zerg army consist of 100-200 banelings?


LOL, a half-blind guy that the doctor tries to cure with improving his hearing is not going to be much thankful.
You don’t improve much a Ferrari if you turn the car in an armored one.
Main issues of Void/Tempests were not touched.
Still i am impressed that this is the first Patch in Years where the Protoss race was not nerffed.
I guess the Carrier is a nerff but not a big deal (Now AA army instead of targeting Interceptors will straight kill the Carrier itself - quite contrary of how AA-AI has worked those last 20 Years).

No it wont target the carrier it will act like it does against any other neuraled unit.

I’m pretty happy with Void as a niche unit with this change. It’s probably going to cause some havoc in the lower leagues though, lol

Skytoss might be better now that you can make more reactionary Void Rays to reactionary Corruptors too, so you don’t need to be massively ahead to go Skytoss.

Outside of really gimmicky stuff like proxy battery fortress Tempest rushes, I don’t really see any of these changes affect PvT though, which is good.

That change was even aimed exclusively at PvZ in fact, thinking at the interaction of massive banelings amounts against stalkers archons (with sentries HTs zealots just behind those). And as a matter of fact PvZ indeed went near or even slightly above 50% in June or July, which was a first since a long time. :mag:

I do agree though that the baneling 5HP buff that came with speedbane in Lotv was questionable, but if you take in account the greater strength of tanks (whose damage vs banes increased to 40 in lotv), and the fact that until recently TvZ wasn’t that far from 50% ; nerfing their damage against non light seems a reasonable alternative. Either way, its either that damage nerf or the HP nerf, you can’t go for both.


I am confused here, a Neuraled unit is a temporarily Mind-Controled one. What will be different now, protoss army won’t attack Carrier if Neuraled? If true than it is a big nerff for Zerg (and buff for Protoss).
Another thing. Considering how Nova behaves when killing Tanks in Siege-Mode one is to conclude that Sieged-Tanks are not Units but Structures.
Will the Tempest Upgrade be applied to Sieged-Tanks?
Just asking.
A fix to that would be to remove the structure-tag to Sieged-Tank.

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wait, Sieged tanks are considered structure? lmao