Y'all are Right About Snipers

It was only about Golden Weapons though.

Not snipers or double jumping.

Without snipers healing creep would be even worse.

Snipers don’t fit in a game where a single pick can stop en entire team, let alone the fact that the only sufficient counter for widow is another widow, making the game boring and dull

They’ve said all 3. Not my job to find it for you, since there is 3 years of stuff to go through.

What about barriers? Armour? Resurrect? Abilities like defense matrix and deflect?
What about that time where there was a meta that rendered snipers practically useless?


Unironically, you missed the fact that what I said could be interpreted as meaning that the developers implement everything players suggest.

“Go find your own proof!”

Yep, just another day on the forums…

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they all counter Widow. just saying.

snipers are enabled by aimbots, the less aimbotters in the game, the less people are willing to play sniper because it makes them painfully aware of how bad they are at aiming.

early on in overwatch you didn’t have too many aimbotters due to fear of ban, expensive/non-existent aimbots, people not jaded yet, etc… but now, many of the good, god-fearing people have quit playing the game and thus the proportion of aimbotters has gone up drastically since the game’s release, hence why you see widow/hanzo/ashe every match

this is only relevant for pc, obviously… even with mouse/keyboard users on console pharah is still dominant cuz they ain’t got no aimbots to shoot her down with

Maybe in plat, watch high ranked games, not a single one of these counter widow effectifvely.


I rather just make them all 2 hit killers and buff the other things in their kits to compensate.


it’s only about Golden Weapons.

A little of a, a little of b. The players can’t even agree with each other what they want, to say the game is or should solely be balanced around what they want would indeed kill the game very fast. Not to mention what they want will vary at the different skill levels.

Also, googled it. It only mentions golden guns as being a regret. I’ve found several postings about it. If there is more, the onus is on you to prove it at this point. But it’s just not there.

They don’t play any ranked. They’ve never been in diamond + where a good widow will absolutely decimate your team unless you got another widow.

Probably, I’m getting tired of QP warriors trying to decide whats good for the game, when they can’t even understand it

3 seconds on google just to find genji double jump. Look harder.

I haven’t encountered a single aimbotter in years…

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Spoiler, those flick aiming snipers? Are not aimbots.


Last I checked, Jeff is in platinum/diamond (As said by himself at Blizzcon)

Edit: Kindly ignore this message.

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That’s not Jeff. That bit if info would have helped.

Except I am not talking about Jeff. Are you done? Cause you’re really boring.

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i guess you haven’t played ow at plat+ in years?

either that or you play with braille

I mostly play QP around Gold-Plat MMR :man_shrugging: