[Main thread 03/29] Co-op Commanders Level set to 5

Looks like this problem is back. Just logged in today to commanders capped at level 5 even though I have purchased them.


The same problem just hit me too. Relogged in and my commanders are all capped at 5.

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This is the first time I have gotten to participate in this recurring bug. Yay.

All commanders (free and purchased) capped at 5 despite being purchased and maxed.

Well, update from my end on this. Played one match and looks like the problem resolved itself. All commanders returned to their expect levels. The xp that I earned from the mission was still applied to my commander even though when I started the match, its said they were “capped”.

However, after restarting my game, the commander levels are capped at 5 again now. I am going to hop into another match and see if the problem resolves itself again.

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Hello, my starting commanders are capped at level 5 after not playing for a long time

I have also been having this issue starting today. All commanders free and purchased have been reset and capped at 5. Very frustrating issue not to have access to purchased content.

All my commanders free and purchased have been reset and capped at 5. I don’t know what to do

I’m in the same boat. All my commanders are reset to level 5.

Free commanders capped to 5.
Edit: (Removing) Paid commanders now unable to gain levels. (cap at current level xp max) (It appears I just didn’t check the experience required… it was CLOSE to level)

I purchased all of the commanders a while ago. Now, it says I’m a free account and none of the commanders can progress past Level 5. I think its time that we decoupled the store from SC2.

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Whatever the GM did back in January in [Jan 2024] Co-op Commanders reset to level 5 - #58 by Jambrix probably needs to be repeated.

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Yeah, the problem is back for me too!

Adding myself for visibility. Same issue

Adding myself for visibility as well. Tried playing a round and it still didn’t correc titself.

I wonder if Jambrix is still around.

My commanders are all capped at level 5. I was playing today 3/29/24 and logged out for a while, when I logged back in all my prestiged commanders were capped at level 5. I have cleared my cache, reset my computer, logged in and out of battlenet and starcraft, but nothing has helped.

Same problem, someone call Jambrix plz

Guess I can demand a refund since they won’t provide me the commanders I paid for.

Few commanders more than level 15 are now level 5. Thank you to correct this.

Same, played one match and still capped at results screen. Unsure if the points will apply after this is corrected.