Show prestige choice on the loading scene

I’m not sure having this feature is useful. The in-game implementation (like M’s custom maps) make sense since you can use it with random queue.

If you are in the loading screen and want to see your partner’s prestige choice, then why not just type and ask? Otherwise, if you are random matchmaking with strangers, this feature would serve no purpose.

I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something.

As mentioned not useful because of in game info.

What would be good is the ability to change Prestige (and Mastery?) in the loading screen (once you know your map/mutations if Brutal+/commander if random commander)


It’s more like a aesthetic purposes it’s not terribly necessary but it’s good to have.
It’s like at the start of a game in League of Legend, you get to peek at other opponent’s summoner spell in the loading screen (For SC2, this is relatively unnecessary).

Actually it would be also nice if you can see enemy composition in loading screen (that you can survey with mouse).

If the developers can implement them some of us will be obliged.

There are problems however, mostly server issues to connect others with other. There could be an option to let you choose your mastery when your loading screen is finished but some people will dislike them because they already chose their mastery/prestige and won’t like obligatory mastery/prestige choose options right before the mission starts.

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Blizzard is very much enamored with their sit-and-stare loading screens. I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. Really wish they would experiment with alternatives, but I’m guessing it’s baked into their engines.


And apparently I’m not alone.


2010 Engine is hard to modify, To be honest them giving this much attention even in 2020 is noteworthy.

Or they are afraid they might cause a bug or even a crash if they implement them.
Prestige patch caused some bugs, so same may happen.

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I didn’t realize you could see it in game, it’s not as important for me then, as it was when I made my original post.

It’s cause personally I don’t like having it in game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Very much a nitpick, if they let me right-click dismiss it like in the campaign that’d be just as good a “fix” but it’s in no way a deal breaker as is.

Those faces, just staring at me… Judging me in absolutely no way…


I think you mean judging you in absolutely every way.

Not an awful idea, being able to click to dismiss the little icons on the right.

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The therapist in my head tells me their comments are merely words of encouragement.

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I suggested the same, but also want Masteries displayed on the loading screen. (That’s before I played on PTR and I wasn’t aware Prestige is shown at the bottom-right in-game.) I suppose in-game is okay but show masteries somewhere and not require a replay analysis script to see it.

Ideally, you’d be able to choose your Mastery (like on MM maps) and your Prestige after the mission loads, and you know what mutations you have. I guess we can’t do it after knowing the enemy comp since that requires getting attacked and hit by the enemy at least once - but that really does change things for some CO’s. (Raynor’s beefed up bio units and no mules seems pointless against mech; or against Immortal, Reaver, Disruptor, for example.)

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I was wondering about those. I guess in a typical Mutation game, you’ll have up to 6 boxes… 2 for each CO’s Prestige, up to 3 mutators, and 1 for enemy comp. However, with those in play, may as well put what level the players are on. I usually don’t care, as sometimes I end up figuring it out in-game, but it’s one of those “trivial, but fun things”.

Yeah, this would be the better option, for all icons. Even enemy composition and mutators, if you already know what they are. The clunky HUD takes up so much screen space as it is, and Blizzard refuses to let me enjoy my ultrawide monitor in non-competitive play. :frowning:

Competetive or not doesn’t matter in every discussion, it’s all in the one’s head. Sure such alot of space taken by icons is a problem, and to addition it burdens video-card with unnecessary operations of drawing these boxes each frame which is not very good too.

No. That’s trivial GPU usage, compared to rendering even a single worker. These are 2-d boxes with no effects, apart from a hover, which every unit has for its info box.

Boxes are not trivial, they are drawed after all things were made, and highly possible that they aren’t drawn with using optimized methods. Ofc I can’t state to know that for sure.

The entire graphics engine needs to be optimized.

Comparing the overhead of static icons on an outdated engine is a bit like saying don’t eat before getting in an old car, coz the extra weight of the food will slow down the car. It’s not “nothing” but it’s not a comparable issue to fix/avoid.

What? I mentioned competitive in regards to ultrawide resolution, not the HUD.

I don’t think it’s outdated. Most of the new games with “not-outdated” engines don’t provide really better picture to resource usage ratio, because they are non-optimized too. And probably in worse ways. I saw how these overlays (boxes and all) make more weight than it seemed on other engines, maybe sc2 engine is not the case ofc.

Totally agree. Competetive is not the point here.

I like the idea of it being in the loading screen if it means we get less terrible art for the commander portraits. Those load in visuals are awful.