Making Releveling More Fun

Relevelling can be annoying because you lack a bunch of tools you would otherwise have. So some thoughts about how to make it more fun

  1. Choose which Prestige you get
    (if you are going to Relevel, at least get to do it with a Prestige you like as an option)
    … requires some changing the system but not too much

  2. Make sure the Prestige is Actually available… some Prestiges get all of their benefit available for Lvl 1 commander (Raynor 1) some get no benefit from Lvl 1 commander (Kerrigan 1) some are inbetween (Zagara 1)

All Prestiges should have some of their value available to the Lvl 1 commander … so changes

Prestige 2: Afterburners available at Lvl1

Prestige 1: Malignant Creep available at Lvl1.
Prestige 2: Fury available at Lvl1.

Prestige 1: Make sure Zerglings actually get 1 more per egg at Lvl 1

Prestige 1: Emergency Recall from Lvl 1.
Prestige 2: Centurion's and Stun upgrade available from Level 1
Prestige 3: Time Stop available from Lvl 1 

Prestige 3: Ultimate Evolutions available at Lvl 1

Prestige 2: Empower Me available at Lvl 1
Prestige 3: The Death Fleet available at Lvl 1

Prestige 2: Tactical Airlift available at Lvl 1

Prestige 2: Purifier Conclave, Talis, Kaldalis, and Tactical Data Web available from Lvl 1 
Prestige 3: Purifier Conclave, Talis, Kaldalis, and Avenging Protocol available from Lvl 1 

Han & Horner:
Prestige 3: Bombing Platforms available at Lvl 1

Prestige 3: The Odin available at Lvl 1.

Arcturus Mengsk:
Prestige 1: Contaminated Strike and Earthsplitters available on Lvl 1 
  1. Allow Masteries to get used while Releveling (ie 1-15 if you have at least 1 Prestige Level)

Have to agree that prestige ability should be available from level 1. I’m leveling Kerrigan, level 7 now and never used Malignant Creep which I unlocked with prestige because it wasn’t available till now.


This is excellent feedback, and pretty much the exact suggestions I would make for improving the prestige system from the way it was rolled out!

Being able to choose which prestige you’re resetting for is a lot of peoples number one suggestion. I think choosing re-leveling as the way to earn prestige to unlock new playstyles is a fairly fun idea in general, but I don’t want to have to do 45 levels of grinding to get to a level 3 prestige if I really wasn’t interested in Prestige 1 and Prestige 2.

Also, being able to experience the effects of the new Prestige from level 1 would be a big improvement for the one’s that aren’t already that way. Otherwise you’re stuck just playing early weak levels the exact same way you already played when leveling up the first time, which is pretty boring.

Having Masteries unlocked while releveling for a Prestige would also make the grind feel a lot more fun, since that’s something you’ve already unlocked the first time you played to level 15 and it would let players customize in a way that complements the Prestige they chose.


We should consolidate all these ideas into a single thread and do a straw poll or something to see what the most popular ideas are. I might make one soon.I thought of a rather simplistic solution that seems easy to achieve for the coop devs.

Why even have it be linear? Why not choose what your first prestige is? What if you could decide what P1 was, and then the next tier puts you at level 5, then the next at level 10? That way, you can decide which prestiges are the weakest/most boring to level and save those for the third unlock so you only have to grind out 5 levels and unlock the strongest ones first, that can carry their weight better out of the box.

There are several topics with good suggestions, including this one - Re-leveling 54 times MUST go :

  1. Doing them in any order is the most frequent suggestion, and is suggested in other threads.

  2. Re-leveling with your CO having all your lvl 1-15 abilities
    2.2. or the one’s specific to your Prestige

  3. Re-leveling with Masteries.

  4. Combining 2 & 3

    • which is the same as “get 1,045,000 XP with that CO”.
  5. Provide a notable Prestiging XP boost, unrelated to the warchest boost

    • like 50%, 100%, 150% for each subsequent re-leveling
  6. Re-level from lvl 5
    6.2. Re-level from lvl 1 the first time, then lvl 5, then lvl 10

    • But that still needs 890,000 XP for the 2nd run and 550,000 XP for your 3rd run.

Other suggestions:

i. Allow veterans to re-level whenever they want, un-associated with Prestige.
ii. Add achievements for re-leveling


ad 5.
Prestige XP boost would be nice, but at the same time I would remove or reduce the bonus from playing brutal difficulty, compared to hard.

Considering the increase the in game-speed of Hard to match with Brutal, I’d say increase the bonus on Hard from 50% to 75%. That will lower the incentive for players to grind Brutal instead of Hard.

At the same time, 20% on Normal will seem meh. And frankly is. (I think I started co-op after the increase in speed of Hard, so I don’t know how hard Hard was before that. When matched with a Player on Normal, Hard feels much easier at the lower speed.)

If Brutal+ wasn’t so broken wrt mutator interactions, more people would be playing B+ and be less concerned with what’s happening on Hard and Brutal.

You should get the bonus EXP for B+ when you choose a certain amount of mutators in custom. Yeah, people could cheese it, but at this point, who cares? Just make them have to select a minimum of 4 or more, so even if they pick easy ones, it’s still a lot to deal with.

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Yes, pls. It’s like we’re being encouraged not to use the features built in to the game.

On one hand, you don’t get bonus exp for doing something(s) hard - like running the weekly mutation multiple times1 (they know what B+ level it equates to); or choosing mutators which correspond to a certain B+ level.

And then there’s this lovely re-leveling we’re doing for Prestiges on CO’s.

1 I’m not talking about the one-time mutation bonus - that can remain the way it is, as a one-time bonus. I’m referring to its B+ difficulty level which is known/calculate-able which only gives the ‘Brutal’ difficulty bonuses on repeated runs.

I thought that was a bug. Yikes, Blizzard.