Your personal balance list?

Make Mei’s icicle have a random cast time between 1 and 6 seconds.

  • Matchmaking (QP and Comp removed) and those responsible fired.
  • Server browser improved and retains preferences after quitting.
  • Option to replace portrait border with a blank one added if not portraits outright removed.
  • Microtransactions removed and people responsible fed to lions.
  • Dedicated servers can be rented from A/B
  • Lootboxes also removed and people responsible put in a Running Man type scenario where they need to find the key to the exit in random boxes while avoiding themed gladiators. Instead you get coins for completing matches to buy your cosmetic garbage.
  • Option to enable all default skins client side.
  • Select your hero time shortened to 5 seconds.
  • Ultimates removed. Where feasible, ultimates can be worked into an ability for characters.
  • Hard CC effects removed. Any character’s whose whole schtick is this are removed (Mei for example)
  • Widow’s grappling hook disengages if she takes damage while in use.
  • Barrier CD’s start after the barrier expires or is destroyed.
  • Ashe automatically starts reloading while ‘idle’ (Basically TF2’s auto reload)

I’m seeing quite a few issues with this but I’m also seeing some really good changes made. I’ll give my thoughts on the ones I disagree with just so whatever I don’t say can be taken as approval.

I think it’s already pretty fast but that’s something worth looking into.

He’s already pretty powerful especially when pocketed. I think this might be a fine change if you nerf his turret form in some way to encourage getting up and doing damage in recon.

I’m not going to speak on the Brig changes because I don’t really understand the second one and overall they’re not too significant.

I disagree with the dash reset because nobody can properly tell if someone under or over 45hp and not to mention if you go in and get a kill with dash and don’t have a dash to escape you’re absolutely going to die and that’d mean pick for pick so then you have no advantage so there’s really no point. The deflect buff is a solid change though, here’s a clip of why. Nothing should be this close to you and get the animation for deflect to trigger but not deflect.

I don’t necessarily think Junk should get a hard buff like this. The traps wouldn’t work because there’d be no way to tell where that 20m range is and if there was a way it’d add too much visual stimulus in an already incredibly active game with a lot of effects happening all over the place. Not to mention he has two concussion mines so I don’t really think we need to buff them, they’re already really powerful for dis-positioning people or straight up killing them. The concussion mine damage MIGHT work but again it’d need to be tested first.

Shouldn’t be changed, however CC immunity while rolling might be a lot more understandable. If we want to nerf CC like Blizzard said then doing this might be the way to go. They’d have to do it to everyone though, Genji when he dashes, Tracer when she blinks, etc. I wouldn’t mind everyone having a way to avoid CC if they have quick enough reaction time.

What does becoming on environmental object mean? Like he just transforms into a rock?? I don’t think he should get many changes, those nerfs to hook are perfect but the other changes I wouldn’t add. One-shotting someone that’s at perfect range is something that’s very skilled and needs to stay.

I actually don’t know about these changes, it’d be cool to be able to test some of that out to see how it does. But then again he’d constantly be running everywhere and catching him would be a nightmare.

ABSOLUTELY NO, Sombra might need some changes but her usefulness is in her abilities rather than her damage. She creates openings for her team to do more. Permanently hacking healthpacks is also a big no-no because then if another Sombra wants to hack them what can she do? Think about it: Temple of Anubis and Defender Sombra perma-hacks the mega and mini next to choke point. No way.

I think 5%-10% wouldn’t actually be a bad change given her unpredictability and teleporting. Makes it so that she can’t melt you like a god in 1sec but not too much so that she can’t do anything.

I think Winston’s pretty fine currently, maybe this would be a good change maybe not they’d have to test it and see.

Overall very nice ideas and I’d like to see some of these tested out. It might really benefit the game! We just need to avoid any hard buffs or hard nerfs for the characters that don’t really need it.


