What Are Your Most Wanted Balance Changes?

A Mei rework to make her less annoying and obnoxious to face against.

Orisa does need a nerf. She’s the most dominant choice since 2-2-2 rolled around. Orisahog synergized so well and now Sigma-Orisa. It’s all too difficult to punish her with the amount of shielding she has.

She’s going to get nerfed whether people want it or not. Pros, commentators, and high-tier players are already commenting on her state in the meta.

Want to open this by stating im perfectly ok with the notion of restoring her speed to what it was- And have openly advocated for it many times previously (Still do). Id even argue to buff her base speed to be up there with Tracer / Genji. At the end of the day I think a huge part of the problem for Sombra is she spends a lot of time setting up “behind the scenes”, repositioning around the map, hacking health packs, moving from the back of her teams lines to the back of her enemies teams lines, etc- Shes out of combat a lot and i think needs that speed.


At least to me, theres nothing “clunky” about a hero who only moves at 50% “isntead of 75%”- And id strongly question what “clunky” even means here.

And I definitely dont think “moving around with an extra 50% speed boost” is comparable to “moving through quicksand”. Youre literally moving 50% faster than basically everyone else. She feels pretty darn quick- And is one of the quickest overall heroes around a map.

I think she should be faster than she currently is. But i dont go from that to “quicksand” or “clunky” either.

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remove brig, bastion, symm, torb, mei, moira, mercy, junk.

widow hanzo have flinch.

game is now balanced.

Limit on the amount of barrier tanks you can play on one team. Would include Orisa, Rein, Sigma, and Winston.

I made a big list some time ago. Expand the quote to read my opinions on everyone else:

But honestly, the true patch notes I want to read is “role queue removed from the game”.

So… no beginner heroes. Got it. I’m sure that would work out SO well. /s

But then you have to choose, Orisa or Doomfist, who should die and become trash again?

Lucio Speed Boost changes reverted, aura size increased to 20m - let me Reddit Lucio while still supporting my team Blizzard.

As much as I disagree with yours, not the point of the thread, I know :grin:

My favorite if-you-could-have-anything-change: Doomfist removed and his asset/screen/dev space replaced with an actually balance-able hero that also has more character or personality than this blank slate.

rework no skill heroes to be low skill ceiling high skill floor:
bastion mei moira Brigitte

Sombra can place her translocator on the ceiling. Stealth movement stealth speed increased by 33% and stealth is now tied to a resource meter. EMP effected targets display a sugar skull over their heads that is seperated into thirds to display how much ult charge they have.

Junkrat’s nades reverted to .3 or .25 minimum.

Mei’s Cryofreeze can be shattered if 600 damage is directly hit into it. She’ll break out of it interrupting the healing.

Moira can cancel coalesence with fade. She can throw two orbs however they are at half strength if she does that.

Widowmaker displays a laser sight when she reaches at 200 damage threshold scoped in.

Weaken meteor strikes outer circle damage to a cap of 100 towards the centre. Increase the radius of the outer circle by 15%. Give it a slight knockup like piledriver (but not as high) have the inner circle be 300 damage without the knockup. Lower the sheild gain for ult to 50 per target.

Winston can pick up his barrier to lower it’s cooldown depending on how much hp it had. Something along the lines of 100-125 shaves off a second.

McCree can use roll in mid air.

76 can reload and fire helix rockets while sprinting.

Nanoboosts healing descreased to 100hp, however it also gives a 5% movement speed increase.

Brigitte’s shield has 250 health. Haven’t played much of rework so I can’t comment further.

Shooting Roadhog during take a breather gives out 20% less ult charge.

D.Va’s micro missiles have slight tracking at close distance.

I could keep going but this is getting long enough :joy:

Hack rework.

Stealth rework or revert.

If no hack rework, then rework EMP completely and buff hack just a bit. (Sugar skulls, min dmg to interrupt).

No other games have heroes or mechanics designed to level the playing field so dramatically. They’re fine.

