Re-leveling 54 times MUST go

By my estimate of averages of 18 games per leveling @ 17.5 minutes per game, this comes to about 280 hours of legit grinding. Not 280 hours of content - 280 hours spent to access all the content (edit: this is on Brutal; lower difficulties could make it even longer. it’s also using current holiday bonus, and will also be longer when that stops).

This is past the fact that commanders themselves level once for much more content value than any of their specs alone.

At LEAST, players need to be able to pick which spec is unlocked so as to skip specs they’re not currently interested in on the way to ones they are. They should not have to be forced to experience them (or to play standard to avoid them). Players can gain an interest later by talking about or seeing them.

Of these 54 specs, there are currently 14 I’d definitely like to play to some extent. Even if I could go directly to each and do only them, it’d already take about 75 hours of grinding. But with this linear order of unlocking where most of them are 2nd or 3rd in line, those 14 specs cover 26 resets, which brings the grinding time up to ~135 hours.

Blizz, please change something. I’m likely to spend as much time getting this content as I am actually enjoying it. This is borked.


It’s enough content for next 5-10 years, so don’t rush it…


Yeah u should be able to pick which prestige without having to level sequentially. And ur base commanders should not get reset to 1 when u activate prestige because u already done the work.

However u don’t have to level all 54 times, just pick the ones that u like. Sounds like u did VT almost every time, that is really boring.

Wait for a month or so, let’s see what Blizzard will change, I’m sure they check forums. In the meantime enjoy those prestige’s u leveled.


I really think it’s not. But sure, I won’t rush it…because frankly, I’m only gonna do a few. More is just not worth it if it’s like this.


yeah picking prestige would be so much better than doing it in order.
ofc it would also be better if the prestige would just lvl with XP like a warchest u choose a prestige to unlock and lvl but still can play with your lvl 15commander (or lvl 15prestige) while passiv gaining xp [would only get xp for prestige not for ascenstion while u choose to lvl a prestige] .

xp could also be adjusted to need more as with higher lvl commanders u can do stuff faster and easier but than again it still takes long time so might not be needed


If I want to play 3rd prestige, then I should play 60 games to get 3 milion experience. With that amount of grinding, will I still want to play games with the same commander? I’ll be exhausted and sick of playing the commander. To get new contents, I must grind and lose interest about playing the game anymore. What a wonderful design.


What is sad about it, i logged plenty of times. Thought to do something with the prestiges, but finally i do not even want to play the game untill they fix this grind. If i do see Zagaras 2nd and 3rd prestige i can see that the 4th one is the one I would want to use. But there is not even a little chance of me trying to level up zagara 2 times just to get into prestige 4 and level her again. I do not know, who even considered to add this thing into the game. So im here, without fun from the only game that i was really playing for very long time.


I guess players that haven’t got commander lvl90+ yet will most likely choose not to go prestige and go ascension level after lvl15. Most of prestige should be completely reviewed and are currently absolutely crap right now.

For certain prestige, min/maxing value will not be enough, prestige are suposed to change our habbit of playing, but what if the prestige isn’t as strong as the default commander.


I think dev will look at some feedback in forums and game plays. Maybe they will make few tweaks here and there.

I will love this.
Not being able to use few critical items (swan multi SC2, instant wrap in for Karax etc) for multiple games kinda sucks.

Remember back when ascension was released, Blizzard decided to not award past coop matches XP retroactively? Some player’s coop contribution would award him/her ascension lv 1000 instantly if XP was rewarded retroactively. This is pretty much the same concept here.

For me, being forced to start from lv1 to lv15 certainly reminds me some of those upgrades down the line that I took for granted while casually going up ascension, such as cheaper ravagers. It is certainly a nice challenge to play missions without those critical upgrades, but I can see why people do not like grinding again.

Another thing I want to mention here is quite a few people want Blizzard to implement a level-reset sort of system where players willing to take a challenge will reset their commander level to 1 or 2 or whatever level, and play brutation that way.

So, it’s mostly going to be a balance between casual players and hardcore SC2 players (Master/GM etc). I would like to see how Blizzard go with this prestige system in the future, but for now, I doubt they will change it very quickly.


I recommend leveling more than one commander in this case. That way you don’t get burned out on just the one. I’m currently doing Dehaka and Kerrigan. I forgot how much stronger Dehaka is, particularly at low levels.


Amen to that.

Id love to try some of the prestige talents, like Nova & Kerrigans P3s.

However I dont want to commit that much time to playing them at low-level mostly, just get a chance to TRY the prestige.

Like you said, after all the leveling, Im probably bored to death of the CO at least, and probably SC2 as well.

I love that they came up with these, and really think its a cool idea to inject new life into co-op.
However gating that content behind such a grind is a shame.
I have a few friends who use to play SC2, and would probably love to come back and play a few games with me using these, but not if they need to grind just to try!

Personally, even re-doing each CO to 15 once would be unlikely.
Id probably do 3 or 4. But that’s ok.

If they are insistent on making you re-level 3 times, perhaps they could have an XP multiplier?
On first prestige its 2x XP, on second its 3x and on the last its 4x


Blizzard could change that on the next patch, but who knows how much time it will take. And by that time, you could just play and legit get some P3 commander.

Players could complain less if most of prestige were good and usable while leveling, the reality is not like that.

The holliday exp event is on, btw i’m earning on hard void trasher 44k and 55k on brutal. Imagine doing prestige 3 commander w/o the +11k exp per game monkaS

While I think re-leveling for each prestige is okay, I agree on being able to choose the prestige you want, and leave the 54-levelings to the completionists.

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Every time I see these kind of post, I always wonder the same thing:

“What did you expect them to do?”

In order to allow reset then to choice selection of prestige, all prestige would have to be unique enough or balanced enough. Anyone who has read (or PTR tested) over them can tell that prestige is currently neither.

So as new content, would you have done anything different? Allow 1 reset, pick any, then let most players never touch the crappy choices ever again? All that work is for nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong, it should be balanced. It should be unique. And it should allow choices (and other suggested ideas are all very good). Given their history of years of balance patches, guess I’m just a realist. It just won’t happen. My guess is it’ll take them years to “balance” (and I use that term very loosely here) the prestige choices.

And it is because that it won’t happen (based on their usual behavior and approach), it is important to include a viable solution. Anyone can come on here and say “I don’t like x, change it”. It’s the how that will convince everyone, and more importantly the devs. Meanwhile, it’s just the good old the grinder.

Yes, and when I suddenly want to play M90 commander or meet a mutation which can be easily cleared by a commander who I already reset level… I’ll be really happy.

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I’m OK with it.

My only request is to be able to choose your prestige

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After playing a hundred games with the same prestige I guarantee that I will want to try a different one. So sooner or later most prestiges will be unlocked by most people.

However today I feel like playing mech and want to unlock mech prestige, not bio. A month later I will want to play bio and can unlock that. A choice of prestige will fix this.


FearrWhalins, are you trolling? Almost every part of your comment is off.

As stated, I’d expect them to not gate content behind more grinding time than it’s worth.

This has no basis and makes no sense. What the prestiges are has nothing to do with letting the unlock be player’s-choice. Balance and concept is a discussion for another post.

If you’re saying I haven’t read or tested then, uh, anyone who’s read or tested can tell I have.

I did suggest something.