Jean-Baptiste Augustine is a cray long name for an Omnic

Not really. I would love to see them two in the game. If talon ruined both there lives they could join Overwatch (again).

Oh that’s an interesting tidbit of info. I wonder if that’s intentional. It’s gotta be. Blizzard tends to do things like that.

looks at Zenyatta and Mondatta :eyes:

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Dear god…just…No. The fact she killed her husband is pivotal to Widowmaker’s story, bringing him back in anyway renders that whole point null and void. Besides he’s long since been dead and buried and I don’t know how long it takes a human body to decompose but there’s likely nothing left but bones now

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His body can be dead. Doesn’t mean they haven’t uploaded his mind somewhere. Not many people are sure what the Iris is. And lot’s of overwatch is omnics vs humans and omnic rights. If people can become omnics that would be a game changer for example. (Lot’s of scifi has uploading consciousness into artificial bodies).

Again. Bringing him back, IN ANY WAY, ruins Widowmaker’s story. He doesn’t NEED to be brought back. It wouldn’t make any SENSE for him to be brought back. It’s idiotic to WANT him brought back. Let sleeping dogs lie

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It’s already been done. You also may be upset of the fact but it’s been done. And overwatch relies alot on unreliable storytelling perspectives (from the character’s point of view) to tell the story. Ana came back from the dead, people believed she was dead because the story is told through the characters and not third person. So expect things to change. Not everything that is told is 100% true.

On a sidenote. Blizz has brought characters back from the dead in many of there games. Overwatch and World of Warcraft they done it alot. In this expansion in WoW, people that have been dead longer then a decade are being brought back… what makes you think that Overwatch won’t revive characters in the plot.

Just nitpicking here, but:

Because this game isn’t fantasy based. All the characters who were ‘dead’ were presumed as such because their bodies were never recovered. Gerard’s body was found and buried

7 years …but bones in a coffin can take up to several decades …

Tekhata is not zen.He was the president or something like this.He was killed in the widow and tracer cinematic


Both Zenyatta and Mondatta have this title.

The way I think of it is it’s like calling a monk “brother” or a nun “sister”.

Also, Mondatta was not a president, rather the leader of the Shambali, which were the first omnics to experience what they called a spiritual awakening. So a more apt comparison would be something like the Pope or the Dalai Lama.


Ok i didnt know thx for tell me that

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Exactly it would make no sense for her to fail and than talon puts in fake memories of her succeeding that’s stupid

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No she was assumed dead, there was never any confirmation, unlike with Gerard, who has a grave, a widow who mourns and talon that have accomplished their mission of killing him

Because resurrection despite existing in game is not canon

Given the description of the report, it would seem odd that the Cuerva didn’t mention him being an omnic

What about Halfred Glitchbot and Maximilian probably-has-a-last-name-but-i-don’t-know-what-it-is?

Built to survive could also just mean Talon enhanced him, they do this with a lot of their members. Or it could just simply mean he’s been trained hard enough and his training has built him to survive.

He isn’t an omnic because he drinks rum.

also that…in im pretty sure french, Jean-Baptiste…is always a male name

Don’t know if Baptiste is just a red herring… but if it is him, I don’t think he will be an omnic.

Vote 1 - Mohawk guy.

Vote 2 - Dark skin/White haired guy/girl from Recall. Assuming Jean is a red herring, I could see him breaking free from Talon in Haiti due to his daughter meeting him.