[Workshop Mode] Overhammer - Custom Heroes


Other Minor Edit 28.5.2022 (1.4C3)
New [Primary] and [Secondary] abilities for Moira.


Someone’s recent reddit post question might be the reason for this.

Minor Edit 14.5.2022 (1.4C2)
Added just another [ultimate] for D.va.

Edit 2.5.2021 (1.4C)
Winston can grab players and throw them.

Custom heroes battle it out on default Overwatch objectives.

(<-- press for Gameplay help)

Cooldowns on the HUD only display cooldowns not shown by the default ability cooldowns.

Lobby host should swap players between teams and spectators to fix possible camera and movement issues.

If the server crashes and restarts. I also recommend manually restarting due to anomalous issues caused by the server crash restart.

The gamemode allows to cycle between 3rd and 1st person view (use voice line with a 4 second delay).

Latest and future versions by importing with these codes:
KYGBP (1.4A v6) [6v6 no workshop extensions]
9DJZ0V (1.4C2) [5v5 some workshop extensions]

Hero ability texts are currently inside the gamemode.
(See top left HUD text in spawn room.)


Old hero glossary:

Hero Glossary:

(Avoided spelling numerical values due to it requiring manual updates to the glossary.)

[Heroes arranged in the order seen in the hero selection screen from left to right.] (Alphabetical per category.)

Pro tip: Ctrl + F and write the hero’s name that you are looking for. Press the sideways triangle next to the name to get the ability descriptions.



Custom abilities:

(Without mech)

[Primary Attack]

  • Improved fire rate.

[Ability 1]

  • D.va stuns and starts to emote to all enemies in front of her sight.
  • After a brief moment, D.va breaks their hearts.
  • Easily interruptable by any form of CC or location displacement.

[Interact] 6.7.2019

  • Creates a stationary dummy mech at your current position.
  • Fires a stun bolt at the aimed direction.


[Ability 2]

  • Able to fire an unlimited barrage of missiles at the cost of health.
  • Missiles keep firing until [Primary], and [Ability 1] have both been released.

[Crouch] (Yep, usable as a mech and without.)

  • Slide to the movement direction.
  • Knocks down foes D.va passes through.

Try to combine mech with high amount of heal, health, or damage denying abilities for maximum devastation with missiles.
Ambush your enemies from behind a corner for a sudden emote.


Custom abilities:

[Primary Attack]

  • Left click teammates to mount them on your back.
  • Allies mounted are invulnerable.
  • Cannot primary attack without someone mounted on your back.
  • Primary attack rate is insane when mounted by an ally.
  • Disjoints dismount allies.

[Ability 1]

  • Creates four green orbs, which rotate around Orisa for a few seconds.
  • Orbs deal damage to enemies they are in contact with.


  • Dismount allies.
  • Allies can also press crouch.

Normal abilities:

  • Fortify has no cooldown and can be used repeatedly.
  • Halt! Works the same way as the normal game, but the projectile is very slow.
  • Shield is disabled.

Try to mainly pickup ranged allies that do not have mobility abilities.


Custom abilities:

[Primary attack]

  • Charge damage by holding the left mouse button. The damage % is the ultimate percentage * 4 + 100.
  • Your movement speed slow is related to your current charge rate.
  • You can swing at any point before 100% to do a powerful melee swing.
  • At 100% Ult charge, you can use earthshatter. (Releasing Primary attack does that.)
  • CC resets charge.

[Ability 2]

  • Rapidly lets out multiple firestrikes multiplied by the charge amount.
    P.S: It also warns everybody with “DANGER! % DAMAGE FLYING!” when at over 50% ultimate charge.


  • You use Firestrike with the charged damage to send a powerful projectile.
    P.S: It also warns everybody with “DANGER! % DAMAGE FLYING!” when at over 50% ultimate charge.

Normal Abilities:

  • Shield works the same way as the normal game.
  • Charge works the same way as the normal game.

Third person view and corners are your friends. Use shield to deflect projectile cc.


Custom abilities:

[Ability 1]

  • If Roadhog manages to grab a target with a hook, he will carry the target for a duration. After the duration has ended. Roadhog will throw the target to his facing direction.

[Interact] 30.10.2019

  • Goes in to a knocked down state.
  • Explodes in close proximity to enemies, dealing massive damage to them.
  • Can be cancelled by pressing [Interact] again.
  • Removed
  • Creates a AoE damage field around him.
  • Deals damage to himself.


  • While using his ultimate, roadhog will reverse his facing direction and invert controls. Use it in order to fly to a location with his ultimate.
  • Doesn’t fly anymore.
  • Collects all foes in nearby vicinity to the firing arc.
  • Max knockback.

[Ability 2]

  • Gives a brief speed boost in addition to healing.

Pick someone up and give them a fancy ride with ult.
Combine [Interact] with mobility abilities from allies for devastating effects.

Sigma (Added 14.8.2019)

Custom abilities:

[Movement] 18.3.2020

  • Hovering.


  • Applies a 0% gravity effect on all enemies within 15 feet of his 360 degree view area.
  • When Sigma is CC:ed the effect is put on hold.
  • Enemies who [Crouch] while on ground are immune to this effect. (Soldier 76: “Thank you very much!”)
  • Enemy Sigma are immune.

[Secondary Attack]

  • Pushes enemies in front of the barrier.
  • Forces Sigma to be rooted.
  • Ends “automagically” on button release.

