Co-Op Mutation #267: Violent Night

Yeah, ignoring the first gift can be very risky. Twice i got hybrids, which makes it kinda hard to have to suddenly defend right at the start.

Also, the one issue with zagara is that everything is free has so little effect, and you can’t spam gas buildings :frowning:

Still, a nice mutation to farm on. I dig the little mule party jingles

I have exact same encountered. Early game and killbot, how to survive. I have another game which amon spawned killbot as well, but was in the mid game, no issue with that.

Let’s pray to the Random God!

Capture the first two gifts. It’s easy to ingore them because you’re busy getting you base up and running. But they’re lightly defended so it’s not too hard to grab them.

Me as P3 Karax, and P3 Artanis (or whichever has the “super archons”) had to deal with a kill bot. It ain’t pretty, but we fed our Probes to it. Did manager to recover, although at that point, I skipped all of the bonuses.

also did it with karax p3, zagara p3, and alarak p3. here’s a tip: only make the mothership for the first gift (maybe even the 2nd one if you’re feeling confident), if you’re lucky you’ll get avenger and a ridiculously massive super mama. fun times :smiley:


You can still select all workers and queue 30 bile launchers


I had Alarak become an Avenger which was entertaining.
Then I had this guy’s experience on the last wave:
My Alarak must have gotten the full 860% naughty list because my entire army was wiped out in less then a second when he charged into the middle of the wave.
Penalty doesn’t reset when he respawns. Oops. We lost. :joy:
Partner just said: “WOW” which was nice of him.

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Oh, right, totally forgot about those! I was going with nexus spam :smiley: guess gas is back on the menu :stuck_out_tongue:

Took me 10 rounds on Abby to get an avenger brutalisk, but it was worth it. 3001 health, temp life gets the buff too, and with the vampirism and insane dps, that’s gonna win any fight it takes. Takes up half the screen, which kinda sucks because I kept having my units attack it, so I sent it off alone on the northern base that it cleared in under a minute, until the monstrosity attained such a high number of naughty list stacks that it was finally finished by a group of hybrid behemoths.

This is probably why there’s a naughty list on this mutation

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Finally got it a 125 biomass avenger archangel, after many many games, got it very early too, just messed around with it and mass queens to get it to stay alive, almost lost the game too :joy:


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After trying to get some prestige done on Vora 2 and Stukov 1, level 2 and level 7 respectively, but kept losing.

Eventually went to P1 Artanny mass Penix. Really good here. Had a good lord stukov partner. Waited until the last wave ended and dropped solar bombardment, love seeing it still going on the victory screen. Same with shield.

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Just got another 125 biomass avenger archangel, I got this avenger archangel even earlier this time, and I just killed everything and all the bases with it :heart_eyes:


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About the troll unit gift, which do you think is best/worst between the Herc for Terran, Classic (SC1, not Stukov) Queen for Zerg, and Scout (fenix type) for Protoss?

I think the worst is the scout (if we go several, ok, but just one? That’s not serious).
In the middle is the Herc (if his acid protection work, it would be funny if you sent him on a gift being stolen by Amon, it spawned banelings, and they all exploded without damaging him, though besides that, he’s pretty much useless probably).
The best (though not that great) is the classic queen, her spells are more likely to find an use, or she will just be ignored anyway.

Regardless of the ranking, I still believe those are troll gifts.

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