Just another post about zen

Mmmkay so, I recently got golden orbs for my boi zen.

And I was thinking.
In lore, can zen use discord and harmony? That would be hella cool. If not I can see harmony being a homage to spiritual healing, and how it’s low because that form of healing takes time. Discord orbs could probably be zen dealing with the mental baggage of whoever the target is.

But if he could, it would probably be nanomachines that his body generates. some would be custom tailored to promote cell regeneration, and some could act as a virus that makes the target feel weaker by attacking their natural defenses. He probably only has enough nano machines for one or two orbs, but what if he could convert all the machines in his system into healing ones and release them all at once for trans?

even though technically you can have a discord on someone and use trans anyways, let’s just gloss over that.

What does tekartha mean?
Why does zen float?
Why is zen so fragile? His endoskeleton is practically exposed in his base skin…
For Christmas, why can’t zen get a skin of him in an oversized Christmas sweater? With a Christmas hat? It would be so cute


Sadly we’ll have to wait for A WHILE to find anything about Zen, after all they still need to develop more lore for the Shimada bois, poor guys don’t have enough.

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  1. Harmony and Discord are not canon abilities

  1. Michael Chu has said:

  1. I think magnets?

  1. He is a skinny boi

5. Zen needs this with ornament orbs

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I’ve given up on hoping for more lore in this game. I’ve given up on hoping for anything other than our yearly scheduled events. Zen lore could even tie into the Shimada lore since he was Genji’s teacher, but I doubt it will happen.

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i miss lores… I know a bunch of people who dont even play overwatch but love it for its lore yet we dont have enough :frowning: would be nice to get more honestly.

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Ahh thanks bb
At first I didn’t really like zen. his whole robot monk thing seemed kinda boring.
But, idk what happened. He grew on me. I saw the “sassy zen” comics and they made me laugh my a$$ off. I started playing him more and more.
Now I love him
And I need that oversized sweater skin. I’m gonna fall into crippling sadness if I don’t get it :frowning:

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Similar boat here, I used to think he was boring but then I started playing him in comp and he’s one of my favourites now

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