OFFLINE vs. AI broken after patch 5.0

After patch 5.0 the “Create offline game” menu from the melee section in custom games creates a game that leads to an instant win.

The AI does not spawn on the map and the race that I selected is not chose properly. I select Terran and I’m spawned in a random race.

Online lobby seems to be working properly.

I’m worried this is intentional to push the “always online” crapware model and decimation of offline support that Blizzard is known for. :frowning:


I’m wondering if deleting game cache will work? Because the version changes so big just like a new game, but the old game cache still exists and then causes something crush?

Thanks, but I have already tried that. It was the first thing I tried actually, no success. Even after cache delete, the AI just doesn’t spawn in OFFLINE custom games.

If I load an old saved custom game, it works fine even offline, but it somehow loads a previous version of the game if I load an old save.

It’s something related to the latest version which clearly wasn’t tested, because offline play is a nuissance to them now I suppose and offline players are second hand players.

They push “always online” crap in all of their games.

This is why I didn’t ever purchase Diablo III (even though I was tempeted to), this is why I won’t even be touching Diablo IV. Not even if I get it for free.

They managed to trick me into believing that Modern Warfare (2019) had offline support and I bought it, but it was only for the console version, not for us PC crooks and pirates (I suppose all PC users who play offline are crooks and pirates). Yes I’m a bit upset because I used to be a fan, I’m older and I grew up with their classic games only to have everything ruined by their “online only” first crapware policy.


I have the same problem.
Only the normal skins are shown.


I am with you on this one. That’s too glaring of an issue to honestly claim dev didn’t notice it before the patch was released. It’ll get fixed, but only after we’re forced to play online only for a while…


i agree mine does not work been trying for 3 days patched really buggered it up.
bliz fix it!!


I am spawning as the wrong race AND the victory screen appears directly after the start count-down after the latest patch. Definitely broken.


The same here. It worked fine the other day, but patch 5.0 ended the fun. After the new 3-2-1 countdown, I immediately get a Victory notification. The AI player does not load. So frustrating.


Same here, so incredibly frustrating.

  1. The AI opponent does not enter the game and the game is won right after the countdown finishes.

  2. the player is spawn the wrong race


So disapointed of this 5.0 patch, same problem with everyone has here as the AI never spawn !!!


same insidious problem!!! Blizzard did it on purpose for sure - No doubt in my mind. I’ll not be playing this game until it’s fixed…

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Got the same problem. After patch I wasn’t able to play. their new flashy (and useless) countdown and then instant victory. Hope they patch it soon. This is the only reason I keep playing.

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My Blizzard friend told me that they have a bot that actually tracks the last 100 played rankes 1:1 games gametimer. If 50% of that games are short games your account will get marked as a cheeser account. They blocked serveral functions on these accounts especially for low skill terrans as they will get marked instantly. He told me the only way to solve this problem is to delete your account.

Ditto. How can you miss something that obvious in testing?

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Bringing this and similar topics to the top of the queue. To “patch” a game until it is broken is unconscionable. Releasing some “10 Year Anniversary” patch that breaks the game for a mid-sized player community is quite unfortunate.

Same issue. I had no problem playing offline mode until the latest patch.


I’m really tired of their “Always online” policy. It’s a 10 year game FFS (ok, Legacy of the Void was released back in Autumn of 2015, so 5 years since the last large expansion), why can’t we also get decent OFFLINE support in this game ?
Seriously why must we constantly have online only DRM shoved down our throats ?

As I’ve said, I’ve largely stopped buying their games. Not because they don’t look interesting but because I hate the idea of being constantly tethered to their servers to have a functional product. It’s a glorified rental model, none of the games we buy from Activision are really part of our collections, they’re just perpetually rented.

“Always online” without a functional offline mode is crap, and will forever be crap.


Same problem with me…hope can fix it as soon as possible


Anyone see anything new? Still busted on my end.

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same here. a lot of blizzard games broke after the latest patch

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