Y'all are Right About Snipers

Please replicate what snipers are doing to you by playing them yourself, if they are too strong it shouldnt be hard,

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I’ll be honest. If a Widow is taking me out constantly, I take it as a challenge to get better at avoiding, then getting the jump on her. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m certainly no top tier Pharah but I am trying.

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Pretty sure TF2 has more oneshots than that. Stickybomb camping comes to mind. So does crit boosting soldiers with Dumpster Divers or Direct Hits, stickybomb spamming Demomen, or Pyros with Backburners.


But against a team that doesn’t really communicate it’s piss easy. Not to mention that he can one-shot anyone regardless of health.

Factor in that TF2 has a slower overall game pace and longer game duration and it’s pretty much the same.

The main problem in OW is that people don’t die enough otherwise. Look at TF2, even the competitive scene. People die left and right. And as someone else said, dying in TF2 isn’t that bad and, best of all, it wasn’t in OW at the start either. They balanced the game in such a way that staying alive is priority n1 and killing the enemy is only of secondary importance.

Many hours of Demoman here. There’s nothing quite like one-shotting half an enemy team with one good sticky trap.

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And level 3 sentries, which are as good as a one-shot.

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Sniper main here over a few thousand hours of playing and honestly the only hero that eve feels like the TF2 sniper is Ashe, i love the sharpshooter that is Overwatches Ashe over the Sniper.

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Errr…Coming from Tf2 what you said doesn’t fit real well.

A Snipers uncharged headshot deals 150 damage. Under normal circumstances half the cast are at 150 or below that hp threshold and are 1 shot killed.

There are only really 5 exceptions, the Heavy, a Soldier that hasn’t taken much damage yet, a Pyro who just so happens to be at the full 175 health which is unlikely, any specific health boost weapons that have their own trade-offs and if a Medic is on their team and overheals the characters (Not found often in Public Matches)

The only weapon that is even really similar to Widow is the Machina which is unable to Hip-Fire bodyshot and has Tracer-Rounds that lead right back to you. Normally you’re just hit by the hitscan shot from nowhere, die, and the only information is the killcam with the Sniper Taunting at you.

On a seperate note, Huntsman and Hanzo are equally cheesy. TF2’s equivalent of Storm Arrow could very well be Jarate/Bushwacka combo


Thank you for reminding me of that. Quickscoping was pretty much an essential skill on any good sniper.

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It is credible cause that is what you are. Especially since your next part was this.

They changed it cause PLAYERS wanted it changed. Jeff stated several times he didn’t want Overwatch to go into the direction it has.

Nope. And your reinforcement of it removes your credibility even further.

Yes… Therefore they changed what they think fits. Whatever influenced the mindset to change said definition is irrelevant.
If the developers wanted to make a game with snipers in it, then the snipers in that game fit in the game.

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As someone else pointed out earlier,snipers have been in the game since lunch. The game has been out for almost 3 years. The only reason they became prevelant is because Brigitte started existing. Who then continued to ruin the game for god knows how many months.

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Uh huh.

Ironically, the game would actually be dead a lot faster if they did what players said.

Got a source for where this was said?

And I won’t leave if it means I can squeeze toxicity out of simpletons on the forums. It’s quite the entertainment.

When did they say that?

They said they regret putting it Golden Weapons,not snipers :roll_eyes:

Learns Wrecking Ball to deal with snipers who are too big for their britches, because you can’t headshot a target without a head

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The devs can’t even play their own game, tf are you talking about?

I mean yeah, if you ignore Jeff’s hundreds of hours on tanks alone.

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hundreds of hours? source pls


Clearly not, since they have done several things the players have said. Ironically, you are just bad at this.

Google it. It is well known statements they have made over the past 3 years. You’d know that if you have been involved in this game that long. Instead you are some failed attempt at trolling.

You are talking about things you don’t understand, being bad at being contrary to try and garner some sort of self worth while attempting to argue a technical point that doesn’t exist. Games die if they don’t listen to their player base. As shown by any game in the last 2-3 years. Even blizzard wise (WoW). It is idiotic to think developers get to soley decide what is right for their game or not.

They said Snipers, golden weapons, and double jumping. It was a interview with Geoff. Take 10 minutes of your life to educate yourself.