  • Base heals now 55hps

  • Valk mods: 70 main beam healing and 50 AoE healing

  • speed penalty for rez in Valk reduced 15%


  • shield now 350 HP


  • No crit hits on Storm arrow


  • grapple revered to 12 sec CD


  • spread reduced


  • 100 more HP is converted to shields


  • no more shield passive


  • Anti Nade only reduces 75% not all healing


  • speed nerf reverted for2-2-2
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The thing i like about the OP’s list is that Mercy isnt on it

  • Ana
    • Biotic Grenade debuff now is a 50% healing penalty instead of 100%
  • Ashe
    • While BOB is doing something, Ashe can’t gain ultimate charge
    • Dynamite burn duration reduced by 2 seconds if it blow up upon being shot (same duration if it explodes on its own)
    • Each reload animation now reloads two bullets instead of one
    • ADS shot damage reduced to 75. No damage falloff when ADS shooting.
  • Bastion
    • Config Sentry get back its beta barrier, but Bastion can’t stay in sentry form for longer than 8 seconds at a time.
    • Config Tank becomes an ability (with reduced damage and a headshot weak spot), and also can’t be sustained for longer than 8 seconds.
    • New ultimate: Overclock. Boosts all three Configs of Bastion
  • Brigitte
    • Back to launch version, except Rally is capped at 75 barrier, expires after 30 seconds, and shield bash can’t bypass barriers
    • Defense Matrix cooldown reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds
    • Defense Matrix recharge starts after 2 seconds instead of instantly
  • Doomfist
    • Don’t know enough of Doomfist nuances to propose changes, but I think he needs a slightly buff
  • Genji
    • No change. Genji is annoying, but surprisingly balanced.
  • Hanzo
    • Bring Scatter Arrow back, with a 300 damage cap. Ie, enemy is immune to being hit by more than 4 arrowheads on a single launch.
    • Remove Lunge. He is categorized as a sniper, he should be vulnerable to people going close range. He still have a escape chance on Wallclimb.
  • Junkrat
    • Bring back old grenades: More bouncy, old projectile size.
    • Concussion Mine have no damage falloff. Concussion Mine deal 80 damage if airbone, and 120 damage if placed on a solid surface.
  • McCree
    • Can Roll while Deadeye is active, while keeping the ultimate active.
    • Roll have invincibility frames (exact invincibility time TBD)
  • Mercy
    • During Valkyrie, beam primary target gets increased effect from Mercy (80 HPS, 50% damage boost), while the branching receive less effect (30 HPS, 10% damage boost). This would encourage Mercy to prioritize targets while Valkyrie is active, instead of current “target don’t matter, as long as everyone is together”
    • Activating Valkyrie don’t break healing/boost beam from current target.
  • Moira
    • Can heal through barriers with Biotic Grasp
    • Biotic Orb (damage) inflicts a healing debuff effect (10~20%) for up to 2 seconds after the orb stop dealing damage
  • Pharah
    • No longer recharges fuel while airbone. Increased fuel capacity. The idea is that she is forced to land now and then, instead of being able to stay permanently airbone if the map have a high skybox and the player have good fuel control
    • Barrage no longer damage herself
  • Soldier 76
    • Tactical Visor duration increased by 0.3s (so that after two clips, you get a fast reload)
  • Sombra
    • Revert PTR changes
  • Symmetra
    • Revert her and implement those changes
    • You are no longer required to destroy your own teleporter before replacing it, as long as it didn’t suffered damage or was used in the last 2 seconds (just like Torb’s turret)
    • Teleporter cooldown upon destruction is reduced to 6 seconds
    • Photon Barrier no longer expires. Symmetra can’t earn ult charge while it’s active, and can destroy her own barrier at will by pressing the ultimate button again.
  • Torbjörn
    • Change turret HP to 50 HP+200 armor. Torbjorn can only repair the armor portion of the turret HP
    • Overload no longer have a wind-up animation.
  • Tracer
    • 0.5s cooldown between Blinks
  • Widowmaker
    • HP reduced to 150 from 200
    • No longer have increased critical multiplier on headshots.
    • While Infrasight is active, critical multiplier is increased to x2.5
    • Grappling hook no longer slingshot if it’s hooked at a downward angle
  • Winston
    • Primal Rage no longer gives enemies ult charge
  • Zenyatta
    • Visual change only: While using Transcendence, his HP bar glow full “immortal”, like that part that glows while under Baptiste Immortality Field.

