Custom Melee Not Working

I’m trying to play Star Craft 2 online in the ‘Custom’ and the ‘Melee’ mode - everytime I choose my setting and load the game, it does the count down for the game to begin, and then the system just says I’ve won without ever being able to play the game. It’s like it loads the info and the game then automatically tells me that I’ve won. Tried over 15 times. Same result. Seems like an issue since I’ve noticed the recent patch.


Same problem to me . Hope it fix ASAP

Same here. Have repaired, reinstalled patch, reinstalled SCII - no change.

Same exact problem. I enjoy messing around in offline melee vs AI and now it does not work at all. Until last week the game would not count down for offline Melee matches. Now I assign myself a race, insert an AI into the other team, and at start the game counts down from 3, and then I win. It does not even add the opposing team.

Hey guys, same issue here, too. Fortunately Blizzard is aware and working on it: