"You can use Sym TP to get your team out of Graviton"

-Geoff Goodman (Paraphrased)

My count thus far is 3 successful escapes from 28 tries. And on those 3 escapes, two of them I escaped alone while my team died before being able to escape.

TP have a 2 second casting time, and graviton keeps everyone in place for 4 seconds. Most grav combos will kill your team before TP is ready to be used.

So, I’d love to be proved that I’m being terrible at adapting to her new kit, and that it’s perfectly viable to use TP to save your team from a Graviton combo. Can we gather more feedback from Symmetra players about using TP to rescue a teammate (or the team) from the thick of the fight, or from any kind of slow/root.


Thank you

Tp needs to deploy faster


Yeah I managed to escape with some of my team once, it doesn’t deploy fast enough to really work in most cases.


The cooldown is also ridiculous


The cooldown is basically 2 seconds, her 10 second turret cooldowns are the real problem.


Yeah, I’d say about 2 out of 10 times, I can get it deployed and clicked quick enough to escape a barrage/dragon combo. I’m more successful with the latter than the former though, Pharah can always adjust where she’s shooting, and when she sees the teleporter has the option of barraging that point.

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Yeah, 2 seconds if you manage to keep the TP alive the entire 10 seconds, which, oh wait, it’s destructible? Yeah… =/

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Yes, much faster.

Ridiculously short for the utility it brings. It honestly should be much longer.


It can teleport a entire team so i think the coodown is fine.


Saying that it can teleport a whole team in response to it being something that can be destroyed is not really a counter argument.

You said that the cooldown is fine because it’s ‘only two seconds’.

The cooldown is ‘only two seconds’ if your TP doesn’t get killed - which, it OFTEN does, because guess what, it’s easy to spot, and easy to destroy. Especially with the 2 second casting time where everyone can see you putting it up.

So the cooldown is not ‘only two seconds’ a majority of the time, it’s actually got several seconds where I can’t use it frequently due to having tried to use it to help a team mate escape and it getting killed instantly.

This whole ‘it’s fine!’ response to people having legit complaints is silly.

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The CD is, like Zenkai said, essentially 2 seconds. It stays up for 8 if it doesn’t get destroyed and has infinite uses during it.

You can put the teleporter down before zarya gravs

So that you put it down where your team isn’t? Good plan.


Yet it doesn’t take 12 seconds to teleport yourself or your team.

Also what’s wrong with several seconds.

I agree that it is a bit challenging! However, I try to position myself away from the team if the enemy Zarya has grav so I can teleport my team to me from a safe distance :+1:

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Literally almost impossible to do. You need lightning reaction time + teleporter setup time is way to long. It’s just false advertisement - the same false advertisement that said her range is way longer and the beam is way thicker.


It being destroyable balances out the cooldown. What good is a TP on like a 20 second cooldown if it just gets obliterated by the enemy Junkrat?

I was literally just talking about this yesterday or this morning… here’s what I said

and then

I think between this specific example, and some of the misleading information we were given regarding her primary fire/left click beam, some of what they said was rather… skewed. Putting it nicely.

You can just read when zarya is approaching you to grav and put it down before she does. An ability can be used in anticipation not just in reaction such as a zenyatta trancing before a sombra emps and an zarya blocking a rein shatter with her self bubble

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I do this on accident :joy:

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