Y'all are Right About Snipers

Ah, I misread the context. I deeply apologise for any inconvenience I’ve caused you.

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play dps around 2900+ SR and you’ll see an aimbotter pretty much every match… helps if you play fast characters like tracer and ambush a widowmaker only to have her 180 scope you several times in a row…

really makes you think :no_good_man:

The reason I hate snipers is that it rewards personal skill far too much for a team game.

You could have the worlds most effective aimer using D.Va and it doesn’t matter because her spread and falloff would make them only marginally better than a person with only average aim.

So with snipers you have this huge polarity between being dead weight or an unstoppable force.

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But they still need their team if the enemy team has a lot of barriers

TF2 is worse than Overwatch, the netcode allows facestabs and do I have to mention the random crits? Valve also can’t balance the game for anything, like the bison and shield nerfs for instance.

Noooo havent you heard? Tf2 is a magical game that does everything perfect. So much so, that if overwatch isnt copying everything its doing, then ita a crappy game!

It’s all you can do :slight_smile:

Yeah, no. This is a lie.

Dead players can’t contest objectives. It’s always been like that: if you can keep enemy away from objective with CC, you don’t have to kill them.

That boils down to “If Blizzard wants to make a cruddy game, let them!”

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In my opinion the biggest problem with OW is the spawns. Getting one-shot is fine. But getting one-shot only to have to run a small marathon just to get back to the fun is…a terrible design.

OW is the only game I’ve ever played where, every time anyone on your team dies, the entire team is required to stop playing the game and stop having fun until the fallen ally respawns and walks back to the group.

Notably, both the Spy and the Sniper were so weak in TF2 that they were not used in competitive team compositions (which was 2 scouts, 1 demo, 1 medic, 2 soldiers for the entire life of the game).

Few things.

  • A Spy doesn’t have to backstab the Sniper to kill him. There’s still a problem with getting the drop on a Sniper that doesn’t tunnel-vision, but as long as Spy keeps out of melee range he can just use his gun.

  • Sniper headshots in TF2 do 150 without charge, and 450 when fully charged. You only need to charge fully of you’re aiming for a bodyshot.

  • Even though it’s not as easy as it’s made in OW, you can still just close the distance between the Sniper via rocket jumps, sticky jumps, jetpacks, or just using some good ol’ fashion flank routes. Though unlike Widowmaker, the TF2 Sniper has literally zero mobility options and can’t access many spots other classes can’t get to.

Just like Overwatch and every other game with a sniper, it’s all map-dependant. If you really think Widow is an untouchable godess of death, you can just chalk it up to shoddy map design from Blizzard’s style-over-substance methods.

Instant kills in TF2 can be negated by few things:

  • Ubercharge(damage immunity for 8 s);
  • Secondary unlock for Scout, that gives him personal damage immunity(not immunity to map hazards);
  • Some other unlocks, that reduce taken ranged damage.

Even if you can’t reach Sniper, you still can make him near harmless.

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Not really, it more or less boils down to “Blizzard has the final say!”
Essentially, we can complain about how something ‘doesn’t fit in the game’ all we like, but if the developers disagree, there’s ultimately nothing we can do but accept it.

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And they can be wrong.

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This idea that no hero can counter Widowmaker is hilarious.

Welp Widowmaker used to have a 12s CD on her hook that made her vulnerable to diving and made her positioning more predictable giving a lot of space for counterplay. As a Pharah main I even counted the seconds in my head every time we were up against a Widowmaker. When they announced that it was going to be buffed to 8s I instantly knew that it would break the hero as it wouldn’t only pose problems overall but make her biggest counters Winston/D.va not so much counters any more and turns out it went exactly like that. They then decided to nerf it to 10s to balance at least the extreme aspect of it, but I personally think that even at 10s it’s still too low. Just add 2s to that and take 2s away from her mine to add more counterplay against her

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If they disagree with you, then they are inherently not wrong. If they do find that their initial definition was wrong, then they will change it.

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No it doesn’t, headshots are a times 3 multiplier in TF2, Sniper kills most classes without needing to charge at all.