Re-leveling 54 times MUST go

i would love if they made the grind less grindy but the way you put it is so pessimistic. Altho im still gonna grind all 18 commanders all 3 prestiges

Whatever. Any change will make prestige system better.

Huh, so we should suffer from lack of choice as prestiges are poorly balanced? Why don’t you say, we should level up all commanders before Mengsk to play Mengsk?

Why not? Dev shouldn’t impute result of their incompetency to players. There is no logic which can justify that kind of irresponsibility.

Now I fully understand that why you have acted like this. You just don’t read posts of other people carefully.


As a developer my simple answer would be:
“What am I supposed to give you when you want loads of new stuff and there’s only a small amount of dev available?”

Why can’t we just be more positive and constructive?


“pro gamer reply”: bug of

Not at all.

It’s simple but seems like you are like other sensitive soul out there.

Your suggestion was just asking devs to not gate the new content behind tedious grind. That’s not an actual suggestion, that’s your preferred result.

Bliz has always made barriers in coop to make players grind:

  • When Mastery was introduced
  • When Ascension was introduced
  • And now again when Prestige is introduced

I was just bringing you (and people like you) to this simple and obvious approach Bliz does things. Do what you wish with that. I’m tired of all these misinterpretations.

To leave you with one final truth of life lol. Your feelings and your logic isn’t everyone else’s and certainly not the devs. And that’s why you gotta really present a solid way to both “utility all prestige” and “allow choice”. Otherwise, you’ve basically said nothing and nothing will change from it.


In English?

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Why is a grind a bad thing? In 6-12 months when we haven’t heard from the Devs at all, we will be happy that we still have content and things to unlock. Everyone wants everything right now. Just enjoy yourself and if unlocking the content takes a while, enjoy it.

We have all the time in the world to unlock prestiges until the next update (if there is one), which will probably in 6-12.


As a player, I want to say, “Why should you take what we already have to increase gameplay hour?”

They can allow us to play with M90, at least.

No one is making you play with Prestige. Just play as usual and ignore prestige entirely.


if you want to you can do all of the prestiges for all of the commanders in around 40 days. but not everybody has all the time in the world. and realistcly if they wanted to play all of them it would take them years to unlock all of them that is for players who cant play for 10 h a day

What? Outrageous. I’m important, me, yes me.

So change it now cuz I don’t like it. Or else I’ll continue posting on here until you do.


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Because it force us to play with lamed commander and irrational preconditions to play presitige which we want.

Only after tons of grinding.

Huh, enjoy what can’t be enjoyed?


Why not ask your mom to explain why you can’t have everything your way.


Typical answer from those who are finally out of logic and manner. “Don’t do it if you don’t like it.”


Like y’all complainers realize that “I don’t have time” isn’t a valid reason right? Lawlz.

If everyone had all the time in the world, then we are all devs, gamers, doctors, inventors, politicians (ok maybe not that one).

Nobody has all the time in the world, some have more to focus on one thing and others have to use that time on other things in life. You know? Like work, kids, social life.

So if your life is so full of life, then that’s a great thing. But that doesn’t make you special, so stop demanding that a grind needs to change for the soul purpose to fit your schedule. Lol.


I haven’t had any time to play at all recently (4-5 hours total since the update dropped). I prestiged Dehaka twice and that is it. But you know what, I will have time to play in the future, and the content isn’t going anywhere. We were all begging, literally begging, blizzard for anything to do that was new before the prestige. Now that we got it, people want to complain about it that it wasn’t what they wanted. But it’s not like there is a time gate on prestiging. Unlock the commander’s prestiges that you want to unlock, if it takes years, I don’t see that as a bad thing. Blizzard isn’t going to support coop forever, so we might as well enjoy the new content they give us, and I consider it a good thing that might take some time because we could just as easily have nothing and be bored out of our minds with the game.


Why don’t you ask your mom why people don’t agree with your opinion in every subject?

Didn’t your mom teach you how to talk with others?


Because after being starved for new content for far too long Blizzard is asking us to grind the very same old content for hundred of hours? Because it’s artificial and people want their time to be treated with respect? Because playing commanders with no talents and masteries unlocked for hundreds of hours is simply boring? Because other, less grindy, games exist?


if you had 5h of total play time how did you prestige dehaka twice it takes like 4 h to get to lvl 15 with doing void thrashing on brutal in under 15 min

I see at least one of you is running this act on every post where anybody wants anything changed. 100% trolling.