Offline game doesn't work after new patch

Everytime I create a custom game offline, it just says I won as soon as I get into the game. this has been an issue for two patches now.

Duplicate of Can no longer play offline games. I suggest we take discussion there to make it easier for everyone to find information. Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s best to post about this in the Bug Report forum since Technical Support isn’t involved in working with/fixing bugs.

There’s a main thread over there that you can add yourselves to if you like.

Closing this thread as a duplicate! We’ll provide updates when available on the thread that Hazaroc mentioned. Ultimately, Leviathan is correct. This will want be referred to #bug-report for the appropriate team to address. since it is something the developers would need to fix and the technical support forums are managed by the technical support team who only assist with issues that can be resolved through troubleshooting.