Sym 3.0 has faults that need addressing

Surely this is a joke.

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Orbs need to pierce shields again, she was strong originally in the sense that she is really good on tight controlled areas…now she’s just blasting orbs and doing nothing.

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That’s the thing. They removed what was arguably her most useful functionality and specific purpose. She was incredible at blasting through chokes and countering the aforementioned bunkers/pirateships. Now she counters nothing and has no real niche.


I think another thing is she needs a slight auto lock more like Moira


not at all; in two seconds a squishy hero would die to the three symm turrets because they would do 50 dps, her secondary fire is too easy to fire and does quite a bit of damage so no it shouldn’t pierce a rein or orisa shield, those mistakes have been made in the past and that was the reason she got nerfed but has now acted like a buff

They did. Quote below:

I’m still waiting for feedback of people that are able to do so reliably, so they can teach us how to do it.


Sym used to wreck at a distance when she used photon shield then spammed mini orbs to get people to scatter instead of bunching up behind Rein’s shields.

Sym’s purpose was to control and separate stacking groups, she was awesome on first point of hanamura when attackers are trying to burst the group of defenders at the gate. Now Sym cannot do that, she can only hope for a tele on the ledge and hope that it won’t get destroyed.

People think that sym’s lock on was her biggest gain when it was her ability to crowd control.

All SYM needs is for her left click to have 5 more meters added to range.
And 10% slow to enemies crossing her ULT wall.

Exactly. Her lock-on was, IMO, at the same level of Mercy’s pistol: They are good for a cheeky kill here and there, but the brunt of your work is based on turret management and orb spam. If you are using old Sym beam as your primary source of damage, you are either stomping hard, or being overly pocketed.


What Symmetra needs IMO.

Photon Projector: Number of ticks per second reverted to 4. Range increased to 15m.

Energy Ball: The one part of the kit that is useful. Keep it.

Turrets: Increase the projectile speed and lower the cooldown to 7 seconds.

Teleporter: Faster deploy time. Make a tp automatically destroy edge railings and fix the indicator bugging out when placing on a edge railing. Also the teleporter still destroys itself sometimes fix that.

Photon Barrier: Add a secondary effect from touching the barrier. 75 temporary shields for allies or a 30% slow to enemies.

Survivability: Buff Symmetras health to 225-250 or give us her old barrier as a third ability.

The biggest problem is not having a primary fire in a fight. I hear people comparing it to Mei’s primary but Mei can freeze people with her primary fire. Symmetra just tickles enemies with it.


Overall, thanks for one of the more sensible essays on Sym 3.0.

100% agreed on the radius. Right now if you are standing on payload and it falls off the side, it is frustratingly just .05 meters out of reach during a Grav… aAAAAARGHHHT!!! It’s… right… there…

There are some other glitchies with TP, personally I would like it to ignore railings… failing that, Sym Alt fire needs to get a lot better at destroying railings (for some raisins it is not, currently).

Frankly I think that good Syms will get better with the skill of tossing turrets in a teamfight. IMO this is a player skill failure and not a failure of the hero design, atm. You HAVE to consider the situation when launching them. It’s not a good idea to fire them directly above the enemy team when heavy fire is incoming. I could say too much about proper turret launching during teamfights; it would be a whole 'nother thread.

I agree that piercing Orbs were mainly what made Sym 2.0 shine as an individual. I think that your ideas would be OP. But I don’t necessarily rule them out, it’s just my opinion.

Extend the primary or give us shields ala doomfist when using it.

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Your right it is and I’m open it. I think she should have her left click damage be slightly reduced but be given slight lock on similar to Moira.

As a Sym main both from 2.0 and 3.0, all Sym needs is one or more of the following:

  1. Secondary fire goes through shields, but is slower or reduced damage.
  2. Teleporter cast time is instant or increase the range of it while removing the auto-destroy (function like Torb turret)
  3. Give her some survival with her old Photon Barrier back. She can keep the current ult or whatever, but she’s currently way too squishy with zero self defense and not nearly enough mobility or burst damage. Given how slow her turrets and TP are, this is her biggest flaw - needing to fight outside the range of her primary to stay alive, but having secondary fire and not enough utility at her comfortable medium range zone to be effective.

Sym 2.0 I used to have a K/D of 10+ typically, and a 68% win rate.
Sym 3.0 my K/D is down to about 2 and my winrate is a little lower (mostly because she’s less versatile now without her photon barrier so she’s more team comp dependent).

Def the orb part, she was really good for pirate ships, especially now with her new ult.

What Sym needs is pretty much everything the OP suggested, plus:
Shield gen back as an alternative to TP, though toned back from what it used to be of course
Debuffs to enemies that touch photon barrier
And a revert to primary fire. Say what you want, we need more heroes that don’t require aim.

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I just think that the streamlined nature of her turrets make you want to deploy them more during but her restrictions of her long cooldowns and the vulnerability they have makes you more inclined to play passively like symm 2.0 anyway. It’s a real issue I have with 3.0 tbh :tired_face:

I think she should have a turret reset and be able to hold four turrets AT LEAST.

Her turrets being more streamlined is fun but while turret bomb is fun, it’s incredibly risky and has a huge cooldown.
The limits they place on sym encourage her to play passively and that continues to today with 3.0
But if you reward her for being aggressive, then she has reason to be aggressive. If she gets just one turret back for a kill, it would make her flow so much better and still based on her own performance. She wouldn’t have to sit around waiting for resources, she could go get the resource on her own terms.

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i always say a compromise is the answer. sym2.0 abilities merged with sym3.0 :

  1. primary fire locks-on only for the duration of first lvl beam (1.6 sec) then 3.0 beam

  2. orbs pierce but only pierce enemies not barriers

  3. teleporter is also a sheild gen , gives 35 shields to allies teleporting

  4. infinate teleporter up time would allow players to use it to get allies faster from spawn (like old tp)

  5. give her back the projected barrier

if i had these buffs i wouldnt mind nerfing turret damage . i hate it when my turrets get potg not me!

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did yall really necro this