Zenyatta lore Soon

What I’m most interested in about Zenyatta is the fact Genji isn’t the only one he’s mentoring.

  • Zenyatta: It is good to fight alongside one of my brightest pupils.
  • Genji: And you, master.

Zenyatta is apparently teaching others as well and Genji isn’t even his best student.

INB4 Zenyatta is mentoring all kinds of misfits in search of enlightenment, think X-men but with robots in the mix. I like the idea.

Obviously the Iris is a lot more interesting theme but let’s face it, revelations about what the Iris actually is, not for the near future.


Ya know what would be horrifically amazing and ironic?

If Zen had had a pupil in the past, who eventually scoffed at the shambali and their message, started to despise them and turned to Talon instead as the leader of Null sector to free his brethren from the clutches of men and eventually ordered the assassination of Mondatta to get back at shambali and zenyatta, making Zenyatta indirectly responsible for Mondatta’s death which his former pupil would flaunt about in front of his face.

Sigh Yes I would love me some Zenyatta sadness that pulled my heart strings, that could be used to humanise him even more for the audience. I’d love me some feels like we had in Honour and Glory.

Oh and that tassel that hangs around his waist better have been a gift from Genji, since it reads “Zen” in kanji.

Apparently eta for Zenyatta lore is 2 whopping years from now on.

Loud sigh

So zero Zenyatta lore for this game for 5 years, haha, nice one.

I can hardly wait. >_>

Well we know know it is a 2 year window gap for this soooo yeah “soon” as in 2 years soon lmao

They are literally working on Zenyatta lore right now. Mccree’s animated short took a year to make and Mercer had to keep it a secret for that long.

Just how in blazes is simple lore going to take 2 flipping years? HOW?

My patience for this company has just about ran out when we can’t get one character lore out for 5 years but they can make 3x expansions of warcraft mmorpg. >_____>

They didn’t say “it will take 2 years”. They said “Soon is a 2 year window”. That means some time in the next 2 years, we’ll get lore (although I’m willing to bet it will be sooner than that).

So his lore was the fact that he used to walk?

He used to be standing in the old concept arts, so I suppose he walked before they made him sit cross legged and float.

Yeah but Jeff said give them two years so that is a while’s wait.

I think Jeff said in the stream that Zen used to walk as in a lore tidbit hence why he has shoes.

I did always assume he can walk, because his legs are totally functional. He just doesn’t like to walk or uses floathing as a form of focusing method for combat. I imagine it still consumes some energy.

He does make that one joke about walking in someone’s shoes. Or hovering.

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This makes me think we will see a pre enlightened Zen and how he is so obsessed with it now. It will make sense that clearly, whatever or whoever this “Iris” is, made him be able to spiritually reach new heights and he is a believer.

Question…did his brother ever reach these heights? Mondatta walked after all.

Tekhartha is a title and Tekhartha Mondatta was the title of the leader of the Shambali.

So yea, I’d have to assume that the leader of the shambali with the same title as zen reached the same enlightened state as him. =p

Mondatta is also refered to as Zenyatta’s master in junkenstein. When tracer questions how he could trust the countess (widow) after she slew zenyatta’s master.

I would think that too, but that guy walked and was not much a flier like Zen? Maybe if he flew he wouldn’t have gotten shot lmao

I think that at one point Mondatta was the best but his brother has now exceeded him.

Brother as in religious/kinship sense or familial sense?

There’s no familial relation between the Tekhartha’s though in canon, since Zen refers to other monks in the monastery and Orisa as his brothers and sisters. And they’re omnics lol.

Nothing says they couldn’t have had a sibling like bond ofc, but that’s venturing into headcanons area.

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  • Lore skin challenge with short novel
  • Blizzcon cinematic
  • Surprise cinematic with skin tease ( akin to Shooting Star)
  • comic. I feel so old reading Mccree’s train heist…

Shooting Star wasn’t a surprise cinematic - they put out a cinematic every August.

Zenyatta and Mondatta’s names are certainly connected even if not canonically then through their origin.

It’s not a name, it’s a title :

I meant the Zenyatta Mondatta reference.