Brutal is TO EASY and Brutal+ is too hard!

Please Blizz. This isn’t rocket science. Brutal+ should not be Brutal and mutations. It should just mean more units, more waves. How hard is this to understand?

At least make Brutal+ just ONE mutation. Brutal +2 TWO mutations, etc.


Please no! Brutal+ is already a snooze fest for me and some of the other players. However, there can be a middle ground. If they do make brutal +1 and +2 easier, then they need to open up brutal +2 and +3 (maybe 4) for solo queue and leave brutal +3 and +4 the way they are.

It would be cool to have a “nightmare” difficulty beyond brutal, which is just better Amon units or more units (with scaled down biomass and essence drops or something like that so Abathur and Dehaka don’t get too much benefit from it).


You are probably on your own if you still think Brutal+1 is too difficult, it already got a mega nerf as is and is pretty much just a snoozefest now.

Not all of us are gifted with APM. You fellas have your mutations and Brutal 3+. Let us plebs have something between Brutal and Brutal+.


If you still think brutal+1 is too difficult after the mega nerf it got then you are better off just staying on regular brutal

No, because Brutal is too easy. Brutal+ is ORDER of magnitude harder.


+1 for a difficulty beyond Brutal that does not involve Mutations.

Brutal +1 is usually okay, and fine, but mutations were never my favorite thing to do in co-op. The extra experience isn’t convincing me to try anything above +1, even when I have a friend playing. I’d rather pay Brutal most of the time, even if I win basically every time.


Exactly. I didn’t want Brutal+ to be Mutation lite. Why not just more units, more waves?


Says the person who somos brutal 3+ for fun

:wink: <3


I’m tired of people suggesting more units. There are many commanders who can instant kill a wave. An increase in units will not withstand Nova’s nuke or Swann’s Pulse Cannon.


‘Instakill a wave’ is not automatic. players have to have the speed, skill and multitasking ability to do that regardless of commander, and not all do.

What I’m proposing is irregardless of the commander but more towards an even difficulty progression among the levels.


More units don’t mean that they should attack in one wave. They could split the units to 2 large waves from a different direction at the same time.

Yeah, Brutal+ should just be stat increment boost for Amon’s units and more frequent and aggressive waves with a larger army.


Amon units used to be stronger until they introduce “Masteries” due to people shouting it “Too Brutal” on Brutal.

Agreed. Difficulty spike between Brutal and Brutal+1 is still pretty big even after nerf. But overall difficulty of Brutal+1 is not the main problem, I think, the main problem is that we still getting some nasty mutators that can punish certain commanders really hard, some that can throw usual playstyles out of window and some that is just annoying and not fun to play against.
Solution which i can think of is remove Outbreak, Missile command, Going Nuclear, Fear, Fatal attraction, Double-Edged, Eminent domain, Moment of silence, Diffusion, Lava burst and all 4+ points mutators from +1 (list is not final, its just my opinion). These mutators require adjusting your commander pick and sometimes masteries BEFORE STARTING THE GAME. And insta quit when you got bad mutators combo or some counter to your commander is an option, but this option is not very fun.
Good examples of mutators for +1 is Barrier, Evasive maneuvers, Photon overload, Alien incubation - enemies just has more HP/damage/units, but that doesn’t completely change anything, you still have the same game, but a little bit harder, which is what I believe +1 should be.
Other solution, a bit more simple, is to further reduce total point value of +1 from 4-6 to 3-4 and max amount of mutators from 2-3 to 1-2.
And, of course, open +2 and further for public queue so those armchair grandmasters stop complaining about noobs ruining their game.


Personally, I’d still enjoy being able to vote for or ban certain mutations from being chosen for brutal+. As I don’t mind certain mutators, but others really are just too annoying for me to enjoy. Also REALLY wanted base stealth unit atk waves and not just ghosts for regular brutal. And yes i’m aware of the unseen threat mutator, but thats for all enemy units.


Definitely… if each player was given 8-10 Vetoes, even if they didn’t overlap, there’s still a dozen mutations available

Depending on rng, Brutal+ can sometimes be hard, but generally it’s just slightly harder than Brutal, so please no nerfs to Brutal+.

If you find a run hard, you can just start a new game and reroll the dice.

Let me fix that Title for you: “Brutal is too easy and Brutal+ is easy.”

Don’t fix anything, thanks.

Yeah, there are some stupid mutator combos that shouldn’t exist on Brutal+. But if Brutal+ is generally too hard then I can’t see how that person can carry and/or fullclear consistently on Brutal.

Brutal+ is for me really unenjoyable because most mutators are just annoying instead of being challenging and fun.