There are still heroes that scale with skill. Like lucio and rein. Soldier. Easy to get value but hard to master

Ana: biotic nade nerfed. Idk how. I don’t really care. Maybe it does 0 damage. Maybe the debuff is shorter. If she really flounders without her miracle nade, reduce the windup time on sleep dart I guess
Ashe: Dunno.
Baptiste: Add hero interactions. Make regenerative burst something more fun than scuffed amp it up heal. Maybe just maybe increase size of amp matrix
Bastion: He will never be good without a complete overhaul or just blatant brokenness. Either leave him for niche president comps or scrap his whole kit and try again.
Brogit: Turn rally into an ult that competes with sound barrier and transcendence. Add some instant heal to repair pack. Maybe slight increase to shield health but honestly probably not
D.Va: revert matrix range, reduce critbox size fairly significantly, remove pilot form outside of ult and give her a new passive
Doomfist: I don’t think he’s broken but he is dang annoying. Make him less annoying.
Genji: I don’t think he’s broken but he is dang annoying. Make him less annoying. Nerf nanoblade synergy somehow
Hanzo: God sledge him so Winston and D.Va can counter him again. Part of the problem is that they don’t counter him anymore and it’s the other way around now. Remove control over each storm arrow so pressing it is just a volley or something nerf lunge make storm arrow not headshot and have falloff idc!!!
Junkrat: make his nades bounce the same amount as they used to. The reduced bounces is what I hated the most. It really limits him imo. Make RIP tire less able to do stupid loadouts that involve running across roofs completely unable to be shot at before dropping down and giving the enemy no chance to destroy it.
Lucio: yeah alright give my mans his speed back
McCree: Bugfix the crap out of flashbang, roll able to use in air and it gives distance in air (it doesn’t do one of these I forget which). Maybe slightly turn down the firing rate
Mei: tbh give her icicle falloff again
Mercy: Lichrally nothing
Moira: heal through barriers or rework to give her some form of utility
Orisa: lichrally nothing :^)
Pharah: dude idek
Reaper: maybe tone lifesteal down a wittle more?
Reinhardt: 5m reduction to Shatter range, barrier regen starts slightly earlier, general bugfix
Roadhog: Dunno. One extra bullet? Slightly faster windup for ult? The problem is is that Roadhog is just there. He doesn’t synergize with any main tank besides Orisa like D.Va and Zarya do.
Sigma: one second cooldown between shield repositions, more forgiving on the getting out of flux. I swear I’m literally out of the hitbox and I still get pulled.
76: Reload while sprinting.
Sombra: tbh scrap the entire stealth/hack gimmick and remake her kit. Or maybe just the stealth part.
Symmetra: don’t go through with ptr damage nerf, go through with ptr hitbox nerf, increase range to match Zarya’s, make TP deploy faster, halve TP cooldown when Sym destroys it herself.
Torbjorn: I don’t know. Be more forgiving on the condition to get the halved turret cooldown
Tracer: nothing :slight_smile:
Widow: ohohohohohohohohohohoho. Lower body shot damage. Reduce HP or raise grapple cooldown. Do something that makes it so Winston and D.Va can counter her again. Implement obstructions to some extreme sightlines so they’re usable at some points but not others (i.e add some sort of range limit to some ridiculously long sightlines). Not necessarily all at once
Winton my baby boy: buff his archives skin, buff bubble HP, add a fun right click ability if you’re feeling zesty but it’s not necessary. Maybe implement some sort of reduced ult charge gained during primal rage.
Wrecking ball: bigger clip? Faster reload? A really loud sound when hook latches onto something because I am sometimes convinced that it didn’t latch but it did and it goes on cooldown.
Zarya: Somehow implement more non ult grav counterplay idk idc
Zenyatta: literally nothing
Edit: oh yeah also general reduction of burst damage and healing, more incentive to use sustained damage somehow

This is actually the first widow nerf I can somewhat agree with. A tiny bit less time for her to get away from dives to her team could probably work out, and it would make ashe and mccree decent widow counters at close-mid range. I wish blizzard would try things on PTR instead of them having a 99% chance of it going live. I’d love to experiment with this honestly

I think we (as an Overwatch player base) need more time to figure out 2-2-2. A lot of previous play styles just don’t work anymore. Too many players have “given up” trying to make their favorite heros work in 2-2-2. So the result of “giving up” is asking for nerfs.

One of the worst characters right now, literally unplayable in GM.

That’s why I just said he’s dang annoying

Annoying ≠ OP. If anything he needs a buff right now to at least make him actually playable.