Many COOP bugfixes

Hey, I saw this on reddit. Many COOP bugs weresaid to be recently hotfixed. This includes Zagara frenzy and HH stronger death bugs. Wow. Can anyone confirm?

Full list from the post:

  1. Amon:
  • Hybrid Dominator plasma blast hits units in Nova’s Tactical Airlift and Tychus’ Medivac Airlift

  • Hybrid Dominator plasma blast can kill Nova through Stance Dance invincibility

  • Structures stasised by Hybrid Nemesis can still be damaged and killed by Hybrid Dominator plasma blast

  • Volatile Infested can walk through havoc force fields

  1. Abathur
  • P1 (Essence Hoarder) units that are at 25 to 100 biomass would cap out at 105 biomass if they pick up a drop that would have maxed out their biomass. P3 (The Limitless) has a similar issue, but it only causes biomass loss; the unit can still reach 200 biomass and morph into ultimate evolutions normally.
  1. Alarak
  • Alarak can kill units in bunkers with Empower Me active

  • PDDs block Alarak life leech from kills

  • Havocs do not receive Vorazun’s Veil of Shadows

  • Raynor, Tychus and Dehaka heroes from Heroes From The Storm mutator can walk through force fields

  1. Artanis
  • Weirdge starting power field placement (P2 players rejoice!)

  • Unbound Fanatics from P3 (Arkship Commandant) orbital strikes kill themselves when they do damage with Double Edged active

  1. Dehaka
  • PDDs block impaler attacks, Murvar attacks and locust spawns

  • P1 (Devouring One) Dehaka devouring a psionic unit causing multiple psionic explosions

  1. Fenix
  • Disruptors do not receive Veil of Shadows

  • Fenix can lose the game when Purifier Conclave is alive

  1. Han and Horner
  • Assault Galleons are treated as units while in construction and can get lifted by Amon phoenixes, healed by Swann’s science vessels and receive buffs from P1 Dehaka

  • Mag Mines multiplies the damage for every unit near center of its target when hitting clumped up units

  • Stronger Death Chance mastery broken

  • SCVs cannot halt construction

  1. Karax
  • Chrono Wave speeds up nexus construction (including allies)

  • Graviton Warp Catapult description says 25% instead of the actual 33%

  1. Kerrigan
  • PDDs block P3 (Desolate Queen) Kerrigan’s Kinetic Blasts
  1. Nova
  • Automated Refineries mine slower than Vorazun/Zeratul autogas (at like… 0.1/s)
  1. Raynor
  • Hyperion can continue attacking while encased by Slayn Elemental’s cocoon

  • OCs are excluded from valid respawn target by Emergency Recall, leading to a bug that makes Raynor’s cloaked units invincible

  • Hyperion keeps firing when pulled by Fatal Attraction

  1. Stukov
  • Infested factories and starports dont benefit from chrono effects

  • Plagued Munitions upgrade increases bunker life regen rate

  1. Swann
  • Pulse Amplifier buff condition on the Wraith’s Gemini Missiles depends on move command instead of unit speed
  1. Vorazun
  • Oracles do not receive Veil of Shadows

  • Corsairs autocast Disruption Web on stasised enemies

  • P2 (Withering Siphon) centurions can stun ultralisks with Darkcoil

  • P2 dark templar Void Stasis doesn’t work on hybrids, but the shadow guard version does

  • Void thrashers cannot be stunned with P2 centurions

  1. Zagara
  • P3 (Apex Predator) Zagara hero unit does not receive Mass Frenzy buff
  1. Zeratul
  • Xel’naga Enforcer anti air attacks are not blocked by PDDs

  • Serdath and Dark Archons’ Maelstrom affects structures

  • Zeratul only receives Veil of Shadows if he walks through a dark pylon cloaking field

  1. Missions
  • OE: train desync bug with P2 Vorazun Void Stasis

  • VL: The Leviathan’s ground attack still does damage after it dies

  • PnP: Parts cannot be collected during Time Stop

  1. Mutators
  • PDDs blocking HftS Dehaka from spawning clones

  • Mag Mines from Mag-nificent multiplies the damage for every unit near center of its target when hitting clumped up units

  • Minesweeper mines are killed (instead of being removed) at the start of the game to fit within safety zone constraints. This causes a problem when Alien Incubation, Void Reanimators, Walking Infested is active due to mutator interaction

  • Mutually Assured Destruction overrides Moment of Silence on Hybrid death (so hybrid explodes and does not trigger MoS)

No fixes for Mengsk and Stetmann even though Tangor did propose those, so stay tuned.


If this is true then I’m glad it happened. Keeping my expectations low until I can test some of it to confirm though.

Oh yeah, just tested Zagara P3 and her Frenzy is now fixed!

Nice! That mastery option has done nothing since the Prestige patch.

P1 H&H is my fav commander. Finally it can be even more OP.

The removal of the magmine damage multiplier will set some players back a little until they get used to it.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff being fixed. As an Alarak main, seeing that I can no longer murder things in Bunkers with Empower Me active makes a little sad, but that’s okay. I’d rather take that rather miniscule loss in exchange for bug fixing in Co-op.

-Hybrids no longer able to kill units in Medivac Pickup/Griffin Airlift
Effing FINALLY. This issue was always such a detriment to the game and frustrated me to no end.

-Essence Hoarder 105 bug
I didn’t realize that this was a bug. I thought some just… Capped at 105. Now everything on P1 gets 125 max again?

-Stronger Death Chance no longer broken
Does this mean it stacks with P1 now? Is it finally worthwhile to pick? lmao

-Raynor cloaked invincibility patched
While funny to see, I’m glad that it’s gone. That was so imba it wasn’t even funny.

-Zagara now affected by P3 Frenzy
Finally. Poor Zag.

Can we hope for prestiges balances within the next three years?!!!

Yoo Sprite using Alarak Avatar again?!!

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I’m not ungrateful, any fixes are welcome!

But hopefully Bliz keeps on applying fixes. There’s still a ton more.

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wow, that’s nice
:slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just tested it and now I can create even more explosions with reapers!

I am debating what to make of this implication for future coop.

This patch wasn’t Bliz’s doing, well mostly not. Bliz obviously implemented it, but they didn’t work on the bugs.

It was all done by one community member over the last month or so, which they submitted to Bliz. It looks like Bliz copy and pasted the fixes to the live servers.

So it essentially seems to depend on the time/desire that person has to do more, and if Bliz will even do it again.

It’s nice to see Blizz took the initiative here, but hopefully they provide at least a “thanks to the community” style credit for them then.

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Wow so exciting definitely going to try some H&H P1 and Abathur P1 games at my first chance to commerate this momentus event!

When I can. And not only wish I could. Man I need a holiday from this holiday. Only 4 more countries to go then back to Oz!

I wouldn’t even be surprised if they just took the credit. Conflicted speaking about them this way, as they brought me the beloved StarCraft franchise. Honestly though, they’ve fallen very far (both in-game and definitely on here lol).

I heard (haven’t tried it myself) that the death effect mastery + P1 makes for some cracked out reapers.

It’s nice to see Blizz took the initiative here.

Lol no, players had to beg them multiple times for blizz to allow players to do their work for free, and there is no clarity if they’ll allow more of it. Current blizzard is more worried about milking whales in diablo immortal than about their good games.


Eh, still more than I expected. Suppose I should rephrase it as “nice to see it actually happening”.

That’s more the point I was trying to make with the comment, to be honest.

I still say that’s more a buff to Nova than a bug fix, she didn’t struggle with it before the change, but eh.