Issue with Disintegration Doctrine achievement

I have read the post from before, use cheat code to check the building, and in first period before getting base, I did kill 2+1 void raft(another one on the very right side which is out of map). I finished on 25:30 and also tried wait until 27:30. Still not pass. Is this a bug or something? I might try restart the computer and load the game again, but I dont think thats the problem.

OK its kind of weird, but after I restart the computer and do it again, it passed. not sure what triggered the success. But this time I try to finish it at 27:50, which is almost 28 min. That might have something to do with the pass.

It shouldn’t. The trigger that awards the achievement only checks that the mission is completed in 1,680 seconds or less.

At the moment seems like this is the key solution. But nobody really knows why:

I restarted PC yet no luck

Get all the gas pickups.


This did it for me, too. Thanks Garbo.

I never used cheats, I have a save file with 26:00 mins and I cant find any Buildings, so I go and finish - yet no Archievement!

Collected all the gas - still nothing. Blizzard please a fix! Whats is wrong here?

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Same here, can´t get it no matter what I do…frustrating since it´s the last one I lack…Blizzard?

I got it now, it was because of the game time bug. Did it in around 26 min, in all my previous attempts I finished the game after 27 min which didnt work.

Managed to do it after a few tries, the thing was to destroy ALL structures at the beginning, including one rift placed at the EDGE OF THE MAP on the right side (it’s half visible)

I also spent the remaining time to destroy all ravens from the map, and collect all gas with probes. Just wanted to be sure. But i’m 99% sure that the rift from the start screws everything up

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This is exactly what hepled me get the achievement after so much time of frustration. The rift is not easy to notice, it could be hit only by ranged units. Destroyed it and repeated the map the same way as before - and got rewarded finally.

Thanks a lot!

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Man I tried it all… killed the rift outside the screen at the start, got all the gas pickups, killed every single unit on the map, including the ones in the air spaces and destroyed all building within 23 mintutes… still nothing. I played this mission like 7 times already both from master archives and from starting a new campaign. Blizz pls fix this

There’s a few things to watch out for.

  1. Any Auto Turrets that are dropped by Ravens must not be present when you kill Narud. Because they count as structures, they will fail the achievement. Due to their darker color palette and being under void clouds, they are very easy to miss in the two upper corner bases.

  2. When you move in to kill Narud, leave something of the enemy alive before killing him. When his HP bottoms out, immediately kill something else in the split second before the mission ends.
    Here’s a vid I made for players and Bliz that shows what I think the problem is. If you want to skip right to the demonstration part, fast forward to 6:50.
    - YouTube

  3. When you move into Narud’s base, get things doen quickly. The destroyed rifts there will respawn after a bit of time (quicker the harder the difficulty) and their appearance in that split second at the end can fail the achievement.

The Rifts in the first stage don’t count and neither do the gas pickups so you don’t have to worry about them if you don’t want.


Thank god that finally did it. Great work!

I played this like 5 times today. I even started a new campaign, killed everything, picked up all gas, still didn’t get it. Please fix this Blizzard.

See my reply two posts above you!

Thanks man. Just got it. Still, Blizzard needs to fix this tho.

No prob! Hopefully they will now that the cause has been figured out.

got the achievement on video here for anyone interested