[Ability 1]

  • Pulls enemies to Sigma
  • Pushes enemies away from Sigma, when it ends.

[Ability 2] 21.12.2019

  • Rocks stands still.
  • Can be spammed.


  • Applies 1000% gravity to all victims of the passive.

Tip: Watch enemies float above pitfalls, and drop them in by pressing interact. Use your barrier to help them.


Custom abilities:


  • Winston regenerates health when burning status is inflicted on him.
  • All damage dealt by Winston inflicts Burning status.

[Ability 2]

  • Generates a movement impassable sphere around the dome, blocking enemy movement in and out of it.
  • Allies and Winston may leave the dome, but not enter it.
  • The dome heals Winston if he is inside it.
  • Abilities can penetrate the impassable dome.
  • Dome deals damage to foes inside it.
  • Dome deals damage to players getting blocked by it.

[Interact] 5.2.2019

  • Electrifies Winston, damaging nearby enemies.
    [Interact-Hold] 12.3.2020
  • Accelerates Winston to ludicrous speed, applies healing on him.


  • Inflicts burning status on Winston for the duration.
  • Unable to control Hero.
  • Auto chases, attacks and teleports nearby to enemies.

Putting dangerous targets inside the dome and leaving can save you and the team. Dome can be used to block narrow paths. Use ultimate combined with the dome to mitigate ultimate knockback. Don’t neglect the domes healing capabilities on Winston.


Custom abilities:


  • Can hover when altitude over 3 (Building roofs count as floor).
  • CC disables hover.
  • Regenerates health while hovering.

[Primary attack] (When hovering)

  • Creates a beam that roots foes afflicted by it and centers the enemy closest to beam center and raises him up.
  • Fires a grappling hook, which stuns and launches enemies past Hammond.

[Secondary attack] (When hovering) 30.10.2019

  • Fires a beam, which deals damage to enemies passing through it.

[Ability 2]

  • Causes foes to fall a sleep in close proximity.


  • Keep pressed to gain altitude.


  • Keep pressed to decrease altitude.

Normal Abilities:

  • When not hovering, primary attack works the same way as in the normal game.

Tip: Think about ufo and cattle when playing this hero. If the cattle tries to give a fight, sleep them. Hates CC.

Zarya (Added 18.6.2019)

Custom abilities:

[Primary attack] 21.4.2020

  • Grabs a single ally or a frozen enemy to the tip of the beam, while firing.

[Ability 1] 11.7.2019

  • Personal barrier also drags foes towards it, gluing them to Zarya.
  • The effect ends early if the barrier is destroyed.

[Passive] 21.4.2020

  • Damage over 10, such as [Secondary], freezes enemies and makes them lose their gravity.

Tip: Chokepoints, the objective area and corners are the best places for Zarya to do massive cc harm to the enemy team. Drag enemies off the cliff with Zarya’s personal barrier.



Custom abilities:

[Ability 1]

  • Fires the gun in a rapid rate, while increasing its cooldown.

[Ability 2]

  • Throws a jar of perfume that deals damage in an area.
  • Throws dynamites in a very rapid succession.


  • Throws a jar of perfume that deals damage in an area.
  • Does nothing.
  • Throws a grapple vine at the targeted direction, doing the same thing as Widowmaker grapple.


  • Increases rate of fire.
  • Enabled passively while mounted by Orisa.

Normal Abilities:

  • Ultimate duration is “pretty” long. Pun intended.

Tip: First person view is your friend. Loves Orisa. (Not like that. I meant gameplaywise)


Custom abilities:


  • Can be invisible during Ability 1 [Shift]
  • Attacking removes invisibility.
  • Leaves a trail when moving invisible.


  • While invisible, use to move forward.

[Interact] 21.12.2019

  • Latches on to a nearby aimed enemy, becoming phased out until removed.
  • Removed by getting elevation from ground.

[Ultimate] 3.7.2019

  • Can be used at over 2% ultimate charge.
  • Fires rapidly.
  • Can fire tank shots in any mode.
  • Tank shots spend %.
  • At 100% fires tank shots automatically for the duration of the ultimate.
  • Normal ult. Due to Blizzard patches.
  • Accelerates Bastion to huge speed.
  • Running through enemies kill them.

Tip: Invisibility and an undefended payload makes for a good backdoor win.


Custom abilities:

[Passive] 6.10.2019

  • Is phased out during [Ability 1], [Ability 2], [Interact], [Ultimate].

[Primary Attack]

  • Teleports Doomfist to the first wall in the direction, and makes him face the opposite direction.

[Interact] 8.7.2019

  • Charges doomfist towards his facing direction, dealing damage and tossing enemy heroes in front of him.
  • Costs health to use in order to mitigate the insane amounts of shields gained.

[Ultimate] 21.12.2019

  • Gets a free ult on hitting an enemy.

Tip: Powerful abilities require smart users.
But how does: “smart = me hit face” ?


Custom abilities:


  • Changes to flight mode when in air.
  • Use [Ability 1] to go up, [Crouch] to go down.

[Ability 2]

  • Hitting the beam forces your aim to be at your target.
  • Spams Ability 1 for the duration of hitting the enemy.
  • You lose flight when activating this ability so better hit it when above a fall.


  • Changes your view to Doomfist ultimate.
  • Fires secondary rapidly in an area under Echo.
  • Can use movement like in flight.
  • Cannot be CC:ed.

