Can no longer play offline games

Hi guys.

After the latest patch, of course maps load very slow but i found another horrible issue… I usually play offline games with some AI just to enjoy pure battle, but yesterday i found out that the AI players i added in the other team don’t show up when the game starts. The game finishes the moment it starts because it is only me in the game…I clicked return to game and searched the map for enemy but it was completely empty… Are they making offline games not playable in purpose or what?

Have you guys experienced this too? I asked my friend to try it and exactly same thing happened to him too. He is on MacOs, i’m on Windows 10…

Is this the end of offline melee?

Thank you.

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Same. Just posted the same issue.


I am facing the same problem,Hope is not end of offline melee.
If so ,this going to end of my Starcraft 2 . So sad.


Same issue here. Hope it gets sorted out.


Have the same issue. Anyone get any detail on it yet?

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Hey, all! Checking into the offline AI issues, our team has received the bug reports sent and is aware of the issue. They’re working on replicating and resolving the issue. I’ll try to keep everyone here up to date with any updates on the situation, but I recommend to also check the #bug-report and #general-discussion for any updates from the developers. Thank you all for your reports!


Im having the same exact problem. I also hope this isn’t the end of offline melee .


Thanks for the response Caterpepi, it’s much appreciated.

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Thanks, Caterpepi. Your message is welcome and appreciated. :+1: :vulcan_salute:

Hey, Caterpepi. Any news on the offline AI front?

Not at the moment, I’m keeping tabs on the tracking we have for the issue. It’s a fairly high priority for the team and will likely need a hotfix or patch to be fully resolved. If there’s any updates on the situation, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

Thanks for everyone who contributed to bug report this issue on the #bug-report forums :slight_smile:


Thank you! Appreciate the response, Caterpepi.

I bought legacy of the void, wings of liberty and heart of the swarm but cant play offline anymore. I wish there was a dvd version like with the 1st starcraft which I am playing as I wait for SC2 to return offline.

I am playing my saved replays then take control. Its the only way I can play offline now.


Very sad indeed. I only own SC2 for the offline melee which allows cheats, extreme difficult AI, and super fast speed games. Without that, I’m not a SC2 or Blizzard customer anymore.


Hi, Any updates on the fix?

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Which is expected, heigk. No matter the topic, you can’t violate the Code of Conduct, which you did in that thread you attempted to start.

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Hey, all! It looks like our team has a fix in place for this issue. It’s unclear on when this may be released, but an update or hotfix should be on its way at some point to resolve the offline games issue.

If there’s a more fixed build or date that I can share with you all, I’ll be sure to let you know. For now, please be on the look out for an update!

Thank you all for your reports :slight_smile:


Thanks! hope to see it soon.

Awesome stuff, thanks for the update. I’m guessing patch Tuesday…