DRG > Serral? thank you

I think it’s happening.

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Just wait until Serral brings out his A game again.
The “oh look my lings are running into a stasis trap on the runby i sent while microing my viper-crorruptor-spore on the other side of the map, let me dodge it real quick, perfect no ling got stasised time to wreck those probes” game.


I hope you’re right. I’d really like to see a DRG, Serral, and Reynor round robin just to see who dominates ZvZ


I hope DRG is not at the same level as Serral, imagine if now there is another Z who wins everything KR related, T fanbase would explode.


too soon. barely say his pvz or zvz.

he looked good zvt for sure, but i think a fair argument can be made that both TY and INNO who he beat, played poorly and well below their potential. TY admitted as much and inno didn’t seem sharp today at all.

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Wait, did they play recently? I would love to see it.

BTW I think people are hyping DRG too much too early. Beating Inno was impressive but Mech really is crap. If Inno was going bio… or even better, Maru or TY or even Cure were going bio then I dont think it would have looked like that.

Also, Dream is still completely overhyped and unproven. And, again, he was going mech which I think is inferior.

Long story short, DRG looked amazing but he was facing 1. Mech and 2. was catching Dream and especially Inno with his pants down. That tech switch into 30+ mutas was brilliant. And Inno had no mines or other good splash to stop it. A thor or two can just get magic boxed.

Try to do that 30 muta style against bio mine with a few thors mixed in and then see what happens

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Serral himself recently that he learned from DRG.

At the very least DRG is at the forefront of the meta.

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Conspiracy theory: DRG and Serral are in a private discord where they help each other train to be the best in their region. DRG promises not to go to international tournaments and Serral promises note to go to Korea. They would now be focusing on ZvZ, DRG teaching Serral how to beat Reynor and Serral teaching DRG how to beat Rogue :joy: :joy: :joy:


DRG might need another teacher for that, since Rogue just swept Serral 2-0 in the Doryou Tournament

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I will have to check that out.

Drg is relic of hots pro scene. A god of times past when the game was more difficult. And the competition was fiercer. Drg is not even the mightiest of hots gods… but still he dominates…

so zerg op?

It’s funny you bring that up because the commentators spent about 5 minutes talking about how LOTV pros are substantially better than pros were during HOTS and WoL. DRG is an exception to the rule right now.

Caster also very wrong all the time. Because he play broodwar. And rage about protoss op. So he does not know sc2 very well. And he say drg is nothing special. Just plays straight up game. But his eyes deceive him… drg play is very special and caster is just bad.

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The context of that statement is that DRG wasn’t doing any thing cheesy or out of the box. He was playing a solid game. That’s accurate. It wasn’t anything no one has seen before, he’s just mechanically strong.

surprisingly strong. when i saw DRG was in this season i expected him to be a write off because he’d been gone so long.


I know I’m a bit late to the party, but big up DRG. Played out of his mind vs Inno.

Promising times for players coming back from military!


That’s mostly right, until recent times/this season DRG wasn’t that good, a good player but not a top one.Now we must wait to see if he is back or was just a one time sucess, similar to Parting last season, nobody expected the streamer to reach into the late stages of the most important tournament, and now he is on the same situation, so it is safe to call Parting a top player now.

Exactly. The casters were clueless. Drg beat 3/3 mech with 1/0 mass mutalisk switch. Which is extremely cheesy. It was so dumb innovation was chuckling after the match.

It is part that he is strong. But mostly part that his opponents are weak. Game talent has degraded. Never since start of sc2 have pro player been so bad. Drg is strong player from time period when game was harder and competition was fiercer.

Innovation play cyclones which are very bad. But they require fewer apm. Innovation does not have apm to do bio anymore. When he tried it last, his whole army of marines walk into banelings.