Ultimate can cause devastating damage in tight indoor locations.
You can hold [Jump] on ground to not jump into flight.


Custom abilities:

[Ability 2]

  • Creates a smoke cloud and dashes a dragon claw on the location inflicting damage to enemies in the radius.
  • Is invulnerable during E.

[Secondary attack]

  • Gains a short burst of speed for its duration.

[Interact] 11.7.2019

  • Rotates rapidly, throwing shurikens around himself.
  • Deals damage to all foes in a short range line of sighted to him.
  • Is invulnerable during Interact.

Tip: Ability 2 or Interact away from burst.
Dies to CC.


Custom abilities:

[Primary attack] 3.7.2019

  • Fires primary attacks in an unseen rapid rate.
  • Normal rate

[Primary attack] + [Secondary attack] 3.7.2019

  • Stop firing primary attack.

[Jump] 21.12.2019

  • More range

[Ability 1]

  • 10.6.2019 4 arrows.
  • Shoots 5 fire arrows in the facing direction randomly in a 15 degree cone. Each arrow creates a damaging burn field.
  • Fire arrows don’t work in short range (ex. under feet).
  • Fires 3 differently aligned arrows.
  • One stuns, another freezes and last burns periodically.
  • Fires 1 arrow.
  • Blinds and inflicts burning in area to self, allies and foes.

[Interact] 14.8.2019

  • Gives a short burst of speed, with a cooldown.
  • Invulnerable for the duration.
  • Not invulnerable.
  • Does nothing.
  • Creates a spinning electric current dealing damage to near enemies.
  • Releases a homing thunder ball.

[Ultimate] 21.12.2019

  • A few more ults in a row.

Tip: First person view is once again your friend. Hates Orisa (but is strong combined with her).


Custom abilities:

[Ability 2]

  • Throws oil in the targeted location knocking down and sliding all characters in the area for the duration.


  • Junkrat throws bombs up in the air porcupine style.

Tip: Use Interact to make Junkrat unkillable to bursts for the duration. Interact is best in small rooms where the ceiling bounces bombs back.


Custom abilities:


  • No ammunition limit. (Secondary attack dope).

[Ability 1]

  • Makes McCree invisible for a short duration after the roll.


  • McCree’s gun has a third gear?
  • He can look in to other directions while using it?

Tip: Roll combined with the ultimate gives some breathing room for High Noon. Use Ability 1 or Interact to stop secondary attacking.


Custom abilities:

[Secondary attack]

  • Creates an ice path under her feet Mei can skate on.

[Ability 1]

  • Freezes other players in close proximity.

[Interact] 6.8.2019

  • Changes abilities listed below for its duration
  • Adds burning condition on [Primary Attack] and [Ultimate], which deals % damage based on maximum enemy health (Armor health is strong cause it doesn’t consider it).
    It doesn’t stack damage or duration on itself, so burning multiple foes is recommended.
  • Visual effect on [Primary Attack] and self.

Tip: You can use other abilities while skating. Do a quick dive on tight groups with the burning form.

Pharah (Added 18.6.2019)

Custom abilities:

[Secondary attack]

  • Dishes out an ultimate with a very short duration and 10x damage.
  • Non-existent cooldown.
  • Cancel my previous statement.

[Ability 1]

  • Knocks down foes on the landing location.


  • Creates a deadly stationary wall of missiles behind her.
  • Moves forward during the ultimate.

Tip: Try ulting enemies out of objectives.


Custom abilities:

[Movement] 18.3.2020

  • Hovering.

[Primary attack]

  • Dishes out an ultimate.
  • Normal attack. 18.3.2020

[Secondary attack]

  • Forms a red cross above the nearest target.
  • Locks aim on the target.
  • Kite around and above the target while using this.

[Ability 1]

  • Channel teleports to the closest enemy, deals damage, inflicts burning, warns victim, use cancel button to cancel teleporting.

[Ability 2]

  • Creates a kill beam from teleport start to end. Invulnerable while channeling.


  • Changes firing stance for the duration.
  • [Primary] deals very high damage.

Tip: Dont underestimate the beam. Use ultimate to heal rather than to kill.

Soldier 76

Custom abilities:


  • All damage freezes for a very short duration.


  • Enables primary attacking.
  • Roots the hero still.
  • Enabled passively while mounted by Orisa.

[Primary attack]

  • Improved fire rate.

[Interact] (While crouching) 30.10.2019

  • Gain an invulnerability bubble for a short duration.


  • Lasts indefinitely.

Tip: Allies aggro, you dps, it’s that simple.


Custom abilities:

[Quick melee]

  • Melee hits behind enemies instantly kill them.

[Secondary attack]

  • Mind control a hacked enemy


  • Increases the aim speed of enemies in a short AoE to maximum for a short duration.
  • Does nothing.


  • Also disables movement of enemies.

Tip: You can go into your own team as the hacked hero and feed them free ult charge. Alternatively, make them fall off the map.


Custom abilities:

[Primary attack]

  • Hitting allies increases their maximum health.

[Ability 2]

  • Allies + self near the start half of the teleporter are invulnerable for the duration.


  • Creates a sphere where all allies are invisible from enemies.


  • The wall actually blocks movement through it.
  • Abilities can penetrate the impassable wall.

Tip: Enemy spawn + wall = 10 seconds of peace.


Custom abilities:


  • Status sleep heals 50 per 2 seconds.
  • per 1 second.
  • On death, resurrects at 1 health and turns unkillable for 6 seconds.


