IMDDK - Frame Stutter/FPS issues

I have same problem here. When I am boxing and switching units and FPS dropped dramatically like 40 50 fps dropped. I dont know why. And the game has really low performance. 1 2 fps in a 3vs3 and 4vs4 games…

My spec is intel i5 7300HQ , 12GB RAM and GTX1060 6GB with an SSD.
team games of Starcraft are unplayable since I only have 1 2 fps in battle when there are lots of units in games.
Please have a look in to this matter and fix for us. Thanks Blizzard.

I tried this and I think its still the same. Nothing change!
But thanks anyways Rescue for your info!

Maybe try with turn off the Game Sounds with Ctrl+S?

uhm how can we play a game without sound? :smiley: seems a strange solution to me to fix the issue.

Is only for know the origin of the problem

well let me try then let you know!!! But i think its not the solution

Hey bro @Rescue, I tried disable sound and I think its still the same. My laptop spec is not too powerful so I change sound setting to lowest anyways.

Then is not the same problem. If you know something about this please let me know

I think my problem is same as Olmek’s. When I switching units/ buildings, or boxing them and the FPS dropped like crazy thats why it makes the game lag/ stutters. I dont know why and what caused it… :frowning:

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Any news about this topic, Caterpepi?
I still having issues with my framerate when switch control groups

Nope no reply or solutions for this at all. Even for my and everyone’s low FPS issue :frowning: sighzzzzz


The original poster disappeared, so we’d need to work with you individually. To work on this, I’ve moved you to your own thread. Keep in mind we don’t usually provide help with people who piggyback on another poster’s thread.

We don’t have this issue being reported in a widespread fashion. There are definitely some reports, but not a ton. You also mention general low performance issues, not just the frame stuttering the last player was talking about.

Edit: I just found an older thread of yours. Please continue working at this thread.