  • Baptiste, Lúcio, Mei, Orisa, Reaper, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Wrecking Ball, Zarya
    • No change
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The mercy change sounds like BigMainLittleChains

1.- Widowmaker:
150 hp

Storm arrow cant head shot.

Revert Slam rangue and faster reloading of bullets.

Receive 20% more projectile damage of enemys.

Speed Nerf Reverted for 2/2/2.

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So buff every character but hard nerf doomfist😐

I don’t even play Mercy, and I think she needs to be able to do more during Valkyrie without going back into Moth.

Big Main Little Chains is the best proposal to make Mercy more proactive, so I fully embrace the call for it.

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I will reply seriously later but… just for kicks?
Remove all heroes save


And give them their launch balance. :blush:

All other heroes deleted so the babies can deal with needing game sense or leave


What do you think about the other elements of my Compromise Rework proposal?

I’m going to be the unpopular opinion guy most likely. But here we go!


  • Replace Rez with some form of Anti-CC applicable to her Teammates.


  • Reworked into a Agile Rocket Unit, removing the flight mechanic entirely and replacing it for more of a jump jet style character, instead of actual flight. Allowing for her to be buffed to Blizzards content and be stuck in the dung hole that they left her in.


  • Reverted previous buffs from the Baptiste patch and reverted his projectile size back to 0.3 from 0.2.
  • Addition to his passive, does % amount of more damage to Barriers.


  • Give him back his Orbs after killing someone. They heal for the amount of damage he dealt to their health. (Armor, Shields and Temp don’t count.)
  • Then his base life steal which would be either 35% - 40% down from 50%. Only applicable against Characters with 400 or more health.


  • New Passive: Battery - Gives 15% less ult charge. :man_shrugging:
  • and his reload speed reduced, by a little. Don’t know the specifics, but enough to make it feel like it doesn’t take an entire minute to reload 5? bullets.


  • Revert recent buff to her primary and drop her Walls health to 350 or even 300 and the cooldown is halfed, if she decides to break it herself.
  • Her guns ammo capacity reduced by at least 50, to lessen the amount of Re-freezing. That people keep complaining about. :roll_eyes:

This would cause her to become more of a “Support” in the sense that Symmetra was classified as a Support at one point. Not healing, but utility for her team. In the case for Mei, her utility to freeze while her teammates attack.


  • To be on live already. :sweat_smile:
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I’m not aware of them. Do you have a link?

Nice, I like this. If she’s still super strong afterward (which I suspect she might be), let’s say take down the damage on Biotic Grenade as well from 60 to 30

Sure, I guess. A buff wouldn’t hurt her, and seeing as she doesn’t have the one-shot capacity of snipers, I think it’d be okay to grant her more mobility.

Seems fine. Possibly reduce his Burst cooldown by a couple of seconds

I think Bastion needs more comprehensive changes than this. These aren’t bad, but I personally would propose more aggressive changes.

See Bastion. These aren’t bad, but they’re not going to fix the fundamental issues that she has now (i.e. still needing to do substantially more work just to accomplish what Moira or Lucio do).

Also the Whip Shot suggestion is… odd.

Seems okay, I think it’d be better to look at some changes to how DM functions and making it less clunky while also making it less… all-powerful, should we say? But these are alright.

TBD. He’s not strong right now, and I’d really want to see how he does in 2-2-2 before suggesting what is largely a nerf to him. I would definitely want to see changes/buffs to Meteor Strike, as well.

I don’t think the Deflect change is really necessary. Swift Strike change is okay, I’d rather it just reset on final blows.

Gonna say no across the board on this.

I think he’ll be pretty much fine with the Storm Arrow nerf on PTR, and if he’s still too strong afterward (which… I doubt, but it’s possible), I’d rather go for tuning down his bodyshot damage but upping his crit multiplier instead.

No across the board again. I’m not entirely sure what to do with Junkrat, but keep in mind that he’s insanely pubstompy, and anything that just flat buffs him will make his presence in low and mid ranks extremely frustrating. I think, just shooting off the cuff, a good change for him would be a damage bonus against barriers, which would help solidify his niche at high ranks as well as providing better tools to deal with bunkers/barrier spam in lower ranks.

