My ideas for the replays files

The next ideas are for to include to details of replays that surely will help to remember more easily the played games :

  • A colored symbol representative of each race for to indicate the initial place of players in the mini-map.
  • An indication if it was random race selected.
  • A record if it was Ranked or Unranked.
  • A mark for winners.
  • An indication of who surrendered.

What do you think?


Man those are really reasonable requests that would be really easy to put in for blizzard but they just dont care anymore.


The game is 12 years old and pretty dead. I’m surprised we got a patch at all. Only cause microsoft bought them did we even get that.


To ask doesn’t kill, to give is what pauperize!

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I believe that its possible if we were many asking these sugestions by doing this post very visited and commented!

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We are still millions of players !

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If they see many asking for these ideas they may be consider to implement them.

Games out of development, nothing is going to change going forward. Its like asking for changes to blackthorne or RnR racer.

Theres a huge community list of bugs in coop… huge. It was passed to blizzard and the person replied that they would pass it on internally but he didnt really think anything will be done.

Theres also some server connection probs that are getting more frequent, but because they can be fixed with a close and reopen, thats the official workaround… as in, they’re not getting fixed.

If they arent willing to fix issues, they for sure arent going to put anything new in.

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The StarCraft II 5.0.11 PTR Patch gives me a hope for future patches so I will reforce this petitions.

I am kinda surprised that they don’t have what command conquer tieberian 3 had. They had upload for community replays.

But we be glad that EA didn’t own this game they would canceled a year later.

I doubt star craft 3 will ever come because Microsoft and if did it be made for console

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What bout having real-time scrubbing for the replays rather than loading it into memory via a bittorrent client?

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I understood that the replays files will be saved in the server, is that what u mean?

With the last 5.0.11 patch, will you still say that this is a game out of development?

The game is out of development 4 years now. The co-op patch was done by a single fan. The balance patch is not counted as development, therefor we got one in few years. But the changes itself were proposed and discussed by pro-players and streamers. I would highly doubt that anything would be done with replay function.

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Yes because the last several patches have been changes made by the community using the editor. Blizzard hasnt made any changes since the game went out of development.

So its like i initially said, which you obviously didn’t read.

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Its another way to go , but in that case it would be very heavy for Blizzards servers, dont u think?

Blizzard did say oficially this game is out of development?
But the fact that this forum, the servers, the patches, and the whole community of actual gamers and because this game was bought are footprints sying this game its alive!

Yes, they said it officialy

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Yes, officially. And everything you listed can be true of a game that is no longer being developed. Alive and in development don’t mean the same thing.

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Blizzard is not going to produce more for purchace content, thats different than additional features!