Y'all are Right About Snipers

They just don’t fit into the game, or at least not in their current state. Looking at something like TF2, which is pretty much Overwatch that works, there are two major things that can kill in one hit: a spy backstab, which is exceedingly difficult to pull off against a team that communicates, and sniper’s headshot, which takes several seconds to charge to one-shot damage. Snipers could be easily nerfed simply by raising the charge time, and I think the game would be better for it.


Who is y’all? I hate Hanzo as much as anyone and getting dinked by widow sucks. But I don’t think they’re overpowered. They’re doing their job. Except Hanzo, because nuts to him.


Someone doesn’t know how to play around snipers.


you mean give snipers the weaknesses that keep them in check so they don’t dominate games?

But that would feel bad for snipers and we all know what Blizzard care about most.


More importantly, one Teammate dying in TF2 isn’t the end of your push, unlike how it is in even middle-tier Overwatch.


The Overwatch devs define what fits into Overwatch.

This isn’t TF2.


The devs definitely do not define what fits. They have an idea of it, but the players’ are the ones who actually know what’s going on


They do. It’s their game, not ours.


That is a painfully cheap argument


And that is a painfully cheap reply. I’m just using basic logic.


Overwatch is a fast paced fps/moba. You can’t just make the snipers wait a couple of seconds to shoot. You maybe should just pick another hero. Overwatch is made so you can switch and counter. Work on your positioning especially and your awareness

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Sniper in TF2 actually had a really fast charge early in the game but Valve nerfed the charge time so that it took several seconds to kill most classes.

The same charge time nerf is needed in Overwatch.


what about making hero that can jump on the sniper to kill them ho wait the sniper can just use is ability to gtfo and snipe the hero trying to dive him.

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Look, I’m a Doomfist main too. I hate Hanzo. But let’s not get petty lol

I despise Widowmaker and Hanzo is just straight up ridiculous. You cant contest him at any range. But Widowmaker makes me want to quit the game. Every game there’s a Widowmaker and the whole game is just unfun with her. It’s just a constant stream of respawning because you cant do anything. In the current state of overwatch the only thing to combat a Widowmaker is another Widowmaker and that’s a damn joke of balance.


Has been in the game since launch.

“They don’t fit in the game!”


So does that mean Widow is gonna get 150 damage from no charge, just like TF2 Sniper?

Cause, I’d be all over that.


Nah, obviously they want the weaknesses of TF2 Sniper but none of their strengths. The goal is to make Widow do 15 damage until after 7 seconds where she’ll get a chance to do 300crit/200bodyshot :joy:

I can understand people’s frustrations but this is a different game. Genji/Lucio/Mei and all projectile heroes can snipe across the map for full damage. What happens to Widow when she is charging up her shot (which she already does) with her speed debuff and taking dinks to the face? Just seems like a good way to make Snipers incredibly weak.

I think unique heroes and mechanics are always the best answers for these things. It promotes the game’s idea of swapping.

  • Hammond (especially) and Winston are already easy answers to any sniper; assuming you have a team that wants to support your pick. Enemy team gets an option to try and counter your pick too by swapping their heroes around - this helps the game stay organic.
  • Damage mitigation mechanics that the community often get tense over (resurrect, invincibility, CC, invisibility, armor, shield, etc) could be easy answers to this. The game is just a tug o’ war between healers and dps with Rein’s barrier in the middle. Having more varied kits amongst the cast would help.
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Overwatch forums never change :joy::joy::joy:


A non charge headshot is still 150, which means that 5 out of 9 mercs will still be oneshot. A fully charge one will deal 450, which kills everyone unless they got Vaccinator.

Widow, on the other hand, has to fully, or half charge her sniper rilfe to deal >200 headshot.