IDK about the entire animation, but I agree with putting some i-frames on Roll

Gonna say no, again. Her primary probably just shouldn’t truly freeze at all, but instead slow and “frostbite,” preventing the usage of mobility abilities. But, also, buff her Health a little (thicc girl can get 300 Health), let Cryo reload her ammo, and maybe expand the radius of Blizzard some.

Pharah needs a lot of changes to make her good. File her with Bastion and Brigitte.

Only one I’ll say yes to is the TAB change. Not the change I’d make for him personally, but I’ll take it. Otherwise, he doesn’t need to be touched. He’s pretty balanced and is just being meta-boosted by Orisa/Ana bunker.

Seems fine


I think Tracer’s okay for now. Let’s not touch her.

See Pharah/Brigitte/Bastion. Widowmaker’s terrible skill curve and limited counterplay would justify more aggressive changes to her.

Nah… maybe just a second off his Barrier cooldown and toning down his critbox

Seems superfluous, and I don’t think it’d really do anything

Anyway, a couple heroes not listed that I would make changes to:


  • Gets a Smoke Bomb ability. 5 second duration, 15 second cooldown, 3-4 m radius. Lightly impairs vision of those inside, and Reaper’s primary deals 20% anti-healing for 3 seconds while he’s standing in the smoke cloud
  • Damage reduced from 7 to 5 per pellet
  • Spread reduced by ~10%
  • Life Steal increased from 40% to 50% (to help offset damage nerf)


  • Damage Orb reduced from 50 DPS to 40 DPS, but deals same max damage
  • Damage Orb and Coalescence deal a stacking anti-heal, inflicting 3% anti-heal every second up to a maximum of 15%

Mercy (barring a full rework, which is what I’d prefer, but I digress…)

  • Resurrect cooldown removed and replaced with a charge mechanic. Charging requires 1500 HP healed by her primary (or chains in Valk)
  • Mercy can expend half her Resurrect charge on a living ally to heal them for 50% of their maximum health, applied as 50 HPS until 50% of their max health is reached. Using this ability multiple times on a target does not stack, but refreshes the effect
  • Resurrect now restores allies to 50% max health rather than 100%
  • Movement Speed penalty of Resurrect is reduced from 75% to 50%
  • Cast time of Resurrect is reduced from 1.75 seconds to 1.5 seconds


  • GOATS nerfs reverted (Speed Boost returned from 20% / 50% to 30% / 70%)

Mcree - right click damage decrease by 10% , left click damage decrease by 25%, give roll 2 charges

Widowmaker - health reduce to 150, and remove 100% damage.

Roadhog - left click damage is decrease by 10%, inhalf give 25% less ult charge

Genji - Dosn’t get his dash reset when using dragon blade, Double jump has now 5 second cooldown, Dragon blade’s damage decrease by 5%

Tracer - Damage decrease by 10%, Blink’s cooldown increase by 5%

Hanzo - All arrow speed are decrease by 10%, Storm arrow damage decrease by 5% and cannot head crit health decrease to 150 hp

Sombra - damage increase by 10%

I like some of the stuff you thought of except decreasing her base healing from 50 to 40hps. Please for the love of god, she is a main healer, her healing should not be 10 hps more than Zen.

this sounds like a huge overall nerf to Mercy, no thanks.

Lol, no to the 1 sentence Mercy nerf. You want to get rid of arguably the most powerful ability in the game… for an anti-cc ability…? Hard pass.

I disagree. It’s certainly a large nerf to Resurrect, but it’s compensated for by a large buff through the addition of very strong burst healing (you could, for example, maintain 100 HPS on a Hammond for 6 seconds while also providing 50 HPS on a Zarya for 4 seconds). Also, it allows Valkyrie to actually “enhance” Resurrect (which it currently doesn’t do), which serves in part as a buff to Valkyrie and its value in the game.

That said… Mercy is also very strong in the game right now, and she would likely be okay if she were nerfed somewhat (to the horror of Mercy players everywhere, I know)