My ideas for the replays files

There was another posts from them, but I couldn’t find it.

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Its ok, dont worry! Where could it be?

Anything could happen going future, we can ask for what we want, dont we?

Despite what they said in their announcement, not only did development end, the entirety of Team 1, which SC2 was just a part of, was eliminated.

Additionally, development costs money so they are not going to randomly grab people off other projects or hire new people to develop content because people ask for it. That’s the unfortunate reality of being out of development.

And you can of course ask, but just like yelling at the wind would be considered in vain, so would asking for anything that needs staff development on Bliz’s side.


So then let these changes be made by community members.

As I already said, there isn’t a way for anyone but Bliz to make the changes. There still needs to be developers on Bliz side to code the changes in.

So then who made the 5.0.11 Patch ?

Pro-players, streamers made balance changes. Co-op bug fixes were done by some random programmer outside of blizzard. They just uploaded these changes.

As Farbros mentioned, it was done by the community.

However, it is all done through the editor, which anyone can use to make changes. From there, Bliz simply copy and pastes the submitted changes into the respective mods on the backend. The process does not require any development on Bliz’s end.

My question though is why and how? Many suggestions are made on the forums, but not implemented. What confuses me is how a group of normal SC2 players were actually able to get their specific changes implemented as an official patch.

For the balance changes, that’s primarily done by the pros who I assume still have direct contact with Bliz.

For the Coop bug fixes, there are discords that some of the more prominent coop players and Bliz folk hang around in.

So then they could do my ideas.

I see. Well tbh I think of the changes in the last patch were wise choices so maybe they are the right people to be suggesting balance changes.

Back when there was a balance team, they primarily used a combination of pro input and internal metrics to make their decisions. So with the team gone, the pro input is the next best thing for sure.

At this point, I’m going to have to assume that you are trolling, Enchanter. It has already been spelled out for you by myself and others.

However, I will oblige you one last time.

Balance and bug fixes can be done by anyone who knows how to use editor, including the the community. The changes are copied and pasted by someone at Bliz who also knows how to use the editor. Meaning, it doesn’t not require Bliz developers on the back end.

The changes you want cannot be done with the editor; they require coding changes to the game’s core files. Therefore, 1) it is not possible for the community to make the changes, and 2) there are no developers at Bliz to make the changes.


Now is clear that is impossible !

Yea…it was pretty clear by the last patch that Pro players are both out of touch with how 99.9% of players experience this game as well as they refuse to accept huge glaringly obvious problems in the meta.

It’s not a matter of being “in touch”. The pros aren’t there to make balance to how the community wants it any more than Bliz was.

It’s simply those who know the nuances and minutiae who are being trusted to make intelligent changes, instead of the casuals who just don’t like that they can’t be masters with their race. It’s no different than trusting the experts in a particular field to make decisions instead of the random public.

Will there be mistakes, overcorrections, under corrections, etc? Of course. There’s never going to be perfect balance, there wasn’t even when Bliz had internal metrics to go off of. It’s never ending cycle.


You got roasted man :smiley:


It is 100% about being out of touch with the community. Which isn’t surprising since the “Community leaders” like you have always been there to squawk about how good Blizzards and the balance teams decisions are.

The “Pros” were there to fix the game, that was the point with the balance patch. Fix the game for ladder so Skytoss and Ghosts weren’t the only thing everyone saw everytime they queued ladder. They obviously failed pretty spectacularly considering the patch created a “Zerg Cabal” meme that is STILL going and the biggest Non-Korean tournament was a TvT a few weeks ago. This lead to one of the worst showings in that tournaments history and the cancellation of the GSL. So what the hell are you talking about?

By the way, I’m not a casual, I’ve been Masters over 23 seasons and finished at 5k several of those seasons. I’m the type of person that quit this game recently, just like so many others have. The game died because the “Pros” refused to admit the games fallings.
Hell, Sc2 is one of the only Professional games in existence where through its lifetime they only balanced for the top 10 pro players. Its so easy to see where this game failed.

There’s never going to be perfect balance, there wasn’t even when Bliz had internal metrics to go off of. It’s never ending cycle.

David Kim was the closest this game ever game to being balanced. As soon as he left it became a dumpster fire. His internal metrics were the ONLY way to balance the game. Being 5% > or < winrate was unthinkable when Kim was balancing. Have fun being out of touch, just like the people who dropped this game, and the balance team that killed it.

Uh…how? Was he even trying to “roast” me? lol What is this reply.

The “community” is not a monolith. Any change (or lack of change) will have detractors regardless of the statistics and reasoning behind it, or the number of supporters.

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