SC2 won't start


Did that before. No help. Did it again. No help. I get stuck at log in with the spiny thing. You can attempt log in at three places, same problem at all three. I can enter the username and password, but enter does nothing and no buttons appear. On rare occasions the buttons will appear but don’t work. Can’t log in. Can’t play offline. Can play in the Admin account. Before this all stopped working I was playing daily with no issues, now I can’t even play offline.


Have tried all of those above, still can’t play this game (since patch 4.10.1).
Other games works just fine.


you should post your dxdiag. that will allow people to look at your hardware.


The reset fixed the problem.

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After an unhelpful uninstall reinstall cycle I found the problem. I use Process Lasso to keep run away processes from swamping my CPU. Battlenet, Agent.exe and SCII were set to allow only a single instance. Apparently Battlenet now wants to run three instances at a time to allow one to log in. Self inflicted wound.

Auto login, if enabled, works when you limit battlenet to a single instance. Manual login does not. I broke the system when I disabled my auto login.

I now auto login and have set things back to allowing only a single instance. Things seem to be running fine. Starcraft II is busy reinstalling and is playable. I authenticate fine now and game play is stable. Don’t worry, I’ll remove the instance limit, just had it on for testing.

Why you require multiple instances of battlenet to do a manual login is a design choice you are allowed to make, but more likely there was no design reason for doing so. Its not a bug, but it does give you one more thing to look for when the next guy does this to himself.

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