  • Slide to the movement direction.
  • Knocks down foes torb passes through.

[Primary attack]

  • Hammering allies heals them.

[Secondary attack]

  • Dash forward and freeze foes in a cone.

[Ability 1 - Ground]

  • Shoots a single ult shot with cooldown.


  • Shoots ultimate rapidly, while using [Ability 2].

[Ability 1 - Air]

  • Slam dunk from the air. Knocking foes and dealing damage.
  • You need to have an altitude of over 5 to use this ability.
  • Use in conjunction with secondary attack when aiming upwards.

[Ability 2] 21.12.2019

  • Fires lava shots with [Primary] while active.


  • Makes Torbjörn immune.
  • Rapidly spins around himself while shooting ultimate.
  • Should look like an erupting volcano when cast from a still standing position.
  • Freezes everyone, except self for 10 seconds.


  • Sleep for 6 seconds.

Tip: How to annoy enemies. Sleep at a high location they cannot reach.
Control the point with ultimate.


Custom abilities:

[Primary attack]

  • Give a present.
  • Giving 666 presents does something.
  • Giving 666 presents does nothing.


  • Creates a pentagram by dashing, freezing foes inside it.
  • previously [Ability 1]

[Ability 2]

  • Turns tracer into a ball of energy.
  • Tracer is able to move horizontally during this ability.
  • Damages and disables abilities of enemies in close proximity to her.

Tip: 666?


Custom abilities:


  • All damage dealt steals enemies max hp, and contributes it to you.


  • Infuse an ally in front of you with the stolen max health.


  • Infuse an ally in front of you with the stolen max health.


  • Create a blinding smoke field.
  • Disables the vision of players by turning their screen white.
  • Ends instantly upon exiting the field.
  • Does not affect any enemy or allied Widowmakers.

Tip: You can carry games, but it wont be that unfun for enemies.



Custom abilities:

[Ability 1]

  • Also raises them up to the sky.

[Ability 2]

  • Throws vials in a very rapid succession.


  • Throws a vial creating a field.
  • The field rapidly disorients all players.
  • The field sleeps all players.
  • The field creates a thundercloud, which damages grounded enemies in the area.

Tip: Sleepdart the most dangerous enemies and watch them slumber into the sky.


Custom abilities:


  • All damage also stuns for a very short duration.

[Secondary Attack]

  • Also heals self.


  • Root, reduce damage taken.

[Ability 1]

  • Creates a stunning cc cloud.

[Ultimate] 15.4.2020

  • Baptiste can relocate ultimate by pressing [Ultimate] while it is active

Tip: CC high value threats.


Custom abilities:


  • Spin to win.
  • previously [Ability 2]


  • Invulnerability.
  • Rooted.
  • Combine with shift for a stronger spin to win.


  • Releases a homing fire sprite, which chases a random enemy in your aim direction.
  • After it has caught up with its foe. It deals moderate damage and stuns its foe for a decent duration.
  • Can only be used on targets in your primary attack radius cone.
  • Cannot be used simultaneously with Q and E.

Tip: Walk to objective and mash buttons to win. Turns to a goddess with widowmaker.


Custom abilities:

[Primary Attack]

  • Soundwave
  • Creates a damaging trail.

[Primary Attack] + [Secondary attack]

  • Soundwave faster.

[Ability 2]

  • Sleeps foes AoE.


  • Knocks down foes AoE.


  • Creates a disco effect above Lúcio forcing him and all enemies to emote.
  • Enemies are forced to face towards disco effect.

Tip: Objective → Beep, boop! This is my jam! Beep, boop! → Enemy concede.


Custom abilities:


  • Enemy inflicted damage on you deals damage back to enemies.


  • Tries to resurrect allies who die automatically at Mercy’s position.


  • Heals AoE upon landing.

[Primary Attack], [Secondary attack]

  • Different projectile speed primary attacks.
  • Damages self.

[Secondary attack]

  • Heals all allies within a very long radius, ignoring walls and barriers.
  • Deals damage to self.


  • Stun foes looking at your direction.


  • Turn into a bright sun.
  • Cant be reduced below 1 hp.
  • Damages foes in the area within line of sight.


Custom abilities:

[Movement] 18.3.2020

  • Hovering.


  • Damage dealt to enemies increases their movement speed for a short duration.

[Primary Attack]

  • Pushes players in front of you.

[Secondary Attack] 21.12.2019

  • Spams orbs rapidly.
  • Normal attack. 18.3.2020

[Reload], [Interact] 18.3.2020

  • Spams orbs rapidly.

[Ability 1]

  • Turns moira into a dark force propelling towards her facing direction, dragging allies enemies along the way for the trip.

Tip: Confuse and relocate enemies and allies with your abilities to ensure victory.


[Secondary Attack]

  • Launch not only 1-5 orbs. But a barrage of them.


  • Damages foes in the area within line of sight.

[Ability 2] 21.12.2019

  • Deals damage on discorded target.

[Interact] 30.10.2019

  • Fires a projectile, which on hit swaps the location of Zenyatta with his victim.
  • Enemies are victims.
  • Does nothing.
  • Throws a projectile.
  • Teleports to the surface the projectile hits.


  • Has quite the height.

Tip: Very strong vs still targets.

