I give up on the lore

I don’t even think it needs to be in big lore drops like animations or events, just sprinkle some fun tidbits around now and then. They’ve revealed that Mercy is close to the Lindholm family in some way… What is it? Is she just a family friend? Is there some other special way that they met? Just put up a letter on the website like they did before the Brigitte reveal that’s just some friendly conversation between the characters. It doesn’t have to be high effort or even move the story forward in my opinion, just give us some neat things to sink our teeth into a little more often! Tell us literally anything about what Zenyatta has been up to. Give us a funny story about what happened to the two kids in the museum after they met Widow, Reaper, Winston and Tracer. Have Brigitte post pictures of cute stray cats that give us hints about where she and Reinhardt have been wandering! It can be anything, just pepper small stuff around sometimes to keep our interest during the canyonscough gaps between animated shorts.

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I mean,
you’re not wrong… ;-;

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The “letting the fans make it up” is starting to make more sense due to how little progress the story has made for how long it’s been in play leading to a mixture of apathy and a significant amount of headcannon.

I don’t think lootbox lore rewards would work well. It’s likely players would just watch a youtube video or read a wiki to find out rather than wait to get the lootboxes. I know I did that with Retribution for the voice lines.

Conflict wise, I think that Overwatch v Talon runs into appeal issues as Overwatch would likely be significantly more popular and some of those that like Talon want redemption/for their character to be undercover/ for the character they like to be right which might cause issues down the line. I think part of this is Doomfist hasn’t been shown to be sufficiently intelligent or persuasive yet.

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Brother in a monastery aspect.

Like how nuns are Sisters?

That’s the type of brother that Zenyatta means; not the familial verbiage.

They have the same surname & count each other as familial brothers…

From Michael Chu:

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Well Jesus. Since when? That’s way less interesting xD.

SInce May 25th, at least.

IMO, I’ve always interpreted it this way. It doesn’t really make sense for omnics to have “brothers” beyond the sense that Piximae mentioned.

If I heard a monk call another monk “brother”, I wouldn’t think they are actually related by blood, but rather by profession and faith. The same applies for Zenyatta and Mondatta.


They can still see each other in a familial way.

It wouldn’t be uncommon. Not all families are tied by blood.

The monks can still be considered a family of sorts with their ties to their faiths and practices.

I was just clarifying that the term “brother” in this case isn’t meant to be taken in the literal form.

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It can become lore driven if they focus more on the PvE.
I mean, we aren’t getting any new modes other than some pointless arcade brawls outside events. At least have 2 distinctive modes (PvP and PvE) and improve on them instead of having 1000 bad ones.

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I totally see the logic, monks & all; but I feel the sentence in which Zen calls him his brother makes way more sense in context to mean familial brother. In the sentence, it would make more sense or be more normal to refer to him by his name. Don’t monks more-so refer directly to each other as brother, rather than when they are not present? (Not denying what you’ve said mind :slight_smile: )
I also always saw them as Omnics first, monks second, so hearing brother immediately triggered the first connection.

Ah but that’s what I mean; it would’ve been far more interesting to learn how they can be actually related or if they even can view each other as genuine brothers. It’s a very human thing that (before now) gave some pause as to exactly how Omnics see themselves, each other & humans.

They can still see each other as family of course, I’d imagine they do. But I was interested in the idea that they actually were family; possibly even being from the same Omnium makes you related through coding or something of the like. That gives way more scope for speculation as to what exactly they all are :smiley:

I think it’s clear that Overwatch will never be a PvE game, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’d rather have Blizzard focus on the core game than devote massive resources to a campaign/co-op mode or something like that.

To reiterate my earlier point, I see Overwatch as character-driven, not plot-driven. I think the writing team should be focused more on fleshing out characters (which is the focus of the majority of lore released thus far) and less on the progression of the world and plot itself.

But they aren’t doing that either. The game hasn’t even received a new main mode since release and no need to mention the attention that comp gets (which is none).

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I actually had a great uncle who was a Franciscan monk, and at least whenever I was present to see him interact with other monks, they referred to each other as “Brother _____”. Not sure what that’s worth, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Back to the topic at hand, I don’t think there’s any reason to feel like the clarification about Tekhartha being an honorific should lessen Zenyatta/Mondatta’s bond, nor should the way they refer to each other as “brother”.

The teachings of the Shambali are based on the epiphany that omnics are not just machines with artificial intelligence, but beings with souls. I imagine any omnic that subscribes to this mode of thought would see all other omnics as brothers/sisters.

In that sense, I think all this only deepens the bond. To say that only omnics from the same omnium should call one another brother/sister would sort of cheapen the main tenets that the Shambali preach.

…Seriously though, all this talk about Zenyatta, Mondatta, the Shambali, and so on just makes me want more Zen lore. I’m totally not biased, though.

My profile is bugged, I swear.

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I disagree. I know the vast majority of participants on these forums are critical (if not outright hateful) of the game, but I think it’s disingenuous to say that Blizzard isn’t focusing on the core game.

We’ve had a steady flow of new heroes, maps, redesigns, and balance tweaks since launch. Not every decision made has been without flaws, but I just can’t take someone saying “Blizzard doesn’t care” seriously.

Really, all it is is wasted potential.

Blizzard bothered to flesh out their characters and backstory, and then did virtually nothing to follow up on that. While the writing quality certainly isn’t great, what definitely IS great is the quality of the voice acting and the character design. Blizzard still does character design better than anyone else in the industry, and it isn’t even close.

The long and short is that Blizzard isn’t playing towards their strengths, and their game is suffering for it. Instead of doing what they do best, they’re trying to make Overwatch into something that it isn’t, throwing away all of the potential that the base game had.

They are focusing on the wrong things. Why do we need all these arcade modes that no one asked for? I wouldn’t mind if they were good but they aren’t.

New maps and heroes are all fine but the maps gets lost in the jungle of other maps and the new heroes does more damage than making the game better.

A lot of people love the arcade, and while there are players like you who hate it and players like me who only occasionally mess around in there, these are modes that provide a lot of entertaining gameplay for the community.

Also, I don’t think it’s even remotely accurate to say that Blizzard is focusing on arcade modes. We get the occasional new mode every so often (usually a few each year), and most of them are just slight tweaks and twists to the core game. Mystery Heroes, Low Gravity, Total Mayhem, etc. These can be incredibly entertaining modes that don’t require a lot of resources to implement.

As for new maps being “lost in the jungle of other maps” and “new heroes doing more damage than making the game better”, I’m not really sure what is meant by the former, and the latter is very subjective.

I think it was just a big mistep by Blizz to hype up “lore” as one of the main selling points of this game.

(It’s like TF2 and their still incomplete comic…something that has been in the works for 5 years and the last update was last January,)


My drunk uncle has more lore than Overwatch.

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