Co op Commanders capped at level 5

Hello, I haven’t played Starcraft 2 in a long time. But when I logged in recently, all of my starters Co op Commanders are capped at level 5 and cannot use Mastery points. Is there a way to fix this?

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Here is the main thread for this.

My commanders are all capped at level 5. I was playing today 3/29/24 and logged out for a while, when I logged back in all my prestiged commanders were capped at level 5. I have cleared my cache, reset my computer, logged in and out of battlenet and starcraft, but nothing has helped.

Having same issue. Everything was fine yesterday

I have same problem I was in early today fine now it shows I’m capped out I one the foll game and wants me to buy it agene. Reinstall did fixt it.

Same issue here, started a couple days ago. just the 3 commanders resetting to 5. no effect to my other

I started to play co-op, and found out that heroes like Raynor are capped at 5 and it is suppose to be played freely. What can be done?

Same problem since while ago. Pls fix, ty.

Same happned to me just now. I own all commanders and have them all prestiged throughout 3 years.

Raynor, kerrigan and artanis are now capped at lvl 5 (happned 4 h ago).
Please fix this quick

Same happned to me, Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis Capped at lvl 15 but ive had them fully prestiged for 3 years. This happned 4 h ago. Please fix quick

Same happned to me 4 h ago. Raynor kerrigan and artanis now capped at lvl 5. Ive had them fully prestiged for 3 years and at lvl 15…

Please fix this asap

Same here happening with several of my accounts.

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