Previous versions:

[30.7.2020] ZCGTR (1.3D v3) (Contains all Easter eggs)
[28.7.2020] BH2BM (1.3D v2)
[17.6.2020] 8DPG4 (1.3D v1)
[24.5.2020] 33VV1 (1.3C)
[21.4.2020] F71AW (1.3B)
[15.4.2020] QFBJ0 (1.3A)
[18.3.2020] S7165 (1.2 g)
[12.3.2020] M5RK1 (1.2 f)
[26.2.2020] G7EA9 (1.2 e)
[5.2.2020] Q0G3P (1.2 d)
[19.1.2020] DP6PX (1.2 c)
[13.1.2020] TV7SJ (1.2 b)
[21.12.2019] PN0F2 (1.2 a)
[30.10.2019] M6C2G (1.1 d)
[6.10.2019] GC16G (1.1 c)
[29.9.2019] 086HD (1.1 b)
[21.8.2019] JF77N (1.1 Σ)
[14.8.2019] BJRWC (1.1 σ)
[6.8.2019] MTJ3Q (1.0 e)
[22.7.2019]: 0Q008 (1.0 d)
[21.7.2019]: RYZ0C (1.0 c)
[16.7.2019]: NEN1G (1.0 b)
[11.7.2019]: E3D5V (1.0)
[8.7.2019]: HC0ZA
[6.7.2019]: B9P4J
[4.7.2019]: HTYNK
[3.7.2019]: YCQ10
[1.7.2019]: 2AXGZ
[23.6.2019]: 0FBNG
[18.6.2019]: AKXV3
[15.6.2019]: N972K
[14.6.2019]: GBX99
[9.6.2019]: KZRDV

Old update posts:

Edit 10.4.2021 (1.4B)
Branched the mode to one with workshop extensions and one without.

Edit 8.8.2020 (1.4A v2)

- “jUstICE rAiNS frOM aBOvE”

Added “Tactical” (funny) voice-over feature to the mode, it is enabled by default.
It can be disabled from the orange workshop settings by the host.

Edit 4.8.2020 (1.4A)
Implemented features made available by the latest patch.
Had to remove some easter eggs to fit in changes.
If these are of interest to you, check out the [Previous versions] below.
Zarya got an partial overhaul.
Symmetra inherited part of Zarya’s old kit.

Edit 30.7.2020 (1.3D v3)

“Sorry for the 11 month delay Fiqqy” - Kinkku

Added hero values to deathmatch, abilities should work in there now.
Abilities that use allies do not work in deathmatch.
Haven’t personally tested all abilities in deathmatch.

Edit 17.6.2020 (1.3D v1)
Modified code to implement functionality from latest patch.
Orisa and Zarya should now feel better to use.
Added 4 gameplay easter eggs hidden in the gamemode, can you find them all?

Edit 24.5.2020 (1.3C)
The latest patch effectively doubled the amount of rules I can include in the mode, and gave some new features.
Due to this:

  • All current and future ability texts will be inside the gamemode.
    (See top left HUD in spawn room while match is not in progress.)
  • Some golden old abilities will make a return at some point.
  • Future versions will be under a single code, no need to find and pick newer ones from here.
  • I will take a copy code to put into the old legacy versions vault between major changes if someone ever wants to downgrade.

Version (1.3C) new abilities:
Ana [Reload], Winston [Reload], Mercy [Movement], Reaper [Reload], Mei [Reload], Mccree [Reload].

Edit 21.4.2020 (1.3B)
3rd person view now includes a red aim marker indicating where your hero actually aims.
This is not enabled on melee heroes.

Zarya has a new [Passive] that mainly gets triggered on [Secondary].
Changed Zarya [Primary].

Winston new [Ultimate].
Zenyatta new [Interact].

Edit 15.4.2019 (1.3A)
Added Echo with new :
-[Ability 2]

Changed Hanzo [Ability 1] in order to fit Echo abilities.
Baptiste can relocate ultimate by pressing [Ultimate] while it is active.

Edit 18.3.2029 (1.2G)
Added a new [Movement] called hovering.
Use [Jump] to gain height.
[Crouch] to get low and pass under low ceilings

Overhauled Reaper with [Movement] and new [Secondary].
Reverted his [Primary] and [Ultimate] to normal for now…

Moira and Sigma were also given [Movement].
Moira [Secondary] moved to [Reload] and [Interact].

Roadhog new [Interact].
Hanzo changed [Interact].
Sombra new effect on [Primary].

Edit 12.3.2029 (1.2f)

Optimised code.
Winston changed [Interact].
Ashe new [Interact].
Bastion new [Ultimate].
Moved Tracer [Ability 1] to [Interact]. Enabled default on its place.
Moved Brigitte [Ability 2] to [Reload]. Enabled default on its place.

NeonTiger made another batch of balance changes to multiple hero value numbers.

Press me for full list of changes made.


