Co-op Raynor/Kerrigan/Artanis Level Locked (Asia)

So I just bought Starcraft II for my friend, and the first 3 commanders are locked at level 5.
And my commanders levels are also down to 5, when I’m sure they were at max.
I saw that in Americas, the issue was resolved, but mine still aint.

Hey ashzHax,

For now, the best you can do atm is to add yourself to this thread.

I know that Bliz knows about it and was working it. But the layoffs may have scrambled some things, and it could be taking a while to sort out.

Oh… is this another round of them, recently? :frowning:

I’m not sure if it’s a new round. If so, they may have overlapped a little.

There were reports of it resolving for some, but others were saying that it wasn’t fixed for them. Hard to tell if it was just one recurrence that wasn’t fixed for everyone, or if it was two recurrences that overlapped.

This might sometimes be due to region. It’s possible that one region was fixed but a different one wasn’t.

Just in case the layoffs did affect the work being done on it, today I let Bliz know it was still happening.


it happened like three weeks ago for me… im in asia btw. hopefully this will get fixed soon. I did bought 1 commander and level up my fenix… but i still miss playing artanis… please fix this blizzard