Zenyatta's First name

h ttps://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Zenyatta

Top right hand corner under his image it has his “Real Name: Tekartha Zenyatta”


Yep. It has been on his overwatch profile on the website since launch.


i never really looked into it i guess

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I wouldn’t sweat it, a lot of people are just now learning his name!

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Interesting observation from the link to the Overwatch site:

If “Tekhartha” really is Zenyatta’s given/first name, then he shares it with Mondatta:

…the monks, led by the enigmatic robot known as Tekhartha Mondatta, sought to heal the wounds caused by the Omnic Crisis a generation earlier and bring humans and robots back into societal harmony.

Has it ever been confirmed exactly where the Shambali originate from? In some Asian languages it’s customary for the family name to come before the given name, so perhaps Tekhartha is the family name that members the Shambali share either because they share an origin or because they chose a new one to represent their brotherhood. In this case, “Zenyatta” and “Mondatta” are their given names, and “Tekhartha” is rather their shared family name.

Or perhaps “Tekhartha” is also a title/honorific which is used as part of Zenyatta’s name now.

Or perhaps it’s just a really weird coincidence.

Interesting stuff regardless.


Tekhartha is a title/honorific.


what. a. name


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Hey Michael! Are you able to give us a date as to when Sym’s rework will be on PTR? you did say in an OWL broadcast that it will be “very soon”.

Also, sorry OP for going off-topic.

the plot thickens…


Do Omnics actually have last names in first place, I wonder.

I do not recall seeing an Omnic with a full name like Humans have unless I miss something.

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So his name is basically the equivelent to “Cher” or “Madonna” then? Just a single name with no surname?

Oh and while we have you… What do you mean by… “Very Soon™…” :wink:



lol XD i know right!!!

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Do you believe in life after THE IRIS?

I believe in nothingness…

Tekhartha means - he who has achieved enlightenment.

You said different names to Zenyatta, so what his name is?
Zenyatta Modatta or Tekartha Zenyatta.
Or Tekartha Zenyatta Mondatta.
Tekartha is the title, Zenyatta is the name and Mondatta is the surname or type of machine or group?

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Such a great feeling isn’t it. Remember mine like it was yesterday Lol

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I don’t get what’s so confusing. Tekhartha is the title and the omnics all only have a single name (Orisa, Zenyatta, Bastion). We’ve seen no evidence of them having families or being considered “people” by all so it makes sense they don’t have surnames.

Zenyatta is Zenyatta. Mondatta is Mondatta. I assume after Mondatta was murdered, Zenyatta took on the mantle as the “Pope” of the Iris.

Not true in the Tracer / Widow animated short where Mondatta is killed we see an Omnic male and a human female getting all close like Amy wong and Bender. Something tells me their doing the intermechanical monster mash.