Reordered most of the rules from A TO Z (so much time fiuh)
Added a “•” for every alphabet heroes

removed elimination heals rule

removed respawn button
• Winston


damage decreased from 0.200 to 0.100
heal self time per heal increased from 0.050S to 1S
heal self healings increased from 2 to 10

cooldown increased from 15S to 17S
• Wrecking Ball

° Damage decreased from 6 to 5 (from 120% to 100%)
° HP increased from 150HP to 600HP (from 25% to 100%)
° Grapple

cooldown increased from 9S to 10S
° Adaptive shield

sleep decreased from 3S to 1.250S
sleep radius decreased from 15 to 10
• Zarya

° Damage increased from 38/76 to 47/95 (from 40% to 50%)
• Ashe

° Dynamite

Projectile gravitation increased from 8% to 35%
Projectile speed increased from 71% to 80%}
damage increased from 12 to 25 AoE (for explosion); 35AoE over 5 seconds burn >(from 12% to 25%)
• Doomfist

° Teleport

cooldown increased from 3.5S to 4S
° Charge

cooldown increased from 5.7S to 6.7S
• Ana

° Biotic grenade

cooldown increased from 8S to 10S
Added heal dealt for ability 2 now it heal 3HP per grenade. (from 2HP to 3HP)
Damage increased from 2 to 4
• Brigitte

° HP decreased from 250 to 200 (now the shield has 160HP)
° Damage decreased from 48,6 to 35 (~2 swings per 1,2 second from 139% to >100%)
° Repair Pack [Added]

HP gived decreased from 110 to 55
Armor max is now 25
cooldown decreased from 6 to 3
Brigitta Fixing
° Brigitte spin ability moved to Reload.

Edit 26.2.2019 (1.2e)

Torbjorn new [Passive].
Symmetra new [Interact].
Reaper new [Interact].

Removed Torbjorn [Interact].

NeonTiger made balance changes to multiple hero value numbers.

Press me for full list of changes made.


Resurrection time increased from 20% to 55%

Hero limits changed from infinite to 2

Phara ---------------------------------------

Damage decreased from 105% to 100% (normal)

Primary bullets speed increased from 21 m/s to 26,25 m/s (60% >to 75%)

Secondary bullets speed increased from 5,7 m/s to 12,8 m/s >(20% to 45%)
Secondary now it can
can be accumulated for a max of 10 second (decreased from >17S to 10S)
Secondary damage decreased from 80 to 40 per bullet (200% to >100%)

Removed resurrection with ultimate ready

Ultimate fighting decreased from 500% to 150%

Lucio ---------------------------------------

Ammo speed increased from 1/2 to 35/40%

Damage decreased from 34 to 15 (170% to 75%)

Healing received decreased from 200% to 100%

Ultimate passive increased from 0% to 100%
Ultimate fighting decreased from 260% to 100%

Soundwave/Boop knockback increased from 40% to 150%
Soundwave/Boop cooldown increased from 0s to 5s (from 0% to >125%)
Amp It Up decreased from 12 second to 10
Amp It Up status changed from knocked down to rooted
Now it can’t stop others ultimate
Added effects for the root system

Zarya ---------------------------------------

Particle Energy Beam knockback decreased from 400% to 200%

Damage increased from 28,5 for a max of 57 to 38 for a max of >76 damage (from 30% to 40%)

HP decreased from 280 to 200 (from 70% to 50%)
Projectile speed increased from 4,23 to 5,07 m/s ( from 12% to >32%)

Speed movement decreased from 125% to 100%
Ammo decreased from infinity to 250

Ultimate generation decreased from 500% to 100
Ultimate fighting decreased from 500% to 200%
Ultimate passive increased from 0% to 125%

Removed resurrection with ultimate

Winston ---------------------------------------

Barrier Projector cooldown increased from 8.8S to 15S (from >68% to 115%)

Damage decreased from 66AoE to 60AoE (from 110% to 100%)
HP decreased from 650 to 500 (from 130% to 100%)

damage incurred reduced from 135% to 100%
Ultimate fighting decreased from from 164% to 100%
Ultimate passive decreased from 261% to 100%
Ultimate generation decreased from 150% to 100%

Mercy ---------------------------------------

Hits ground ability first radius increased from 13.500 to 20
Heals decreased from 20 to 15

Hits ground ability second radius increased from 3 to 10
Heals decreased from 45 to 25
Ress ability cooldown increased from 5s to 10 (from 15% to >32%)

Zenyatta ---------------------------------------

damage decreased from 84 to 60 (74,7 with orb of discord) >(from 175% to 125%)

Projectile speed increased from 28m/s to 44m/s (from 45% to >55%)

Sigma ---------------------------------------

Damage decreased from 67,6 to 41,2 (123% to 75%)

Primary max range increased from 22m to 27,5
Projectile speed increased from 50m to 62,5m (from 100% to >125%)
Ultimate fighting decreased from 150% to 100%

Edit 5.2.2019 (1.2d)

Would have loved to give you guys more interesting abilities, but due to scripting size limitations this will have to do for now.

Ana new [Interact].
Winston new [Interact].
Mcree [Interact] auto aims on near targets.

Edit 23.1.2019 (1.2c)
Bug fixes.

Edit 13.1.2019 (1.2b)
Removed Baptiste [Crouch] ability.
Baptiste stun now occurs with a 30% chance on damage. (before 100%)
Slightly increased Baptiste damage, less durability.
Updated visual and added damage scaling by distance to Mercy [Ultimate].
Increased hitbox for Wrecking ball hover [Primary].
D.va can now [Interact] in mech.

Edit 21.12.2019 (1.2a)
Old patch broken abilities like: D.va [Interact], Hanzo [Primary], Torbjörn [Ultimate]… have been replaced with new ones.
Bastion can parasite to enemy heroes by pressing [Interact] at them.
Changed Roadhog [Ultimate], Moira [Secondary] and Lucio [Primary].
Hanzo has an [Interact] now.
Replaced Hammond [Primary] while hovering.
Zenyatta [Ability 2] deals constant damage to foes.

