Help! Please expand the blocklist!

um, you could, you know, mute all conversations unless on freind list so that no one can message you unless you add them to the freind list. there is that…


Thanks for the reply, but read again, I use the blocklist not as a chat function, but as an avoid list - knowing who to avoid in arcade games. And my blocklist is full and I’m at the point where I have to decide who to take out and I have to remember who to avoid.

thats stupid as can be, what did you do make em all angry at your something.

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I made nobone angry, I just wanna avoid them.

Well neither of that is going to happen, so you’re either going to have to make your own list or suck it up 2022


Played the game since it came out, my ignore list is like 10 people long.

How the heck you people get in this much problems is beyond me.

Why do you want to avoid hundreds of players? Isnt Desert Strike balanced around wins/losses already?

Who do you play with when you have that many people on your avoid list?

“Why do you want to avoid hundreds of players? Isnt Desert Strike balanced around wins/losses already?” Unfortunately Arcade Games do not have a “balance system” - you play with whoever comes by. And with “whoever comes by” I wanna say the majority is not that good, for starters, then there are ALOT of trolls, and then you have the team griefers, and quite often you have people that just go afk. These are people I want to avoid to have a decent arcade game.

host the map yourself, then you can kick who you dont want to play, seriously stop being dumb about this, your making things too complicated.

Posts like this show why there should be mandatory reading comprehension tests before allowing people to post on public forums. It would stem an alarming amount of stupidity which I believe is the seed for a ‘justified toxicity’ that these automated/community-based moderation techniques are ill suited to just … IGNORE. You are BAD and YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD and EVERYONE should RIGHTEOUSLY LET YOU KNOW THAT.

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whats your problem dude

Your posts hurt to read, you attack other users and can’t keep quiet. No one cares about your opinions and you create hostility by calling people ‘dumb’ and ‘idiots’. You come off as a troll.

call em as i see em, i dont care if i hurt others feeling whatsoever, if you dont like what i have to say please leave the forums, since you already stated in a previous post, where you got called out over and over for being dumb by not just me but pretty much everyone, that you dont even play the game. If anyone is a troll its you buddy. You post all the most rediculous crap and are constanstly called out for your stupidity. So if i hurt anyones feelings in any kind of way, WOOPITY DOOO, I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU SOFT SKIN PANZYS WHAT SO EVER. TOUGHEN UP. IF WORDS TYPED ON A SCREEN HURT YOUR FEELINGS, DONT GET ON THE INTERENET, DUHH!!, its everywhere and your gonna see it all the time, so just stop your whining be a man. Wow this new generation is a bunch a soft skin, cry babys. No ones got any cohenas anymore.

It is not your right to speak down to other people on here, we are not talking to you, and we only want to discuss game topics with blizzard.

This is the forums, its a community to talk amongst ourselves, not to blizzard. And again i call’em as i see’em, If you post something dumb and you get called out for it, thats on you for posting the dumb thing in the first place. Again, if you do not like what you see online, please just stop going on the internet, cause its not for you.

Get on your blue account or stop posting.

leave the forums since you dont play, and wth is a blue account

No great shock that you’re arguing against a blocklist.

dude how in any way am i arguing against a block list. Did you read anything here at all? The guy is trying to avoid people. My first reply said to mute all conversations so no one can message the dude, that would solve all chatting problems, the dude has. He said it was not a chat problem, but that he was using the block list to avoid playing with people. that being said, thats not how the block list works, its only for chat, if he is trying not to play with certain people, he needs to host the map then kick off the people he doesnt want to play with him. The blocklist isnt gonna help in anyway with what he is trying to acheive because it does not block people from the games themselves, and if hes trying to hide, the block list dont do that either. So yes this was a stupid conversation to begin with, but i did give the guy advice on how to accomplish what he is trying to do. So how again am i arguing at all about the block list. There isnt even an argument untill you showed up saying more dumb stuff. So take a hike dude and stop being a troll, you already said you dont play the game so just leave the forums.