[30.10.2019] Due to latest patch, Hanzo [Primary], Torbjörn [Ability 1, Ultimate] and Bastion [Ultimate] do not work as intended.

Edit 30.10.2019 (1.1d)
Wrecking ball can now fire a death beam [Secondary] while hovering.
Added a cooldown mechanism similar to Ashe [Ability 1] to both Wrecking ball and Pharah [Secondary].
Roadhog can now lay down [Interact] and burst enemies that come into close contact with him.
Zenyatta can swap his position with an enemy by hitting his [Interact] projectile.
Zenyatta deals periodical damage to enemies inflicted by his Orb of Discord [Ability 2].
Improved the rules on Sombra mindcontrol [Secondary]. (Should feel better to control.)
Soldier can create a short duration invulnerability shield by using [Interact] when crouching.
Fixed issues with Reinhardt keeping Ultimate charge.
Improved Baptiste [Primary] rate of fire.

Edit 20.10.2019 (1.1c, Junkenstein’s Revenge):
Use 46WYY to play the heroes listed here on Junkenstein’s Revenge!
Note: Every ability does not work vs bots. Had to disable Roadhog hook.

Edit 6.10.2019 (1.1c):
Removed safety restrictions on Pharah [Secondary]. (Sorry for the “Justice… !” lines in advance.)
Doomfist new [Passive] should now make him unstoppable to CC and damage while playing out [Ability 1], [Ability 2], [Interact] and [Ultimate].
Doomfist does his [Ultimate] again, if it damages an enemy.
Changed Ana [Interact] to sleep everyone in the radius.
Improved the rate of maximum health given by Symmetra [Primary].
Hammond regenerates health while hovering.
Zarya’s [Primary] beam works on targets under 75% of their max health.
Adjusted some values on Heroes with changes listed above.

Edit 29.9.2019 (1.1b v2):
Zarya’s [Primary] beam works only on targets with less than 50% of their max health.
Sigma can now pull enemies with his [Ability 1], and pushes them back after the duration ends.

Edit 29.9.2019 (1.1b):
Symmetra’s beam [Primary] can be used to upgrade allies maximum health.
Zarya’s [Primary] beam can now “transport” enemies at its tip.
Changed Mercy’s [Secondary] attack to beam heal allies, at the cost of health.
Added visual beams to Sigma [Passive] and Zarya [Ability 1] aura effects.
Reaper’s [Ability 2] practically look’s like a beam now.
Sombra can now [Quick melee] backstab enemies.

Edit 21.8.2019 (1.1 Σ):
Sigma can now push enemies with his barrier.
Fixed a bug with Hanzo [Interact] and [Ability 1].
Hanzo is no longer invulnerable during [Interact].
Junkrat cannot [Interact] under CC.

Edit 14.8.2019 (1.1 σ):
Added Sigma as a playble hero with a new ability.
Torbjörn got a rework and a new ultimate.
Mercy has a new passive.

How to create custom HUD wall of text (Discontinued 14.8)

– Go to Lobby and edit the names of Team 1 and Team 2

  • To upload the text currently set to Team 1 and Team 2:
  • Select Winston and press [Crouch] + [Ability 2] + [Interact] + [Jump] at the same time.
  • The text set on Team 1 and Team 2 at that exact point of time is set to the top left corner.
  • Changing the names of Team 1 and Team 2 afterwards does not change the text set to hud previously, which means you can create multiple custom lines of text.

– The text is uploaded from bottom to top due to performance reasons.

Edit 6.8.2019 (-H 1.0 e):
Ever wondered how Mei could generate endless streams of cold, without any need for converted heat somewhere else? Even a tank of nitrogen would empty itself out eventually requiring heat to be formed somewhere in order to cool the replacement compressed from distilled air.

Well no need to wonder any longer! And while were at it, she can use that in a fight to assist her. Press the [Interact] button to assist Mei to be cold again and fill that tank with that cold goodness while charring your foes with your torch gun.

Changed duration and the moment when baby D.va [Ability 1] breaks your heart.

Edit 27.7.2019 (-H 1.0 d):
Fixed a bug with Ana using nades indefinitely if combined with sleep dart spamming.
Ashe can now crouch or ride on Orisa to increase her rate of fire.
McCree Interact no longer locks your facing direction.
Fixed that Genji cannot use Interact while he is dead.
Tracer cannot start the end of the world now.
Fixed that baby D.va cannot cheat ability 1 cd after using Interact.
Orisa can use shield.

Edit 21.7.2019 (-H 1.0 c):
I am at the scripting limit again :frowning:.
Buffed Mei and Widow damage.
D.va loses less health while using missiles.
Fixed a bug regarding baby D.va ability 1 and ulting.
Soldier 76 can now use primary fire while riding on Orisa.
Changed Soldier 76 ultimate to be an indefinitely lasting “reward” (Till death do them part).
Ashe got a new ability 2. Ashe’s old ability 2 got swapped to interact.
You can now create custom HUD wall of text.

Edit 16.7.2019 (-H 1.0 b):
Changed -H mode to be the default mode offered in the post.
Fixed a mistake in the glossary regarding Torbjörn heal.
Updated the glossary to reflect the latest -H version.
Torbjörn now heals 50 health every second.
New abilities: Lúcio [Interact] and Brigitte [Interact].

Edit 11.7.2019 (1.01d):
Fixed a bug related to D.va build and crouching (Thanks to adix31)

Added a new -H version of this mode. (Press the triangle pointing right below)

Edit 8.7.2019 (1.01c):
A question I would like to toss to you guys:
“Should I remove the ability hud in this mode to enable more custom abilities?”

Fixed a bug with roadhog hook breaking custom throwables used in the same match by the same player.

Doomfist got a new ability behind the Interact button.

Edit 6.7.2019 (1.01b):
Bug fixes.

Edit 6.7.2019 (1.01):
You can build forts and walls with D.vas mechs now.
Use the Interact button.
Known limitation: You can only currently (enemy/ally) “stack” them two stories high with this ability. So find another methods to move them higher. (Road hook?)

Edit 4.7.2019 (1.0):
Bug fixes. Started numbering versions.
Hud got cut to fit additional code.
Moved old updates to the bottom of the post.

Edit 3.7.2019 (V2):
Bug fixes.

Edit 3.7.2019:
Hanzo came to my office the other day, and bang his fist on my desk after losing one of his sacred fire arrows to Pharah. So as a consolation prize, I taught him the ways of rapid fire given to me by my master archer in my previous life.

Also Torbjörn got a single lava ball on Shift while standing on ground.

Bastion ult got reworked.

Edit 1.7.2019:
Bug fixes. “Balance fix” version made as the main version branch.

Edit 23.6.2019:
Created a temporary “balance fix” version for the current patch. Also disabled the custom part of Reaper ability 1 until the match starts due to blizzard implementing a denial of movement outside/into attacker spawn room during wait time.

Edit 20.6.2019:
There is currently an issue regarding damage dealt by these custom heroes, which came in the latest patch. I am sorry if the heroes currently feel unbalanced. We will just have to wait and see that the issue gets resolved.

Custom Games damage modificator doesn't work

Edit 18.6.2019:
Pharah has returned to the game after swallowing a single fire arrow from Hanzo.
Zarya wrecked the faction names from the hud on her way to the mode.
Fixed Lúcio primary attack passing on primary press.
You can create a short custom announcement by renaming team 1 and team 2 in the lobby. (yellow hud third from top)

Edit 15.6.2019:
Fixed Doomfist primary fire. Ashe got a new ability.

Edit 14.6.2019 :
Fixed an issue regarding Team 1 having wrong abilities on heroes disabled and enabled.

Edit 10.6.2019 : Custom abilities might replace older ones, so I will list older codes from this point forward.
Due to scripting size limitations.

Edit 9.6.2019 : Pharah hero has been replaced with D.va
Replaced instead of added due to scripting limit.


Love the game mode. I don’t know if this is the latest update but I still die as Mercy when I use her ult.


Had accidentally removed that cannot be reduced below 1 hp. Adding it back.

Edit: Code is updated now on main post.

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Hey, me and my friend made moira’s passive a lot less Janky, I can send you the code with explanations if you would like that!

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Sure, add the code and I will look at it.

This new moba Overwatch spin-off looks amazing! I think I might be addicted

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amazing amount of effort, this game deserves lots if attention


I love it but something is akward. I found two bugs. One, d.va interact sometimes put me in the real mech, which breaks the ability. Two, hanzo primary attack isn’t launching lots of arrows as it’s supposed to, After using the shift, it even stops shooting. So idk but lots and lots of good work ! Also, nerf brigitte, she one shots reaper lol. To answer you I would say remove the hud. But mostly go on with your work because I LUV IT !!!


Also btw torbjorn heals 50 every 2 seconds instea d of normally 1

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Uh now the ult makes a fake mech lol

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Reading this on console : /

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Would it help if i changed all the keys in the post to button descriptions?

Shift -> Ability 1
E -> Ability 2
F -> Interact
Q -> Ultimate

Maybe use the ability names like “shadow step” or smh like that, I’m also planning on creating a discord, do you allow me to ? Also team 2 name doesn’t change sometimes do you know what it’s due to ?

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I understood from the previous reply that it’s frustrating to translate default PC key binds to console buttons while using a console, so I replaced all the keys to neutral button descriptions. I don’t think ability naming would help in that situation.

People have made a few discords already:

, but I don’t want to use my free time watching them actively. Feel free to create one if you want to.

(Tested in PC)
Team names update on the top yellow hud only at game start.
If you are editing a team name or lobby name while the round start timer goes to zero, it resets what you have edited. I don’t know why blizzard has made it so.

thank you creater very cool :sunglasses:

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I always thought baby D.Va’s emote would work perfectly for something like that. And the fact that it’s guaranteed to be the same for every player means you can even time it to match up with her animation. (Though is it just me or is the delay a little bit too long here?)

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I could make her do it on the moment she breaks the heart with her hands.
But I think that would make her too strong, especially when she can currently use it on the whole team. Any cc or knock stops the lethality of this ability, so the window to do that should be kept long.

And the 40 sec cooldown is there cause the ability is strong.

Also it has that small bit of humane comedic value for me, when the delay gives an impression that the gears are churning for a bit on the victims head comprehending that their idol D.va doesn’t actually like them.

You could always compensate by adding an equivalent delay before the emote starts, during which the player can’t move.

As for that last point, I really didn’t get that impression from it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that comedic value is likely to be missed by other players as well. I think it has much more of an impact if it’s at that instant—really ties it to the action visually to make it obvious that’s what caused them to die. Just my 2¢.

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So I have tried to use both codes but they are giving me an error. Why is that?

Nevermind. It doesn’t work for ptr, but works for live

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